It’s time for Congress to Dis-establish Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (NHR) on Central Whidbey Island

Local resident Ken Pickard, who shares a family relation and surname with Ebey’s Landing Trust Board Chair Jan Pickard, has taken to using the 1978 Ebey’s Landing NHR designation as a weapon against the US Navy’s presence on Whidbey Island. They have set their immediate sights on the Navy’s Outlying Field Coupeville.  A Whidbey Examiner articlePetition aims to end Outlying Field flightsquoted Ken Pickard as saying:

“The Navy just needs to stop flying here. That’s it. It’s over.”


NAS Whidbey Island and NOLF Coupeville, established in 1941, predate the establishment of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (NHR), which occurred some 37 years later.


“The U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, North Whidbey, is updating its aircraft to the monstrous F-18 Growlers. SHOCK AND AWE is an understatement when one flies overhead. We are trying to stop military carrier landing exercises on a small WW II emergency landing airstrip located south of Coupeville, Central Whidbey, within The Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, a National Park.”

Ken Pickard, who apparently did not bother to look up the proper designation “EA-18G” used the non-existent “F-18G” instead and is also reportedly forming a group called “Citizens of the Ebey’s Reserve for a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful Environment”. Not surprisingly, that name borrows a number of buzz words from Ebey’s Reserve park planning documents, and also sounds a bit like “Whidbey Islanders for a Sound Environment (WISE)“.

WISE has been reported in the mainstream media as an anti-Navy agitation group active in Central Whidbey in the 1980s, in the 1990s, and was still active in 2010 when WISE was listed as a $100 donor in the Whidbey Camano Land Trust’s Fall 2010 Newsletter.

WISE states about itself:

“Our main mission is the distribution of accurate and useful information concerning wildlife, fisheries, water resources, oil spill prevention, military jet noise and accident potential, and clean up of toxic waste.”

I personally experienced folks from WISE shining high-powered spotlights head-on and directly into the cockpit of an EA-6B Prowler while in the night landing pattern at NOLF Coupeville back in the 1980s. Such activity was ROUTINE for WISE during that era. Based on what they did versus what they said, WISE’s actual main mission was to disrupt military training by endangering the lives of Navy aircrew.

The Whidbey Examiner quoted Ken Pickard as saying:

“We’re not anti-Navy at all,” he said. “We support the Navy. We just don’t think they should be training in a national park.”

Signers of Ken Pickard’s supposedly “not anti-Navy” petition include some folks whose names are familiar to Island Politics and/or have made especially interesting comments. Names with hyperlinks have additional information about that petition signer.

#4 Alix Roos Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#5 Ann Dannhauer Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#7 Barbara Ballard Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#10 Paul Sherman Nov 30, 2012 Anacortes, WA

This is not wartime in the US and we should not endure this awful noise.

#13 buell neidlinger Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA

let them all wear “Mission Accomplished” suits as they fly away from our beautiful Reserve and our lovely Isle FOREVER. Bye bye NAS.

#14 Fred Dente Nov 30, 2012 Kapaa, HI

When we visited Whidbey recently, my wife nearly drove off the road when one of those incredibly loud low flying planes flew just above us. The sound was deafening. Stop these dangerous and unhealthy flights, as soon as possible.

#20 robbie lobell Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#22 Marianne Brabanski Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA

These planes should not be flying in a populated area over a National Preserve and causing hearing loss and emotional distress.

#30 Janine Bundy Nov 30, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#37 Alec & Sandy McDougall Dec 1, 2012 Mount Vernon, WA

F-18 Growlers doing touch-and-goes south of Coupeville would be a travesty. Just like using the Skagit flats for a turning area. We’re not looking forward to their sound!

#39 David Jon Sponheim Dec 1, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

I have experienced some hearing loss from just one flyover! The decibel Level is harmful to the inner ear! It exceeds EPA standards by far!

#41 Janet Zema Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#43 Georgia Gardner Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The plane are making it impossible for us to use and enjoy our wonderful national reserve. It is not appropriate for them to be there.

#44 Janice Pickard Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

…Citizens are being subjected to unhealthy, inhumane, conditions. Unnecessary and abusive.

#52 Buffy Ann Morrow Dec 1, 2012 Clinton, WA

There is bound to be a less populated, more suitable location for these exercises. Central whidbey is a whole different place than it was 27 years ago when I moved here.

#63 Katlaina Rayne Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

…The very heavy use of the O.L.F this past summer and the extremely high decibel noise has caused the sales of homes to fail, chased tourists away, and made residents lives unbearable in their own homes. I know people that have actually had to leave their homes when the Growlers were flying. The Navy has been very unresponsive to citizen concerns. Please have them do their training flights in a less populated area.

#75 fran einterz Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Like many Whidbey neighbors, I’m stunned by the new, louder F18 jets, with their noisier and wider flight patterns. This past summer the flying around Coupeville rose to an intolerable level. Supposedly an EIS was performed indicating no significant environmental impact? Ha! And what about the new fuel depot that Island Transit is installing at the end of the runway? Is the OLF even safe for the young F18 trainees anymore?

#88 Larry Dobson Dec 1, 2012 Clinton, WA

STOP THIS SENSELESS OBSESSION WITH WAR AS A SOLUTION FOR CONFLICT ~ WAR IS A DEAD END! Peace is harmony with nature, not the nerve-rattling, misnamed “sound of freedom” forced on us by the war machines.

#90 Patsy Haber Dec 1, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#91 Deborah Rivera Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#92 Suzanne Spunar Dec 1, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

These planes are flying directly over the Southend of Lopez Island where I live many times of day now. The noise is deafening and sometimes rattles the windows. It feels like we are in a war zone.

#98 Dianne Iverson Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA
#99 jan sundquist Dec 1, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

This on-going noise is not necessary! This is an area where animals & marine animals occupy breeding and living areas and NOISE is detrimental to the breeding and raising of some species—even humans !

#100 al lunemann Dec 1, 2012 coupeville, WA
#103 zia gipson Dec 1, 2012 Clinton, WA

preserve the experience of Ebey’s Landing

#104 Brad Thomas Dec 1, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

This is a beautiful area to live, work, and play for residents and visitors alike….until the conversation stopping, window rattling jets scream overhead! Pilots need to train, understood, just not directly over pristine farm and park reserve land.

#105 Amy Raymond Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA

Please stop sending these maddending jets over our heads!!!!!!!!!!!

#106 Kelly Keilwiz Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

These jets are very loud, with dB levels well in excess of that causing hearing damage, in a residential and historical district, is incompatible. Businesses and tourism are severely affected.

#112 Fran Abel Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA
#115 Cathy Blackburn Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA

Is it possible for them to do so…not over the pristine and rare Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve lands which are surrounded by Nature Conservancy preservation areas.

#121 Diane Jhueck Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA
#123 JEROME H. SQUIRE Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

…I was one of two people living on my road in 1984. There are now more than 15 houses here. Those are some of the changes that have taken place.I believe that we will see a difference in the impact they now make. It is already worse. The navy must find a more remote place to fly and do it now.

#124 Stephanie stirling Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#126 Roxallanne Medley Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Our house is directly under the flight path as the planes fly from the OLF.

#128 vicki robin Dec 1, 2012 langley, WA
#132 Lucinda Herring Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA

Ebey’s Landing is our refuge and sanctuary. We, the community of Whidbey Island, ask that you stop this development, and leave us all in peace.

#137 Constance Wolfe Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#138 Leslie Larch Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA
#139 Jerome Rosen Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#140 Joan Govedare Dec 1, 2012 Langley, WA
#141 Beverly rose Dec 1, 2012 Freeland, WA
#142 christine tasseff Dec 1, 2012 langley, WA
#143 Dick Hall Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#149 Susan Berg Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#151 Dale Stirling Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#152 Jan Dodge Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

…Ebey’s Landing and the surrounding community must be protected against military carriers landing in our back yards!!

#153 Patricia Brooks Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I didn’t move here to have my evenings and nights overpowered by the sounds of loud engines.

#157 Stephen Swanson MD Dec 1, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#159 Sasha Leaman Dec 2, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA
#160 Henry D. Nelson Dec 2, 2012 Freeland, WA

…Of all of the wide open sites in CONUS why Whidbey Island?

#172 Lisa Meserole Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

When we moved here in 2002, we knew our old 1904 historic farmhouse and barn were under the Navy flight path at OLF.

#173 Gene Kahn Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

When we moved here in 2002, we knew our old 1904 historic farmhouse and barn were under the Navy flight path at OLF….

#175 miriam coates Dec 2, 2012 Clinton, WA
#176 Susan Moore Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#178 Chom Greacen Dec 2, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

Please also consider cutting the fuel budget for these aircraft and put the much needed $$$ to build green jobs, improve school and fund health care.

#180 James C Davidson Dec 2, 2012 Bellingham, WA

Please, the military doesn’t need to expand further on the public domain on Whidbey Island. The flights out of the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island are intrusion enough. The military has to stop expanding it’s footprint on society and on the public domain. Furthermore, I would support a resolution calling on the removal of the F-18s from Whidbey Island. I live in the area and can attest to the extreme noise and air pollution, over and above, what was present before the arrival of the F-18s.

