The War on Kids

The War on KidsThe War on Kids was named the best educational documentary by the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Synopsis: “Blame for problems with schooling in America is often assigned to insufficient funding or the inherent failings of today’s kids. In rare cases, parents, teachers and administrators are also implicated. However, all efforts to improve the quality of education are doomed to fail if the system itself is not examined and understood to be the most significant impediment. After over six years in the making, The War on Kids reveals that the problem with public education ultimately stem from the institution itself. Astonishingly, all efforts at reform consistently avoid even considering this to be a possibility and the future for children and American democracy are at stake…”

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“…In 95 minutes, The War on Kids exposes the many ways the public school system has failed children and our future by robbing students of all freedoms due largely to irrational fears. Children are subjected to endure prison-like security, arbitrary punishments, and pharmacological abuse through the forced prescription of dangerous drugs. Even with these measure, schools no only fail to educate students, but the drive to teach has become secondary to the need to control children.”