Just your typical Fascist, tin-foil-hat-wearing, kid-hating bully?

Oak Harbor School District social studies teacher Kevin Kindelberger replied to questions I posted at the WNT Facebook forum about the Schools gearing up for levy kickoff article. In doing so, he only slightly veiled his labeling of me as a Fascist, choosing instead the phrase a “March on Rome” to convey his point.



I am utterly disappointed that Oak Harbor High School social studies teacher Kindelberger offered nothing to back up his “March on Rome”claim. After all, when I penned Teacher Militancy Increases as Teachers Campaign for 39% Increase in Local Supplemental Pay + Video: Union Teachers Advocate for Marxism in the Classroom I provided a screen shot of the teacher-celebrated graphic directly from the OHEA Facebook page and a video to show how this was not just a one-off, isolated incident.

The Oak Harbor Education Association and its members quite obviously and seriously want to keep people ignorant of the facts about this levy. That alone should be a big clue to folks as to why a “no” vote is completely justified.

Here’s a letter I have penned about the proposed OHSD levy. Below that is Kevin Kindelberger’s WNT forum posting, following that is proof-positive as to how our local teachers’ union swings politically, and, below that, my most favorite video about teachers’ unions.

“Voters should reject the Oak Harbor School District’s (OHSD’s) proposed 2013 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) levy. That levy would literally double local property taxes presently being paid towards that single M&O levy and would raise property taxes overall by about 10%. The OHSD’s existing and ongoing property tax bonds – paying for things like a new high school and stadium – are already programmed to increase local school property taxes by 4% to 5% annually, and even so if property values drop more or stagnate for years. An additional 10% plus-up in local property taxes is unjustified as I have demonstrated in an article titled “Oak Harbor School District claim of “massive cuts” is phony baloney” available via a Google search on the internet.

A main reason our local teachers are so gung-ho about the proposed levy is that they have been promised a 39% increase in local supplemental pay if the levy passes, via more “TRI-Days”, so they are literally campaigning for their own paychecks.   Via TRI-Days, the teachers’ union already skims about $1.5 million annually into their own pockets from local discretionary revenues such as Federal Impact Aid and the local M&O school levy.  TRI-Day dollars could pay for anything and everything that this giant unnecessary levy might. 

Local teachers have threatened local business owners (themselves retired teachers) who spoke out against TRI-Days and teachers are conning students in school about school revenues.  Educate yourself and then vote “no”. The teachers are militant and the levy is a scam.”

Kevin Kindelberger WNT Forum Post
Oak Harbor High School social studies teacher Kevin Kindelberger makes his feelings known about folks who disagree with him about the proposed levy


OHEA Facebook Page Excerpt Oct 2012
Proof-positive as to how our local teachers’ union swings politically.

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