#182 Sharon Spencer Dec 2, 2012 Greenbank, WA
#184 Richard H. Rhydes Dec 2, 2012 Freeland, WA

Ken Pickard is very knowledgable he is right about the excess noise. As a resident of Whidbey Island I oppose this.

#187 Sheila O’Rourke Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The aircraft that already fly are too loud and too low. At times we can not hear our conversations, we are forced to cover our ears and must bring the pets indoors. I am appalled that the Navy would even consider larger planes on that air strip. Please stop this!

#189 Stefan Schlesinger Dec 2, 2012 Clinton, WA

I’m against the next war. In spending resource on it. resource for humans not for conflict

#192 Manuel Velasquez Dec 2, 2012 COUPEVILLE, WA

The needs to be another plan that will work with the community not against it.

#199 Diane Tompkinson Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I bought my property 13 years ago…I did not sign on to lose my hearing and any quality of life at my home We have evidence from an audiologist that the decibel level of the Growlers is sufficient to cause hearing loss. This seems a poor way to treat a national reserve and citizens.

#204 Clovy Tsuchiya Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

During the flyovers, the noise interferes with work, eating, reading, thought, and life in general. I’m against exercises being conducted any place people live.

#207 Sheryl Sato Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Please remove these jets. I’m 92 and had perfect hearing until I moved here two years ago and have been exposed to this awful jet noise. Virginia, Coupeville

#225 Wylie N. Vracin MD Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Our unique reserve is seriously being degraded by the very frequent flyovers. PLEASE stop the OLF landing exercises

#237 dave breining Dec 2, 2012 coupeville, WA
#245 Linda Bartlett Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

We have an agricultural business within the reserve and live here as well. Both our business and personal lives have been disrupted by the intensity and high decibel levels of the growlers. The current training flights are not tolerable. More aircraft is unacceptable.

#240 Beverly McQuary Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#265 elliott menashe Dec 2, 2012 Clinton, WA

Whidbey has grown in population & density. The landing strip is no longer an “outlying field”, the aircraft are more intrusive than before. The establishment of the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve has drawn tourists to the area. The ever-increasing noise is bad for touism and the locals. The field has become an incompatible use. It is time to shut it down. Thank you for your consideration.

#271 Mary L. Dent Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#275 Brian W Reid Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#283 Aprile Gaudinier Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#301 elijah bonesteel Dec 2, 2012 greenbank, WA

Calm down the sound emissions of toxic gass!

#302 Sandra Swanson Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The exponential noise and vibration from the new Growlers has our entire community on alert. The OLF is no longer suitable for Navy practice. An Environmental Impact Statement (which the Navy, not surprisingly, deems unnecessary) would confirm all of the negative impacts on our health and the health of the environment.

#385 Anne Blanchette Dec 3, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#391 Marly Eidsness Dec 3, 2012 Freeland, WA

Publish the study done on impact on native flora and fauna before allowing use of this landing strip by aircraft.

#471 Hans Gerritsen Dec 3, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Come over for dinner when they fly over…they rattle the glasses and your guest might as well go home, since you can not hear each other talk… This can NOT be good for our ears and the wild life around us. It has to stop…there is plenty of space in this state to move this little air strip. Good luck, Hans,

#412 Pat Jackson Dec 3, 2012 Similk Beach, WA

This area of Washington is very rural, very agricultural and the strip is in a particularly narrow area of the island. The island is forested in part but is majorly agricultural and animal husbandry in nature. There is a high level of Navy activity already given the concentration of base activities on the north end of the island and isolating these huge and noisy airplanes away from the animals and quieter parts of the island would benefit the entire population. There is not much reason to establish a historical reserve if it can be invaded by noise and the military at will.

#407 Deborah C Eimers Dec 3, 2012 Langley, WA

This has nothing to to do with patriotism or support of our armed forces. It has to do with physical damage to our and the lands health and well-being. I used to cringe when I heard the term ‘military complex’ as if it were a direct attack on me as a US citizen. However, years of military waste, cover-ups and corruption have taken the shine off this institution that has been allowed too much power and to push it’s way around. It’s time that it answers to the American peoples wants and needs and not it’s own. Alternative venues can be found.

#345 Alexandra Morosco Dec 3, 2012 Langley, WA

The noise pollution in that area already is untenable, I cannot even walk my dogs in the area due to the intense,terrifying noise

#293 David Bieniek Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

First of all I want to thank you for all you do to keep our country safe. That being said, we moved to this quiet little island 2.5 years ago. Though we knew the outlying field was close by, we were told that it was NEVER (or seldom) used. And we did not realize we were in the direct flight path until the first night in our new house which was also the first night you started flying.

#193 ann jones Dec 2, 2012 Woodland, MN

It is difficult for me to imagine that citizen input goes unheard, and that concerns for basic safety and health remain unaddressed. The use of an outdated runway for use by the loudest airplanes in the navy, defies logic. This seems barbaric and amounts to little more than chest thumping by our military on Whidbey Island.

#323 David Neel Dec 3, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I live and work in close proximity to the outlying field. The noise impeads both work and day to day life.

#455 Vernon Huffman Dec 3, 2012 Corvallis, OR

I’ll never forget the bone jarring experience of having an A6 pass right over my vehicle as I enjoyed a quiet night drive by OLF.

#492 Joann Roomes Dec 3, 2012 Coupeville, WA

This airfield landing site (“touch and go”) may have been useful in the 1940s and 1950s, but it is presently located over a populated area, and within Ebey’s Landing Historical Reserve. The noise, pollution and outright danger to citizens is apparent to everyone living within 10-12 miles of the landing field.

#449 Betty Bond Dec 3, 2012 Langley, WA
#202 Jordan Jones Dec 2, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I hate planes. They are so loud when they fly over I can only hear my innermost thoughts. And they made my dog deaf.

#506 Stephen F. Ludwig Dec 3, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

A few simple cost-free procedural changes could dramatically reduce noise over the entire area, and save fuel.

#539 Anne Botwin Dec 3, 2012 Bellingham, WA


#544 James Bernacki Dec 4, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The planes fly right over my house. Please stop!!!

#541 Jean Whitesavage Dec 4, 2012 Freeland, WA

Ebey’s Landing is a sensitive wildlife area, It is recognized internationally as a major flyover for numerous species of migrating birds. Please find a more appropriate site to carry out military landing exercises.

#588 Mari D. Anderson Dec 4, 2012 Titusville, FL

My family has lived on Whidbey Island since the early 1900’s over a hundred years. A portion of our land was seized for the Navy in 1942 compensation was inadequate and slow. My family fought through the courts to keep our land. Early propeller planes were tolerable but the ever-increasing flights with jet aircraft have diminished our enjoyment of our heritage land depressing value. Nowhere on Whidbey Island is appropriate for a military base. The magnificent views, scenery and serenity should be preserved. Loud earsplitting invasive noise and pollution of our water and air with a transient population does not contribute to quality of life. Expansion has reached a limit it is a health threat to civilians, wildlife, marine life and our American Eagles. There was hope when NAS Whidbey Island was placed on the BRAC list. Public officials ignored the hopes and pleas of long time residents in favor of claims of false prosperity. Compare land values in surrounding communities and the San Juan Islands. The presence of the military is responsible for sinking land values. The placement of Accident Potential Zones has robbed property owners of their rights with no compensation. Land for expansion has been exhausted; the only access to Whidbey Island is the two-lane Deception Pass Bridge built in 1938 or the ferries. It is urgent the Navy find a more suitable location in a remote area with less intrusion on the public and environment.

#597 Dan Silkiss Dec 4, 2012 Lopez island, WA

Some days the noise level is excruciating. our young grandkids wake up, scared and crying. It is also rough on us old folks. Please try to fly out to open sea. Stay safe & thanks to the flyboys. WW ll Vet DanSilkiss

#608 Erik Larson Dec 5, 2012 Greenbank, WA

Seems to me there has to be a better, and safer, place to practice carrier landings than Ebey’s Landing. Like maybe a carrier, far far out at sea.

#538 Gary Piazzon Dec 3, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Every time I hear the jets I think “There goes are tax dollars contributing to climate chaos and deafening us in the process. It is time to reconsider whether we are spending our resources wisely.

#656 Lorinda Roland Dec 5, 2012 Olga, WA

The noise of such carriers would expand well beyond Whidbey Island. These areas – nearby San Juan Islands and the mainland are primarily residential and much rural. The noise would be unbearable.

#607 Pushkara Sally Ashford Dec 5, 2012 Clinton, WA

NO! No to military aircraft exercises!

#609 Janis Lentz Dec 5, 2012 Ocala, FL

Stop this chaotic noise that is harming the health of permanent residents all over the U. S.! Take these bases out in the desert, where they belong! Why are the most beautiful natural areas in this country chosen by the military to despoil with their polluting air fields and disrupting noise? Close these bases now!

