Innovation in Island County Recycling

Packages waiting to be shipped to service centers using the innovative Mail-In Garbage Service in Island County.

Incredible innovation, brought about by new legislation passed by Island County Commissioners Angie Homola and Helen Price Johnson, has propelled Whidbey residents to a whole new level of recycling. A new program was unveiled yesterday by a local environmental group that streamlines mandatory recycling efforts, and simultaneously reduces the carbon footprint. The new “Mail-In Garbage Service” is now available for immediate

use by Whidbey residents that are upset with the current mandatory curbside recycling program. Recent studies have shown that in some cases it is actually cheaper to mail your garbage to a processing facility than using existing methods of disposal. Simply seal your garbage in a leak proof bag then place the bag in a box, and mail your package to one of the following Mail-In Garbage Processing centers located around Island County. Here is a list of Mail-In Garbage facilities:

Angie Homola Recycling Services
2362 Happy Lane

HP Johnson Waste Management
6695 Cliffordsville Road

Gary Piazzon Trash Compacting Center
1016 Pennington Loop

Cathy d’Almeida Slash the Trash Center
764 Cathedral Drive

Kimberly Hallahan Hooray Recycle Me Now Service
1258 Crescent Drive

WEANie Recycler Extraordinaire Waste Disposal
6796 Neely Road

Other locations opening soon:

Bob Walters One Man’s Treasure Center

Lynne Evans Recycling Emporium

Maribeth Crandell Sustainable Do-Gooder Services of Island County

Mail-In Garbage Services LLC would like to remind everyone that should you choose to utilize the service, certain restrictions do apply when mailing items via the U.S. Postal Service or other service provider like UPS or FedEx.


  1. Are there any plans to add Jill Johnson and Kelly Emerson to this list at a near future date (i.e. after Jill takes office, and depending on whether or not she and Kelly reverse the plan for this new recycling program)?

      1. Why would that be fair? Why should Jill Johnson and Kelly Emerson be responsible for the foolish acts of the “Helen and Angie Show”?

        They cannot undo all of the harm caused by those two. To hold them responsible is wrong.

        1. John, what you say is true however, there are some things they can turn around. The option to include them on the mailing list would only go into effect if they were to continue to pander to Whidbey’s environmental whackos. Not saying they would. I personally look forward to seeing Jill and Kelly working together in the years ahead. I wish them success.

          1. “I personally look forward to seeing Jill and Kelly working together in the years ahead. I wish them success.”

            Ken, Don’t hold your breath on Jill’s “working together in the years ahead”

            If today’s workshop performance by Jill is an indication of what’s to come we are getting Angie all over again +2.

            HPJ stacked the room with her fans and Jill acted just like Homalone; she was a perfect puppet for HPJ and her special interest fan club for “stop OLF noise”

            If this continues Jill will have conned all of us with her promises to be a voice of reason claiming she would think and act on what SHE BELIEVES is best; not just supporting what’s not controversial
            Did we get a three dollar bill?

            Jill, the shill, also voted with HPJ to reelect HPJ Chair of the Board of Commissioners again or as Yogi Berra would say “It ain’t over till it’s over…this is like deja vu all over again.” she was very clever in her efforts to dissemble her incompetence as County Commissioner.

            I can’t wait to see if she does a repeat performance in Monday’s Commissionners meeting
            Maybe we should all go there and let her show us what she claimed she would do as Commissioner or if again she lets us down

            We don’t deserve another Caspar Milquetoast, compulsive/pathological liar or a sociopath type Commissioner, do we ????

            “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions…
            …Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful, good society’ which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean: more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.” …Marcus Tullius Cicero
            Forget Jill, I think that gem from Marcus Tullius Cicero better fits Obama;
            At her first meeting as our Commissioner all Jill showed is that she is just a wannabe amature contender… lacking integrity, chutzpah, and making decisions without facts …

  2. Is the usage being tracked on this program? I’d LOVE to see the stats on the effectiveness of this idiotic program. How many individuals are going to pay postage to ship their garbage to these businesses? The percentage of Island County overall participation will be zip.

