Lame Duck Commissioner Homola’s List of Agenda Items in her Final Days; #1Priority is Fire Arms

Following is Homola’s Swan song that she is sending to  plead her case for support of her ego driven, special interest group   agenda items…


Thank you for your expressed concern, I truly appreciate it. The proposed language of the this ordinance came directly from an conservative east side county and has been found successful ( I believe it was Clallam County – I left it in my car and I am in my office at the moment). Many ordinances were reviewed to find one that was fair and gave citizens the local control they seek as long as they can meet the restrictions of the ordinance. There are areas throughout the County where density, site characteristics and proximity of properties make the discharge of firearms a threat to persons, animals or private property. Citizens have approached the Board pleading for some way to protect their children and families. It is not appropriate to select one property to target however; I am sure there is usually an impetus to trigger the concern. In this case, the proponents who brought forward the proposal, on behalf of their community, are a retired military NRA member and an Oak Harbor police officer. They have analyzed the situation and have done ballistics and extensive comparative studies to warrant our attention.

If the ordinance passes, it is simply a tool that will allow citizens the ability to secure their safety if over 50% of those property owners within a defined boundary can demonstrate compliance.

I do not get to decide what citizens will bring forward, and believe me, there are some things I just wish would not come forward. Another one is the discharge of fireworks – so many people have asked for help to just reduce the number of days so they don’t have to sedate their animals, or PTSD or mentally ill family members.

We never took care of that because no one wants to deal with the controversy. I was hoping to put together some community members to see if we could find a happy medium.

What I have done is fulfill my pledge to work hard to learn and understand the details, to hear both sides and to make informed decisions based on facts. This often means working late nights, weekends and holidays, but I love it.

I regret that we could not have approached this sooner. Our Planning Department staff is spread very thin – we cut that department 47%. They have a mandate to finish the Shoreline Master Program and we had a grant to get most of it done.

So with that deadline, the sign ordinance and the budget for 2013, this took a back seat. I feel compelled to finish this as it is my District and they waited patiently.

I can only hope that good people like you, who took the time to consider this, will also hear what people who are scared have to say. I have been to the site and was astonished at the situation. It needed attention. If this tool can help these people – I have done a good thing, even though many who do not know the circumstances will hear some rumors and pass judgment.

I did work hard to get a camera in our hearing room so those who care can watch and learn how to participate.

Believe it or not, I have fired a few guns myself; I was pretty good at hitting a target until my eyes went south. My husband owns guns and was an avid hunter as a boy. He switched to bow hunting latter – and he was a logger when I met him.

I even cut down a huge old tree at a site he was working on. It was amazing how fast you can cut down something that took a 100 years to grow, it was sad, but I live in a wood house, and have designed many wood structures as an architect, so I try to support responsible sustainable practices. I do care that people should have the ability to live a peaceful and safe life. We should all think about the impacts we make on others. Our property rights are intertwined with those of our neighbors.

I planned a real vacation for the first time in 4 years to take my son to see my daughter (before I found out I would no longer be your commissioner) so I have only a few days left at work. But I will try to fit it in.

We will surely have a Public Hearing and I will do everything possible to be sure it is not on Christmas Eve – we will likely need to hold a special session. If you would like to know the date and time once it is scheduled – please let me know and my assistant will send the details.

It has been a pleasure to serve as your commissioner.

Very Sincerely,

Angie Homola

Island County Commissioner D2

1 N.E. 7th St P.O. Box 5000

Coupeville, WA 98239

(360) 679-7354


Her swan song is once again a demonstration of her incurable Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) which is a

personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population

Please help stop this insane action by sending the following to  the  Commissioners:

To: zz district3; zz district1; zz district2
Subject: Proposed Ordinance: Island County Code 9.06.020 and 9.06.030

Dear Island County Commissioners

I wish to go on official record opposing the proposed amendment to the Island County Code Chapter 9.06, Discharge of Firearms Prohibited.

It is poorly written and takes away too many rights.



A workshop if scheduled for this Wednesday to discuss this issue

Public comments will NOT be permitted but please try to attend anyway; Homola’s fan club will be there in force if history is repeated


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  1. Man, she’s wandering all over the place with this letter. She’s obviously still in shock that her constituents voted her out.

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