#616 Diana Yakowitz Dec 5, 2012 CAMANO ISLAND, WA

I am sure there are other ways, directions that can be taken to not wreak havoc on this sensitive area

#622 Marcia Comer Dec 5, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The Navy aircraft, for years, did a pretty decent job of staying within their legal boundaries when flying. Now, they seem to go over homes where they are not supposed to go. Not only are they no longer caring about what residents think, they are going to be worse with the new planes. The Navy has a really bad attitude toward locals who have invested greatly in their homes. Some residents who complained have even been threatened! This is not okay!

#625 Barb Nichols Dec 5, 2012 Freeland, WA

Hopefully, Ken, the way is being paved for you to get this petition into the hands of the people who have the power to rectify this horrendous, longstanding noise pollution problem here on Whidbey Island. Performing low flying training missions over our peaceful neighborhoods makes absolutely no sense. It’s been going on way too long. Many are experiencing life as if in the middle of a war zone, and are physically and emotionally damaged by the deafening noise. The detailed comments within this petition give the real picture of what’s going on here. It’s time this problem receives the attention it deserves by those who can do something about it. The absurdity of disturbing the peace at Ebey’s Landing has brought us together, maybe to become One Big Harmonic Voice that will be heard, respected, and acted upon by influential, listening ears.

#628 Howard Garrett Dec 5, 2012 Greenbank, WA

It’s time to wind down the morally and fiscally bankrupting monster that our military-industrial complex has become, as predicted by Dwight Eisenhower.

#644 Shelley Moore Dec 5, 2012 Anacortes, WA

The planes we hear now makes us jump out of our skins. Ditto for our animals. The san Juan islands are supposed to be a tranquil place and the plane noise ruins this. I wonder if it has a negative effect on the orca whales. It would be worth looking into

#663 Thomas Odegard Dec 5, 2012 San Juan Island, WA

How about all the rest of the area as well. We’re not happy with the high decibel so-called “sound of freedom” as it is with the current plane. Send these “growlers” to Arizona or Phoenix where the real Republicans can live with them.

#665 Renetta Thomas Dec 5, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The Navy’s lack of concern for the citizens they say they are protecting is increasing on Whidbey Island. The increase in number of flying hours and the noise from the planes is just another example of the Navy’s disdain for the residents of Whidbey Island. The outrageous pumping huge amounts of water from our island’s very limited aquifers for their questionable purpose of watering their golf course is another. The Navy doesn’t care about our health, property values, salt water intrusion and pollution in our wells or their being sucked dry, our safety, or the health of the environment of this singularly beautiful small island which is becoming more and more populated. I have lived in the flight path for 20 years and it has gotten worse and worse. They fly so low I have actually seen the heads of the pilots. This past July the number of flights increased to 6 or more hours almost daily. And then for several more hours until around 1:00 a.m. many nights. All windows must be kept closed. Most of us don’t have air conditioning. So on many beautiful hot summer days or warm nights we are forced to swelter to protect ourselves from the horrendous noise levels. And the noise of the aircraft is intolerable. We can’t work or play outdoors. The Navy even says they can’t give us the schedule in advance because of security concerns and therefore we take our chances on inviting guests or know when to plan to work out doors. Our pets and farm animals are also affected. So, please, take this petition seriously. Give us back our National Preserve so we can actually use and enjoy it. We have to comply with restrictions required to use and live in the Reserve. Why doesn’t the Navy?



#664 Sue Tingstad Dec 5, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The sound of freedom has become so loud as to distrub the peace of people and animals. This airfield is too small and too close to homes and farms now. We love our Navy, just not the noise of these new airplanes.

#668 Cindi Landreth Dec 5, 2012 Bellingham, WA

This is absolutely critical policy if we want to preserve our National Parks. I have been at a National Park where the military pushes the boundaries of their ‘exercises’ and scares the holy b’jesus out of anyone being there – whether just to stretch their legs or to connect with the natural world. I support this effort to stop the military aircraft exercises in the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve enthusiastically!

#672 Virginia Ramey Dec 5, 2012 Bow, WA

I live in this particular area of Puget Sound, on a nearby peninsula just to the north of the Whidbey Island, Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. We’ve heard the Growlers overhead here on Samish Island, as well, where they sometimes practice low-flying maneuvers. The noise is startling and extremely loud, even from inside the house!! With the acute hearing of animals in the wild, I can only imagine how this could affect wildlife and the ecosystem there. I believe that it could be a huge threat to preserving this pristine habitat. I would urge the Navy to re-route these “Growler” planes to avoid flying over this sensitive nature reserve area. The Navy should also be more sensitive to human habitat, and avoid the flying low over residential areas with such deafening noise. When I first heard these planes fly over my home, I phoned the Naval Air Station at Whidbey to complain. The flight office representative explained that these new GROWLER were much louder than the previous “Howler” models. They also apologized for the noise, saying that they would “work on the problem.” It has been better since then, so I think the petition is an important one. It is fair to ask for military support for environmental concerns, especially where they have a choice to practice their maneuvers elsewhere over less sensitive areas. They happened to be located near a national reserve and park and they need to respect that fact and adjust their routes accordingly. The ecosystem and park reserve there has no voice of its own, but we as citizens do!!

#674 Paul Booker Dec 5, 2012 Camano, WA

I couldn’t agree more with ceasing aircraft exercises over Ebey’s Landing. The area is obviously a fragile ecosystem and anything and everything we can do to protect it should be encouraged.

#684 Diane Rise Dec 5, 2012 Upper Skagit Indian Reservat, WA

I grew up near this location Enough is enough! Find someplace in an uninhabited area where all you’ll destroy is a few snakes and lizards. The people of Whidbey have put up with the increasing impact of these jets as they become more and more powerful. I know, “Pardon our noise…it’s just the sound of Freedom”. Well, it’s time to be more responsible with that “noise of freedom”.

#692 Dan Freeman Dec 5, 2012 Clinton, WA

If America would stop waging war on people all over the world then we could stop “killing machine excercises.” PEACE

#697 Maureen Freehill Dec 5, 2012 Langley, WA

Tried camping at Fort Ebey St. Park one night this past summer. Till this barrage stops…we will not be doing that again. It is amazing if anyone can live or be a visitor near there without going mad.

#701 Pamela Fick Dec 5, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA
#702 Reg and Wendy Caton Dec 5, 2012 Anacortes, WA

They frequently fly in pairs , starting in the early evening and continuing until midnight and beyond. the noise is so loud that normal living is impossible.

#706 E. Bynum Dec 5, 2012 La Conner, WA

A few years back the military spent some millions of dollars on each plane to reduce noise. We were told the noise reducers were removed after the Iraq war started. So much for your tax dollars.

#707 Harrison Goodall Dec 5, 2012 Langley, WA

Preparing for war is like preparing for terrorism.

#719 jane Jaehning Dec 5, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA
#722 Ceader Charmley Dec 5, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

The Jet noise is ear shattering and offensive. We do not need to be using these jets.. Lets put our resources into better things.

#735 Mildred Fonda Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

It was always an unspoken committment that the town of Coupeville was a no fly zone. What happened to being good neighbors

#750 Norm Kosky Dec 6, 2012 Camano Island, WA

It is way to noisy even without the planes. Please send them elsewhere so as not to disturb us folks and scare our pets and children

#764 Brenda Bates Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

We never know when we can have our grandshildren here. They refuse to publish a schdule any more and the kids are very affraid of all the noise. It’s like living in a combat zone.

#770 Will Jones Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The Prowler jamming equipment does not work.

#793 carmen spofford Dec 7, 2012 ANACORTES, WA

We’ve been putting up with this racket for years and now it’s going to get even worse. Please tell them to fly out over the water/ocean, rather than over our heads. For that matter, let them practice in the middle east. I know that the US planes used to crack the walls in the churches when they flew over them in Germany and they had to change their flight patterns.

#774 Janie Cribbs Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I LIVE here in the reserve and the noise from the planes right overhead when they are on a flight day ( or at night as late as 1:00 am !) is deafening to people and really scares the wildlife from countless Bird species to our local Deer…too many years have gone by and nothing has changed! People need to be aware of the noise pollution damage to animals and to our ears and sanity!

#773 Laura Cooper Dec 6, 2012 Seattle, WA

Flyways are essential habitat for the world’s diminishing bird populations. Ebeys landing is one of the first designated historic reserves in the US and is a stopover for many species of birds. please restrict military exercises to less critical habitat.

#779 Robin Bridge Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I really can’t complain about the noise since I knew of the fly zone before I bought my house. I just wish they would let us know when they will be flying, so we can plan our lives. It would be nice to know that the BBQ party I plan won’t be ruined, or when I can go and walk the dogs. And please, stop flying after midnight – that is just rude and inconsiderate.

#780 Dan Bond Dec 6, 2012 Coupeville, WA

This is just too much! We live with this noise seemingly year round. To increase the noise is unacceptable. It already lowers property values, and impacts the health of those who can’t escape it.

#781 Keith Watenpaugh Dec 6, 2012 COUPEVILLE, WA
#782 Floris Lanske Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The noise has become unbearable! My son is autistic and loud noises are a real problem for him. It has made us consider moving off island!It scares my poor dogs so bad they need meds when the jets are flying over. It has also ruined 2 years of camping trips at fort ebey and rhodedendren park. I support the military and they do for us but please please find some where else to fly!

