Is Lame Duck Homola Planning another Clean Water Like Present For Thanksgiving; No Gun Shooting on Watanabe’s Property

Sounds like Homola is planning to go out with another act of stupidity on her record 

Word has it that she’s dusting off her old fight with her neighbor about gun noise

Last go around said, “According to Island County Sheriff Mark Brown, based on state law and county ordinance, Watanabe has complied with addressing the safety concerns surrounding the incident that the department looked at.”

“”Mr. Watanabe not only complies, but also calls ICOM every time that he is going to shoot,” Brown said.””

So what we have is a group of home owners who have purchased property on our Island that has covenants and bylaws that that stop them from firearm use on their property and they want to extend those covenants and bylaws to neighboring property owners.

This is a clear affront to private property rights, our Second Amendment, State Law and common sense.

County Commissioners should protect our rights as property owners. If the people living in the Norcliffe Community Association area would have done the research and maybe listened to what is going on around them they would have known that safe firearm use on private property is allowed on the Island.

If they wanted to protect their little fiefdom they had the opportunity to purchase the land Mr. Watanabe purchased to extend their control over the area but obviously they chose not to.

For them with Angie Homola’s support to make an attempt to expand their covenants and bylaws to neighboring property owners they are doing all property owners on the Island an injustice and if the Commissioners are allowed to control individual property owners from using their land what is next for property owners on the island?