#796 Emma Ruggiero Dec 7, 2012 GREENBANK, WA

While i understand the NAS Whidbey is a training base and that flights need to happen in order for crew members to train it is not necessary to use the landing strip at the Naval Outlying Field in Coupeville. In addition the navy has a long history on whidbey of flying outside of its legal flight patterns and acceptable flight hours and harassing people in their homes and businesses, farmers and their livestock with flyovers of areas miles from the landing strip at altitudes of less than 50 feet. The navy is totally unresponsive to the comments from private citizens living in areas where their is unacceptable flight activity and it is now time to stop all flights to the NOF in Coupeville. It has become obvious that this is the only way to stop the Navy from continuing to break the rules governing their flight activities. Training flights from NAS Whidbey could still take place but all flight activities would have to use the airstrip on the Naval Base in Oak Harbor.

#802 Noel Kjosness Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Until you live directly under the flight pattern of these huge jets you cannot possibly understand the noise level. The decible level that both humans and animals are subjected to has, without a doubt, contributed to hearing loss…I don’t see why they can’t use the field at NAS Whidbey. Is it because they don’t like the noise there either so they push it off on the people of Coupeville? Every person who buys a home/property on the island is required to sign a disclaimer that they are aware of the potential for noise, but unless you happen to have a fly-over as you have the paper in your hand there is no way to fully understand the impact that you will be experiencing.

#808 Paula Spina 1, 2, 3 Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The residents of Central Whidbey have been trying to get the Navy to stop using the outlying field near Coupeville, WA (“OLF”) for decades without success….From the Governor’s office, to our Congressman (Rick Larsen), to our county commissioners, we have been ignored. Our pleas for help are responded to with form letters. We need the help of the American public to bring some sanity to our situation….

#812 Raven Odion Dec 7, 2012 Twisp, WA

I lived on Whidbey for 8 years and continue to return every six weeks. I feel strongly that this is just too much!

#814 Alice Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Studies show that consistent high noise levels adversely affect BP and can be harmful to a person’s health. They should stop especially around a hospital and schools.

#819 Madelyn van der Hoogt Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#821 Dr. Richard V.Anderson Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I live outside the area where a disclosure must be signed regarding this noise pollution. The noise from this practice is deafening and violates any peaceful and serene environment within many miles from the field. Practice all you want, but not on Whidbey Island !!

#826 Bill Roberts Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

This may have been a rural area when the field was established, but not anymore. The OLF needs to be shut down, and a replacement established elsewhere, if one is truly necessary. The noise is unbearable!

#828 gail buehler Dec 7, 2012 freeland, WA

I have lived here for over 25 years. The noise has only been an issue in the last several. The navy needs to be a good neighbor and find a new home for their new louder planes.

#831 Gordon Bainbridge Dec 7, 2012 Greenbank, WA

It’s absurd to have these planes landing at Ebey’s Landing. The noise is bad enough now and will be worse with the new planes

#836 Diane B. Ahuna Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I was aware of the military base at Oak Harbor, but had no clue that the jets flew as far south on the island as I’ve recently discovered after my house purchase and move here….

#835 robbie lobell Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

it is unacceptable to carry out military exercises within a national park where the goal is to give visitors an experience of natural beauty including the sounds of nature NOT the sounds of war planes.

#845 Liz Pearson Dec 7, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I have called the Base 6 times and never once got a call back.

#850 Debra Sadler Dec 7, 2012 Rockledge, FL

Military jets don’t belong on Whidbey Island.

#851 Brenda Randall Dec 7, 2012 LAUDERHILL, FL

I sign and vote to stop the F-18 Growler from exersize in this national park. The animals are there and this is a terrible thing to do to them. Let them live in peace ! Let peace come to all of us, NO MORE WAR !

#859 Sammye Newman Dec 7, 2012 Richmond, VA

I have watched Bald Eagles cavort in the air above Ebey’s Landing. As this is our National symbol, it would be a real shame to let our own military disrupt the Eagle’s habitat.

#861 Sally Slotterback Dec 8, 2012 Coupeville, WA

This terrible noise distresses all living things on Ebey’s Preserve day and night. I have been battling breast cancer and distressed by blasting monstrous noise, even in the wee morning hours. I see the distressed animals. There is no refuge from this. Please please stop.

#864 Allan Johnston Dec 8, 2012 Glendale, CA

My wife and I own a second home on Marine Drive in Coupeville. We have noticed there are many more flights, particularly in the late evening, than when we first purchased our home five years ago, and the newer planes are earsplitting.

#865 Miriam K Johnston Dec 8, 2012 Glendale, CA

My husband and I own a second home on Marine Drive in Coupeville. In recent years, the frequency of flights has increased and the noise level has reached frightening levels – my young granddaughters were terrorized when they visited us. Please save the shock and awe for our enemies and leave the testing of these deafening planes to unpopulated areas.

#866 Peter M. Wilbur Dec 8, 2012 COUPEVILLE, WA
#869 Stephanie Williams Dec 8, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The noise was tolerable when we moved here. Now it is intolerable. The Navy needs to respect the civilian population if they wish to be respected in return.

#871 steve hunter Dec 8, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Times have changed and so should the training be changed. OLF is no longer a viable practice facility.

#867 Garrett Newkirk Dec 8, 2012 Oak harbor, WA

Close naswi for the health and public safety of the civilian population.

#877 mark skullerud Dec 8, 2012 coupeville, WA

Last summer I had to keep repeating myself because the guy on the complaint line couldn’t hear me over the jet noise.

#881 Alex Matsov Dec 8, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#883 Connie Hudgins Dec 8, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

We live right next to the U.S. Navy Air station Whidbey Is in Oak Harbor and the noise is devastating.

#884 Laurie Keith Dec 8, 2012 Langley, WA
#885 Sherry Ascher Dec 8, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#886 Sandra Cady Dec 9, 2012 Snohomish, WA

There is ancient Chinese wisdom,’Without Tao souldiers practice in parks.’ This is the state we’re in,were the military runs amuk.

#891 jerry mingo Dec 9, 2012 Townsend, WA

The U.S. could practice 1/2 as much and still get many times more than other militaries. The new jets are horrendously louder. Practice at NAS Whidbey instead of the Outlying Field. Disrupting. Big carbon and noise pollution in nice rural/ residential area.

#901 Gioia Boerrigter Dec 9, 2012 Coupeville, WA

There were times when the noise was so loud, I had ringing in my ears for 2 days and the noise also rattled the windows in my house.

#908 Holly Graham Dec 9, 2012 Olympia, WA

Just like the Navy to go to beautiful places and make them unlivable. Back off. This plan is very bad.

#920 carolyn kinch Dec 9, 2012 coupeville, WA
#903 Becky Spraitzar Dec 9, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

There are things the DOD can do to mitigate the noise. If the DOD is not willing to pay for the noise mitigation they need to train somewhere else (and that includes North Whidbey!).

#905 George Dec 9, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Growler training for hours at a time over homes and businesses is totally inappropriate. They fly with gear down, flaps down, high thrust at only 300 feet above ground. There is no recourse since military is exempt from city and county noise regulations. Why not use the USS Enterprise which was recently decommission in Virginia and is to be scraped at Bremerton, just anchor it offshore and do real carrier landings.

#907 Robert Bowen Dec 9, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Since “Growlers” are a land-based aircraft, according to the Navy, there is no longer any need to “practice” on a carrier-sized landing field (OLF)!

#910 Michael Low Dec 9, 2012 OAK HARBOR, WA

I fully support any effort to curtail the increasing militarization of Whidbey Island.

#911 Lauree L Low Dec 9, 2012 OAK HARBOR, WA

The US Navy on Whidbey Island is totally out of control and has no regard for the citizens who live here.

#916 Nicole B Dec 9, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

Imagine a flying ship capable of touch and go operations anywhere you point it! Find someplace else. Needs to be done- just not HERE.

#923 Elizabeth Lee Dec 10, 2012 Langley, WA

Please don’t interfere with the migration of birds by allowing these exercises at Ebey’s landing. The noise pollution is horrific also.

#913 don lashley Dec 9, 2012 clinton, WA

The sign in Oak Harbor shows a prowler taking off & declares “the sound of freedom”….so tis only natural to assume that more freedom will be louder. Unfortunately this has not proved to be the case, but in fact the opposite may be true,,,,the louder the sound, the less freedom one can expect as evidenced by the utterly carefree attitude one finds when calling the ‘base’ to inquire/complain about the amount of freedumb that is being blasted in one’s direction. Becuase we lived in Greenbank, we were often informed that the free-dumb we were experiencing had been shown to be quite tolerable in our neighborhood and that the aircraft we had seen and taken pictures of waggling its wings simply wasn’t allowed to fly in that zone even for the pilot to show off for his proud parents who lived next door. This information allowed my heart to swell with even more free_dumb & soon thereafter i discovered that it is possible to incorporate this sound of freedumb into my lovemaking, making it much easier to dominate and subjugate my wife sexually. From this realization it was child’s play to extrapolate this freedumb to all areas of life and eventually to gain mastery over all beings at all times…..even when the ‘sound’ of free dumb was not present….and that lead inextricably to the final enlightenment wherein the ‘sound’ was no longer necessary in order to experience freed them….and this is actually being free.

#927 R L Johnson Dec 9, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The new jets are louder and the Navy does not care if impacts us. I believe their presence over the Reserve is inappropriate for a National Park. Consideration was given in the past to closing the base and moving the planes and personnel to Lemoore, CA. With more base closures expected, the opportunity to move the operations will be coming again soon.

#933 Heather Riggs Dec 10, 2012 Camano Island, WA

You wouldn’t need to train with more and more expensive toys if we weren’t fighting all these wars for oil.

#941 Bonnie Newkirk Dec 10, 2012 Oak harbor, WA

Help help getting tired from running from the front door to the back door to let the planes inn and let the planes out. our family has been here on the island since 1909.

#943 Janice Helwig Dec 10, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

It’s time that the Navy start respecting the citizens of Island county

#946 Scott Kastner Dec 11, 2012 Stanwood, WA

Please end night flights at least. These practices of touch and go are essential, but the Navy must respect us more. Give us a break. Ugh. We thought they were testing rockets it is so loud on Camano Island. It’s not just the people on Whidbey Island who suffer.

#944 Taddeusz Charette Nunn Dec 11, 2012 clinton, WA
#942 Bonnie Gretz Dec 10, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#947 Madelyn Busse Dec 11, 2012 Friday Harbor, WA

The noise on the south end of San Juan Island is unsettling and unnerving. Night operations keep us awake. Please address this issue.

#946 Jonathan M. Young Dec 10, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA
#948 Howard Pellett Dec 10, 2012 Anacortes, WA

Gripes, enough is enough already.

#949 L Tandecki Dec 11, 2012 Coupeville, WA

When the decibels reach beyond 90 the noise is intolerable and unhealthy both physically and mentally.

#950 Judy Dec 11, 2012 Menlo Park, CA

We just want a little the Peace and Quiet!

#952 Brian Cedar Dec 11, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#953 Robin Cedar Dec 11, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#959 Katy E Ackerson Dec 11, 2012 Bellingham, WA

Please protect this area’s natural beauty and reserve status by stopping these exercises.


I definitely agree this OLF should be moved to Eastern WA to population free area in non irrigated open land —which there is much of and respect the peoples’ life and safety in this tree top flying over many homes. This is a crime and one day pilot error or plane failure is going to be horrible–this needs to be avoided. And this is NOT a billion dollar deal in any form and only minutes away for these fast planes doing other training procedures going and coming to more distant air field. I am appaulled at what I see every time they fly over my home and feel the ground shake—what a shame of lack of consideration —really not ncecessary. JM

#962 James R. OBrien Dec 12, 2012 Clinton, WA

Jets are way too loud! Unhealthy for humans to have to live next to the noise pollution.

#963 Norine Ellsworth Dec 12, 2012 coupeville, WA
#964 Timothy Verschuyl Dec 12, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

How about using Smith Island, or that recently decommisioned carrier anchored near Smith Island, for touch and gos? The Navy could do lots better to be considerate of their neighbors: fly at a higher altitude, fly over water not land, less power applied at low altitude, when they fly. They seem to have the power to ignore our presence.

#966 Heather DeHay Dec 12, 2012 Coupeville, WA

I support our military, but I do not support flights over my house until 1:00 AM all summer long.

#967 Shirley Barrett Dec 12, 2012 Freeland, WA
#968 Jim Barrett Dec 12, 2012 Freeland, WA
#972 Rob Hetler Dec 13, 2012 Greenbank, WA

Bring quiet to Central Whidbey. Support the Navy, but not to the detriment of quality of life on Whidbey. Look for win-win solution.

#973 Everett Winsberg Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The OLF training schedule needs to be public and published!

#977 Vickie Chambers Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#980 Ethel Rose Steinmetz Marmont Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#981 Margaret Smart Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#984 Shaun Scheuffele Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#985 Allison Warner Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA

We are tired of the militarization of our society! Its impacts to us are un-needed.

#986 Elizabeth Ford-Ortiz Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#987 Richard S. Ploss and Andree G. Ploss Dec 13, 2012 Freeland, WA

It would be nice to know the findings of the Environmental Impact Statement given the acoustic signature of these aircraft on takeoff as well as the risk involved to population and property in the event of the need to abort or go around due to mechanical / structural problems

#989 david baumchen Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#990 Judith Buczek Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA

housing growlers is not appropriate give the location of this base

#992 James R Marmont Dec 13, 2012 Camano Island, WA

Dear Navy, you don’t own the world…I’m so tired of having my rights interfered with under the guise of national security. Sorry, that argument won’t fly this time

#993 Jeff Davis Dec 13, 2012 Stanwood, WA

Jeff Davis

#994 Mary A Casey Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Please allow this reserve to live in quietness.

#995 Kenneth E Casey Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#996 Kathleen M Casey Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1002 Brenda Wilbur Dec 13, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The noise is above human and animals life levels; yes, I signed the waiver, BUT did not sign an agreement to end my hearing and life. Brenda Wilbur

#1004 Jay Shapiro Dec 13, 2012 Freeland, WA
#1008 Gina Truesdell Dec 13, 2012 Freeland, WA
#1009 Florian Graner Dec 13, 2012 Freeland, WA
#1010 Robert Jobe Dec 14, 2012 Freeland, WA

Relocate the carrier jets to Miramar Base in California where they are used to jet noise. Tranquil Whidbey Island is NO place for such intrusive obnoxious racket.

#1011 karen kelly Dec 14, 2012 camano island, WA
#1013 Tracy Teed Dec 14, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#1014 Linda Oman Dec 14, 2012 Seattle, WA

Would this be allowed in other National Parks like Yellowstone?

#1016 Rosemary Denson Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1017 Victoria Thulman Dec 14, 2012 Bow, WA

This terrifies my animals. The exercises were so constant they disrupted my experience of the beach. Not a place for quiet any more.

#1018 Neal Sims Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1021 Claudia Fuller Dec 14, 2012 Clinton, WA

In the 30+ years I’ve lived on Whidbey many trees have been felled. They were sound protection of a sort. Without them, we hear planes at the OLF and we live on South Whidbey. Why can’t they do practice landings over an island with fewer residents?

#1022 Catherine Reid Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1025 Fred Ernst Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1026 William Gilbert Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The older I get the harder the LOUD noise these planes make is on my health. They fly until near midnight sometimes and I NEED my sleep.

#1031 Jackie Wolf Dec 14, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1032 Katherine Dolan Dec 14, 2012 Lopez Island, WA

The way you guys practice, you’d think we were in immiment danger of a major air war. Against whom? The noise pollution and fuel expenditure suggest that the war is against the environment. Hey, I think you’ve already won that one. Declare victory and go home.

#1033 Suzanne Berry Dec 14, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1034 Barbara Swahlen Dec 14, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1035 anne whirledge karp Dec 14, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1036 Laurel Cordier Dec 14, 2012 CAMANO ISLAND, WA

I live on Camano Island and often hear the ear shattering rumble of the growler planes. Is there nowhere else for you to accomplish your training exercises? Is the military capable of being mindful to historic and national parks?

#1037 Aen Brauer Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1038 Vicki Perry Dec 14, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#1041 Georgine Dellisanti Dec 14, 2012 seattle, WA

Although I live in Seattle, I own property on Whidbey. Ebey is a wonderful , tranquil place. Please do not under-estimate the value and importance of it.

#1042 Lynn Petersen Dec 14, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The plan to add more planes is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Ebey’s was a “residential area” a century ago–before airflight.

#1043 Len Hoover Dec 14, 2012 Camano Island, WA

NAS Whidbey is disrespectful of the rights of thousands of people who are blasted by the noise from the planes. One cannot carry on a conversation outside when they’re flying. Move the planes to a less populated place.

#1044 Cynthia King Dec 14, 2012 Greenbank, WA
#1046 Carol C Treston Dec 15, 2012 Mount Vernon, WA
#1047 sheila metcalf Dec 15, 2012 lopez island, WA

Do not subject peaceful citizens to the “shock and awe” military violence of these jets!!!!!

#1048 Norm Paulsen Dec 15, 2012 COUPEVILLE, WA

I am sure the US Navy can find another place to do this training. This is just not the place for it.

#1050 Kristina Paulsen Dec 15, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1052 Bill Cooper Dec 15, 2012 Friday Harbor, WA

This beautiful place needs less noise NOT more!

#1054 Debra Clapp Dec 15, 2012 Anacortes, WA
#1055 Garry L. Stone Dec 15, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA
#1056 Diane Ruebel Dec 15, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#1057 Wendy Campbell deWinter Dec 15, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

I request, that the Navy use it’s 2005 Rule & Regulation book and fly accordingly.

#1059 Steven Lind Dec 16, 2012 oak harbor, WA
#1061 Gus Johns Dec 16, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1063 Cheryl Kubisty,MD Dec 16, 2012 Coiupeville, WA
#1064 Leslie McMahon Dec 16, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1065 Juraj Majovsky Dec 16, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1066 alixe hugret Dec 16, 2012 Freeland, LA
#1067 Sue Shellenberger Dec 16, 2012 Bow, WA

Glad we don’t live under this noise…it would make me move for sure!

#1068 John Laurence Dec 16, 2012 Portland, OR

We enjoy visiting on Whidbey Island and believe that the aircraft exercises will spoil the National Historical Reserve at Ebby’s Landing.

#1069 Victor J. Cano Dec 16, 2012 Bellingham,, WA

I used to enjoy camping at Deception Point State park but the jet noise just got to be too much! Pardon our noise , it’s the sound of freedom” Bull s–t!

#1071 ingrid wiltse Dec 16, 2012 coupeville, WA
#1073 David Sharpe Dec 16, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1074 Vivian E. Anderson Dec 16, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

We moved to our farm in 1942 just before construction on NAS Whidbey Island base commenced. We raised cattle, poultry and food crops a vital industry during WW II. My brothers served in the Armed Forces in WW II, one disabled from combat wounds the South Pacific. NASWI would not have been built under today’s environmental regulations. NASWI is located on wetlands that were a habitat for wildlife including Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans. The first airplanes were not as loud as those that fly today. My peace and enjoyment of my farm where I have lived with my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and a great-great grandchild for 70 years has been disturbed even more in the past decades from planes with louder noise. We have lost our property rights due to the Accident Potential Zone. The planes fly so close to my home I can see the pilot’s faces. We have endured the noise for decades we would like to have some peace. (Editor’s note: Accident Potential Zones currently exist at Ault Field, but NOT at NOLF Coupeville)

#1076 Jeffrey Dyer Dec 16, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1077 Gretchen Wing Dec 17, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1078 ronald walton Dec 17, 2012 Coupeville, WA

When i sold my last house here, the agent said I was in noise zone two, and must exspect a loss! When I bought next I bought in NO noise zone! to avoid a loss. Its been louder here in the last 5 months, than the twenty years before that, all put together! google whidbey aricraft noise zone. Are the piolet so undisaplaned they cant stay in the correct zones, the nose zones around whidbey are very large and already established, why cant the navy honnor them. I urge folks to ask for a properity tax reduction “because of noise” that should start the ball rolling. Its only going to get worse, fix it now or “drink the koolaid”

#1079 Jessica Mayer Dec 17, 2012 Coopville, WA

We have just purchased a home in the area and are concerned about the noise effecting the environment and our property value.

#1082 Alyce Lane Dec 17, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

The noise is so unbearable on the north end of Whidbey island as well the planes need to be moved to Lemoore, CA

#1083 Ria Stroosma Dec 17, 2012 Mount Vernon, WA
#1084 Lara Kutz Dec 18, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1085 merrick anderson Dec 18, 2012 Lasqueti Is., Canada

Torturing your citizens should stop!

#1086 Beverly Zapalac Dec 18, 2012 Lopez Island, WA
#1087 Glyn Devereaux Dec 18, 2012 Seattle, WA
#1088 Carmi Sauncaucie Dec 18, 2012 Langley, WA
#1090 Robin Raney Dec 18, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1089 Treacy Dec 18, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1090 Robin Raney Dec 18, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1091 Bruce Devereaux Dec 18, 2012 Seattle, WA

The frequency of the of the practices is increasing. How come? The planes use our house in Admirals Cove as a turning point when landing to the west. All conversation has to stop due to the noise.

#1092 Kris Wiltse 1, 2 Dec 19, 2012 Clinton, WA

I live on the south end of Whidbey Island and I can hear the jets taking off and doing their routines up in Coupeville. thats a 45 minute drive from my house. They also fly down here. Its hard to get away from noise and light pollution. This is a start.

#1094 Nancy Doolittle Dec 20, 2012 Thrali, WA

Please PRESERVE the peaceful and beautiful National Park at Ebey’s Landing. My family and I have enjoyed many hikes and picnics, filled with sounds of seabirds and the animals that share this park. Please do NOT activate the landing strip within this historice and pristine park. Thank you.

#1095 Janie Keilwitz Dec 20, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Growlers are deafening and exceed safe decible levels . The Navy must have a place to practice but it should be a unpopulated practice area; not Whidbey Island.

#1096 Roberta Hinds Dec 20, 2012 Eugene, OR
#1097 Melanie Zirkle Dec 22, 2012 Coupeville, WA
#1098 Bert Bennehoff 1, 2 Dec 22, 2012 Freeland, WA

excessive noise negatively impacts the quality of life in the historic Ebeys Prairie Reserve.

#1099 Ann Marie Pember 1, 2 Dec 22, 2012 Greenbank, WA
#1100 Joanne wilson Dec 24, 2012 Camano Island, WA
#1102 Cathi Soriano Dec 26, 2012 Wallingford, WA

I don’t live there, but am there often and the current planes are deafening.

#1106 Robert Tank Dec 26, 2012 Coupeville, WA

Early in December, in the evening, there were overflights which were so loud that the structure of my house reverbrated. I received two telephone calls that I was unable to hear the words at the other end and I ultimately had to shout “Call back” into the telephone and hang up. Had I had occasion to call 911, it would have been impossible. My neighbor told me that her dog, which is deaf, went into a frenzy and started barking. I generally tolerate the noise reasonably well, but that one night was by far the worst ever and was intolerable.

#1116 William D Mitchell Dec 26, 2012 Magalia, CA

I have good friends that live in Coupeville on Whidbey Island, and these Growler planes are way too loud when they fly over their house. I’m sure that another landing site can be found for them.

#1117 John Stone 1, 2 Dec 26, 2012 Coupeville, WA

The field was surplussed in the Late 1970’s. It should be surplussed again!

#1119 GERALD ANDERSON 1, 2 Dec 26, 2012 Chevy Chase, MD


#1127 Janet L. Armstrong Dec 27, 2012 Freeland, WA

This area is used by numerous species of birds local and migrating and by many tourists and local resident people for peaceful recreation.

#1132 rufous herrick Dec 28, 2012 oakland, CA

i visited there once, it was lovely, yet have to wear earplugs! very bad for tourism!

#1138 Kristi Johnson 1, 2, Dec 29, 2012 bothell, WA

This is a miss use of Ebeys landing. It is a rural landing strip and not capable of handling these monstrous Growers.


Ken Pickard’s petition is a pretentious, ridiculous, attention-getting “shtick” and should be given as much serious consideration as headlines on local political blogs to “Dis-establish Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (NHR) on Central Whidbey Island”.

However, I surmise that Ken Pickard and signers of this over-the-top petition neither see how extreme their position is nor do they care. These folks are either intolerant progressive extremists and/or ignorant sheep being misled by a fanatical core which number well less than 50 people.

Also, ironically, Island Transit, located in an area that legitimately should be in an Accident Potential Zone off one end of NOLF Coupeville, is building a huge new administration building, bus transfer station / bus refueling depot. They are using tens of millions of federal dollars to do so, yet their director and others maintain that such a new facility constitutes zero encroachment upon NOLF Coupeville. See:  Island Transit Director claims Island Politics’ reporting of encroachment upon OLF Coupeville based on “misinformation”, “untruths”, and “falsehoods”

As reported by Josef A. Kunzler at, Rear Admiral Mark Rich, US Navy of Navy Region Northwest indicates that building a replacement NOLF would cost in the “ballpark”…about one BILLION dollars ($1,000,000,000.00).

The Whidbey News-Times followed the Whidbey Examiner’s piece with an article titled Online petition targets Outlying Field near Coupeville.


  1. Maybe someone should let Ken Pickard and his supporters in on a minor fact.

    From the petition:

    “located south of Coupeville, Central Whidbey, within The Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, a National Park.””

    The NOLF is not in Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, but for some reason I don’t think maps and boundaries mean anything to this select group of preservationists bent on remaking the Island into their own little playground.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the airfield that is now the NOLF has been there longer than since 1941. From what I understand that airfield and the one that was at the corner of HWY-20 and Monroe Landing Road (that is actually where the road got it’s name – from the airfield and barracks which were across the road from the Blue Fox) was active during WW1 and used by the Army Air Corp in support of Fort Casey and Fort Ebey. So, if you look at the fact that the military has been using small airfields on Whidbey Island since at least 1914 it just shows how far off base Mr Pickard is with his request.

    1. The first established farm on the island was 1898 the construction of the TRIANGLE OF FIRE began a few years before that. Built as a defense to protect all of puget sound. In other words this beautiful state park the CERS are so concerned about would not be, if the navy was not present. Go navy fly em low and loud love it or leave it.

  2. Fellas;

    Thanks for linking to me. I’ve linked back while I wait for the Whidbey News-Times to update their website with Saturday’s news stories. I was interviewed for it and look forward to said interview.

    BTW, serious question – what are my odds of a Growler Growl or a Prowler sighting if I head down to NOLF Coupeville early Monday afternoon? I think you kinda know why I’m asking this question and where I’ll be before then…

  3. Liberals…please leave this island. We have had it with your wasteful, whinning and spending on stupid things in this county. Get a clue, the military that strongly protects you today, was here way way before you were…so Sh#* the F*&K U^, Ken and your group, or leave….easy solution to your problem.
    (sorry if I hurt your feelings).
    Not really.

    1. I can’t in good conscience call them liberals. After all Australian Liberals wouldn’t act this way and most BCLiberals wouldn’t either.

      They’re progressives of the worst sort. You should see the epic rant just put up at – “Americans & Allies In Support of NAS Whidbey Island”.

      But yeah I would like one place full of aviation and jobs that’s relatively progressive-free at this rate. Sorry but after 2012 between the impending doom for Heritage Flight Museum/HFM up in Bellingham and the living hell I am seeing our NAS Whidbey sailors being boiled up in, my tolerance level has plummeted.

      As the fighter pilots say… OFF HOT!

      1. In fact, the feedback email I received from the folks running the web site at which the Ken Pickard petition is being hosted, and inviting me to create my own petition there said:

        “P.S. If you get at least 20 signatures on your petition within the next five days, we’ll email your petition to at least 1,000 other MoveOn members in your area! (Assuming of course that it’s consistent with MoveOn’s progressive values.)”

    2. Making the Navy adhere to its own instructions, OSHA regulations, and federal law is not “whinning” (sic) per se. I don’t count myself as a liberal, republican or democrat but as an American and a member of the armed forces, specifically, the US Navy. Yes, the Navy can and does protect but they are not “protecting” in this case, but practicing so they can protect other places (currently).

      The current (and nonexistent) AICUZ, APZ and flight path maps are not being utilized in the manner that the US Navy’s own regulations and instructions state that they should be.

      The cussing and name calling from both sides is not constructive in the least. Facts and figures should be presented from both sides, leaving the opinions and inferences for the kids.

      1. The US Navy is following the rules. There is no APZ in place because of the number of flights are below the threshold at the NOLF. The county could impose an APZ zone through their land use regulations regardless of Navy or DOT regulations however that may prove unpopular. The county does have an disclosure statement that discloses the AICUZ zone that all new building permittess and land purchasers are required to sign. I have talked to a few of the real estate agents in the Coupeville area and they insist that all homeowners sign the disclosure even if they are not in one of the listed AICUZ zones. It is up to the county to change their zoning to reflect the studies done by the Navy not the US Navy.

        In what regard do you believe the AICUZ, APZ and flight path maps are not being utilized correctly?

        1. The Navy has operational guidelines (instructions) which define the flight hours (2200), the altitude at which operations are performed, turn patterns, etc. This data has been provided by others on various forums, at city council meetings, and by me on the News Times forums several times. I spent the last week addressing several inconsistencies in a number of the posts I found on various articles in the News Times. In the past virtually all of my posts were removed from the forum. Since the unfortunate incident last year where a citizen’s safety was threatened due to her comments in opposition to the Navy’s operations I have taken the precaution of backing up all of my posts to the News Times forum on my Facebook (Facebook being the method the News Times started using to control such events). All of my comments from this past week with references and facts have since been deleted from the News Times forum, which is of course, their choice as a private organization…but seems quite disingenuous. Thank you for your interest.

          1. Simply providing a statement that says “The Navy has operational guidelines (instructions)…” does not begin to answer the question “In what regard do you believe the AICUZ, APZ and flight path maps are not being utilized correctly?”

            “…the unfortunate incident last year”…was the WNT censorship of people’s comments, but whether or not someone’s safety was actually threatened is rather debatable, since no action was taken by the sheriff in response to those alleged threats of safety.

            1. Yes, but largely ignored by or unbeknown to the public was that four Navy personnel had a minimum of a “talking to” for posting “inappropriate” comments against a private citizen. Inaction by the sheriff’s department is hardly a measure of action taken.

              This isn’t a legal forum. I don’t need to provide evidence. We all know which instructions I am referring to.

              Here is a perfect depiction of the map inaccuracies I am referring to:

              1. A “talking to” for posting something somebody thought was “inappropriate”…gee, sounds utterly serious.

                “We all know which instructions I am referring to.”

                Yes, and, again, all you have said is that these instructions exist, but, again, simply claiming that such instructions are not being followed is not evidence of anything: be this a “legal forum”, or not.

  4. Is there any reason we can’t put up a petition to keep the OLF in use as it currently is? Or even ask for more jets and squadrons to be moved to Whidbey? Can we not say we support the use of OLF and NAS. Just wondering because nobody has done so yet.

      1. Have a look at the concept I penned for Kathleen here. I might suggest we consider using a venue other than Facebook (e.g. like the one the agitators are using about Ebey’s Reserve).

    1. You’re the second person to suggest doing that today to me.

      I suppose the thing to do beforehand would be to come up with a good “Petition Statement” and “Petition Background”.

      The Petition Statement about which this article is written says:


      The Petition Background about which this article is written says says:

      “The U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, North Whidbey, is updating its aircraft to the monstrous F-18 Growlers. SHOCK AND AWE is an understatement when one flies overhead. We are trying to stop military carrier landing exercises on a small WW II emergency landing airstrip located south of Coupeville, Central Whidbey, within The Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, a National Park.”

      How about something like:



      Petition Background:
      The U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, WA is currently modernizing its fleet of aircraft from the EA-6B Prowler to the EA-18G Growler and from the P-3C Orion to the P-8A Poseidon. The Army Air Corps first started training aviators on Whidbey Island using multiple military landing strips at least as long ago as 1914. The US Navy has continued that tradition since first establishing its naval air station facilities here in 1941. We fully recognize and support the fact that both of the NASWI’s two primary airfields on Whidbey Island, Ault Field and NOLF Coupeville, are integral to the NASWI’s CONTINUED successful mission accomplishment on Whidbey Island, Washington.

      Thoughts? Suggestions?

      I am not sure we can get 1,000 signatures in a week, but I am betting that over time we can LIKELY get more than the “Ken Pickard” crowd if we have a good statement and advertise the petition via various pro-Navy local venues.

      Some people would like to bet that another round of BRAC will simply never happen, or that, iF it does, they would like to believe that NASWI would be immune from that activity / event. I am not one of the people who believe either of those things.

        1. I’ll take that as a “thumbs up” for the suggested wording. Thanks. :-)

          Apparently it would need a title….maybe something similar to the opposition….”Citizens Group To Support US Navy Operations and Training on Whidbey Island, WA”.

          1. Perhaps our local fish wrapper (WNT) will publish the website of your proposed petition like they did Pickard’s. Of course I won’t be holding my breath since Sound Publishing censors and eliminates all links to www.

            1. Perhaps I should be doing all future, er, outreach w/ WNT so at least one short website address is published. I old school liberally link here!

              Speaking of links, I am waiting with a most “not impressed” face for the video of my sortie yesterday at Island County Commissioners.

              1. You are free to do as much outreach as you like concerning, but if you start mentioning it at their Facebook forum….it will likely somehow threaten them just we somehow threaten them.

      1. I would add as well that the EA-18G Growler is more capable and has the same general volume according to a 10/2012 noise assessment.

        Would add also that the P-8A Poseidon has noise-reducing CFM56-7B turbofans. The same engines used to cut the noise output of the KC-135 tanker and used by 737s to comply with *international* noise regulations.

        One last thing – one of the reasons why was started because of the fear of a BRAC and what it can do to a community. I’ve read the LEXIS-NEXIS reports of what happened in the 1990s and the precursors. The last thing we need is to go through that again.

      2. The only suggestion that I have is that you may want to look into address verification for the petition to ensure that only people in the area can sign the petition.

        The petitions take signatures from those that have no vested interest and no standing in the noise complaints and come from all over the world. Signatures from Atlanta Georgia, The Netherlands, Bellevue, Los Angeles and Hawaii do not give any petition validity on a local subject. I am not aware of any online petition that currently does address verification.

        The petition that Mr Pickard is using is worthless because it allows for anyone to sign, even those in foreign countries and there is no verification process to ensure the signers are not the same person. I have many e mail addresses that I can use to sign these petitions in different names and that along with the fact that many of those signing are not even in the county, State or Country the petition pertains to.

        My suggestion would be to start a real petition using real signatures of real people instead of an online petition. The online petitions are too easily gamed and are practically worthless except to show you have support of those out of our area for a local cause.

        Oh look! Hugo Chavez actually signed Ken Pickards petition:

        That just shows you how worthless the petition site actually is….this signature was accepted without a valid e mail address and even though I am impersonating someone else who is actually the President of Venezuela…and it accepts multiple signings from the same person. I guess has never heard of cookies….

        It almost makes you want to laugh….oooh look! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just signed the petition also! And Kim Il-sung! He just signed from the grave! It looks like they are all supporting Ken Pickard and his group!

        I wonder who else will mystically appear from the dead to sign Pickards petition?

        1. Apparently, they have started filtering out the “dead guys” and other folks whose names they do not want, entirely.

          However, they still accept people from other states and from other countries, along with numerous folks who live not anywhere near Whidbey Island.

          Many of the comments made by petition signers, which I recorded above, are simply unbelievable at face value and/or indicate that the people signing simply have no clue about the relevant facts of the issue.

        2. There is no verification of anything on the move-on petitions, and whoever starts one can eliminate or add signatures anytime.

          That is not the way legal petitions work. My dog could start a petition and get a reaction.

          1. And I betcha your dog could do a better job than Mr. Pickard. At least your dog has common sense and doesn’t lie….

          2. And I betcha your dog could do a better job than Mr. Pickard. At least your dog has common sense and doesn’t lie….

        1. I never actually made such a petition for folks to sign, but I do appreciate that people think it’s a better idea than the silly Pickard petition. ;-)

  5. Apparently anyone can sign the petition and write anything they want – even disagreement.

    Encourage everyone you know to sign the petition – but instead of supporting it, write support for our US military.

    1. Interesting idea, but I suggest FIRST investigating whether or not comments are 100% guaranteed to be sent along with the signatures in all cases and at all times. Otherwise, your signature could very simply be added to “the mix” and used without the comments.

      The half-truth that you actually SIGNED the petition (even though you opposed it when doing so) could be used against you by doing so.

      For example: “Here are X number of names of all the signatures of all the people who signed this petition.”

      Make sense? Ken Pickard is an attorney. Need any further evidence that he knows how to spin facts and half-truths to his advantage?

        1. Just as I suspected he would do, Ken Pickard is apparently deleting some comments made at his petition site – comments that he does not like – but he is keeping the names of those people as allegedly legitimate “signers”.

          “BillB”, for example, is still there this morning, but my comment, which made it perfectly clear that I was signing only IN PROTEST of that petition, is now gone.

          #926 BillB Dec 9, 2012 Oak Harbor, WA

          1. Well “BillB” the fact 90 minutes later a certain Skagitonian named JOE went full burner on HPJ to the point Commish Emerson’s call dropped will only mean more comments being deleted…

  6. The below is an email I received after signing a petition at It provides some insight as to how this group operates. Emphasis and or italics added below is mine.

    “Dear MoveOn member,

    The election is finally over. President Obama was re-elected and Democrats gained seats in the U.S. House and Senate. And in Washington, Jay Inslee was elected governor.

    Now it’s time for our elected officials to actually get some things done, and it’s up to you to let you them know what issues you think they should prioritize first.

    Maybe there’s an important law that needs to be passed, or some key problem in Washington that isn’t getting attention at all. You can make your voice heard by starting your own petition on MoveOn’s petition site,, and sharing it with your friends.

    Click here to start your own petition on right now.

    Thanks for all you do.

    –Steven, Carrie, Ilya, Laura, and the rest of the MoveOn team

    P.S. If you get at least 20 signatures on your petition within the next five days, we’ll email your petition to at least 1,000 other MoveOn members in your area! (Assuming of course that it’s consistent with MoveOn’s progressive values.)

    Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.”

  7. I have read most of all that you “diggers” have uncovered about Ken Pickard’s petition and the possibility of it and those signing it becoming pawns of George Soros and his clan

    It leads me to one conclusion i.e.,
    We should do everything we can to help Pickard and his supporters get 10,000 or more signatures just like those they have collected to date

    The sooner the better and then as Pickard said,
    “… delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama”

    By doing so will expose the kind of idiots that are continually ranting about NASW.
    They totally lack any credibility and are not worthy of a minute of any respectful consideration of their petition and the people signing it

    Those receiving the petition have more important responsibilities in leading and protecting our great nation

    Their time and the actions of our military forces are too valuable to be wasted on such frivolous matters

    1. The best thing this petition is doing is helping us identify and create a database / record of the most vocal, progressive agitators against the US Navy here, by name and location. Ken Pickard’s on-line petition is like a virtual honeypot to these folks.

  8. Joe, I watched the Monday Commissioners meeting video and was very impressed with your comments

    I especially enjoyed the look on HPJ’s face as you moved thru your list of points; especially the fact that she allowed you to complete your message

    You made the others making comments look like factless amatures

    1. Thanks much. Most signees of Pickard’s Petition ARE factless amateurs who need to get off their butts and do their homework. Part of that homework is getting costing of a new NOLF.

  9. Above, in this posting, I characterized Ken Pickard’s petition as a “pretentious, ridiculous, attention-getting “shtick”” and I suggested that it’s premise was as ridiculous as the attention-getting headline that I had purposely chosen for this piece (which I also said was not to be taken seriously).

    Today, the WNT (i.e. Justin Burnett) published an article titled Officials respond to OLF petition, meeting planned.

    In my estimation, the WNT reporter’s article said pretty much the same thing about Pickard’s petition as I did one week earlier, and Justin got folks like US Congressman Rick Larsen (D) to chime in, too.

    FYI..Justin called me on Thursday evening. After having read this Island Politics’ article and the comments made here earlier this week, Justin wanted to know whether or not we had started a petition “to save NOLF Coupeville”.

    Of course, if one were seeking to “save” someone or something, that person or thing would have to be in danger of perishing (i.e. of needing saving).

    The concept of the petition that I drafted (above, in the comments’ section) was, of course, NOT a “save NOLF Coupeville” idea: it was “pro-NAS Whidbey Island”.

    Congressman Larsen will apparently be joining Island County Commissioner Helen Price-Johnson (and others) at the meeting referred to in that WNT article.

    Ironically, while the WNT reports Larsen to have said “There are many other bases around the country that are dealing with much tougher encroachment issues”, both Larsen and Price-Jonson have together CELEBRATED encroachment upon the NOLF Coupeville when they broke ground on Island Transit’s new MEGA-Complex now being built in what SHOULD be an APZ1 near that airfield. See WNT LTE: “Island Transit facility wrongly placed” and also “Island Transit Director claims Island Politics’ reporting of encroachment upon OLF Coupeville based on “misinformation”, “untruths”, and “falsehoods”

  10. Tonight I decided to do some research…

    See I’ve thought of Smith Island as a solution too.

    Small problem – it’s way too short without thousands of tons of landfill to make the likes of Tim Verschuyl happy. Perhaps that’s where we’ll be spending a BILLION to solve this problem.

    Methinks two NAUTICAL miles – and I think it’s blatantly obvious why I said NAUTICAL – around Coupeville OLF should be bought out.

    1. There are more problems with the idea of using Smith Island than just its size. It would be unfeasible to provide a crash crew at such a remote location each time the field was operating. Also, getting Landing Signal Officers (LSOs) on-site to evaluate / grade each FLCP landing would be problematic.

      Perhaps even more controversial would be the fact the Smith and Minor Islands were designated an aquatic reserve in 2010:

      1. Yup, just as I feared the WEANies would pitch a you-know-what over that. Plus of course the ferry that would have to be able to run whenever the Island was needed.

        I have a better idea – just put these agitators on notice that if they sue, the federal government will eminent domain two NAUTICAL miles of landspace around the NOLF.

  11. As part of OPERATION TANK’S POSEIDON which is the cyberspace surveillance of Island County Commissioners’ hearings against progressive agitators, you can hear Jerome Rosen talk about outbound Commish Homola’s service and her gag bipartisan award:


    I’m relieved Commish-elect Jill Johnson is not going to be a boo-bird when Growlers fly overhead to kick-off Island County Commissioner meetings…

    1. Pssht…$Billion dollars…chyah, right

      The Cherry Point/Oceana OLF construction from nuts to bolts was authorized just over $200 million vis-a-vis the 2007 authorization extension to the 2004 budget.

      The base CO hasn’t worked much with appropriations before, so I can excuse his minor error.

      As a scare tactic used by the “The Government Can Do Anything They Want Regardless” community it’s baseless…as usual.


  12. I take all my friends and family to Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. The last time I went for a walk there, I took a friend from out of town during the middle of the day. We were enjoying the hike, the water, the trees and of course the weather. The planes were flying over head and were so loud I could not hear myself think nor enjoy the quiet my friend and I so desired. It lasted over an hour. It was hard to feel serenity and I wondered how people living so near could cope with the booming noise. I also wondered how the birds, pets and other wildlife managed with the intrusive noise. I’m sure it creates major stress on everyone. I’m a vet, US Army medic, 97th General Hospital, 1973-1975. I believe solutions are possible when everyone comes to the table. We are the people of the United States of America living on Whidbey Island and your actions are harming the community and environment. There is a better way!

    1. While you were hiking on Ebeys Reserve which was established in 1978 to preserve the historic essence of the area did you realize that you are in an area that had had a military presence since 1897? To the South you have Fort Casey established in 1897, to the North you have Fort Ebey established in 1942 and to the East you have the Navy outlying field established in approximately 1947? These facilities are within 3 miles of the reserve and outdate the reserve by over 80 years?

      I understand that the airplanes are noisey and loud but historically that is what we have had here on Whidbey and specifically at the NOLF in Coupeville since 1967.

      While your visit to Ebeys Reserve was disturbed for an hour by the noise created by the practice landings of carrier aircraft do you understand the importance of this training to our Naval Aviators?

      Ebeys Landing Historical Reserve was created to preserve a working landcape not lock away resources from use. As with the tractors that work the fields in the reserve the military has and continues to be a part of that landscpe.

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