    1. Charlona Sawyer you obviously do not get it! Perhaps you should get one of your friends to explain it to you.

      1. On no…I think she gets it alright.

        The point made is that our Commissioners in the past have actually made just as stupid additions to the county code as the faux recycling plan you have created as an example. Citizens on reading what the county is currently planning for us, the poor citizens, might as well include shipping their recyclables VIA the US mail….that is just as believable as the actual County Code…

        1. Canceling your garbage pickup service, and mailing your “stuff” to those responsible for this new law provides clear feedback from those opposed to the stupidity of the environmental whackos of Island County (the 1%) pushing their agenda upon the masses (the 99%). Here’s the latest editorial in the South Whidbey fishwrapper:

          1. I will certainly be cancelling my service. In my case I not only would lose the $11.00 I would also lose an almost equal amount if I used their service because I would not be receiving the recycling money I currently receive. The local recycler I currently use is also more than likely going to lose a substanial amount of money from recyclables that currently go to them causing a loss of income and possible jobs…it is a lose lose situation for us all except for waste management.

            1. Cliff, you are going to one of the few that will actually execute anything beyond crying about it. That is one thing that works in favor of the whackos. There is a big difference between threatening to cancel your service and simply crying about it than ACTUALLY cancelling your service and telling the whackos responsible how mad you are. There is too much crying and not enough people DOING something about it. Even if you had the ability to email your garbage to a facility, people still wouldn’t do anything except cry. Hence, the whackos win every time.
              On a similar note, business opportunities do exist. Case in point, this idea forwarded to me via email: This is a wonderful idea but consider this as a business opportunity. All it
              would need is a small fleet of pickup trucks to contract with private subscribers to pick up all their trash and bring it to a dump or Island Recycling in Freeland. I wonder what Island Disposal would think about that.
              In honor of the following environmental whackos:

              Angie Homola, Whacko-in-Chief
              Helen Price Johnson, Angie Homola’s assistant

              Gary Piazzon who thinks his feet (carbon footprint) are too big, and as a result thinks everyone else needs smaller shoes.

              Marianne Edain, WEANie whacko and recycler extraordinaire

              Lyanne Evans, who thinks that just because the Lemmings in Whatcom County are jumping off the cliff Island County residents, should do it too.

              Kimberly Hallahan who gets so excited about recycling, she pees her panties Hooray!

              Maribeth Crandell, the Sustainable Do-gooders do-gooder

              Bob Walters, “We’ve been doing this for years,” and want everyone else to suffer too.

              Cathy d’Almeida, Angie Homola’s sidekick, and together took first place in Cookin-in-the-Kettles Mountain bike race.

  3. Let’s also add in honour of the Fifth Column:

    Paula Spina, Czar of Buying Property Unseen
    Crockett Farm, LLC
    P.O. Box 250
    Coupeville, WA 98239-0250

    Garrett Newkook, Czar of Progressive Agitation & Honourary Sir Jim Harbaugh of Island County
    170 West Frostside Road
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277

    Windy Campbell DeWinter, Czar of Booing Naval Aviation Via Proxy
    735 Bayfront Lane
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277

    Becky Spraitzar, Czar of Nonsensical Arguments Against NASWI and Honourary MRS. Jim Harbaugh of Island County
    37353 State Route 20
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277

    My source for these addresses is . If I had PO Boxes, I would recommend those instead any day of the week.

    My address to send ME EA-18G Growler gear is…

    Joe A. Kunzler, Czar of the Growler
    826 Metcalf, PMB 85
    Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
    United States of America

    1. Joe, adding them to the “list” is a great idea! After some thought I decided to mail them each a set of my “used” ear plugs.

      1. Ken Wolf…I do not neede your used earplugs…I have a large supply of virgin earplugs to draw from…after all…I have been in this location since 1975.

        1. Becky Spraitzar, NAS Whidbey Island was commissioned on 21 September 1942. You decided to squat next to an active airport in 1975. A-6 aircraft were plentiful back then, and they too were very noisy. There is no simpathy for you or anyone else who decides to homestead next to an airport so expect a sock in the mail. In other words, put a sock in it and live with it, or MOVE!

          1. Ken Wolf…I will repeat what I have said to others on this site and in the comment threads on the Whidbey Newstimes….the noise is my friend. My beef is with the County. I am a Navy supporter. If you will check with the Navy you will find that they do not have me listed as a crackpot or chronic complainer.
            I highly recommend that you do not send me anything.

            1. Several of you comments in this link suggest otherwise:

              You claim your beef is with the county yet the topic of discussion is NOISE from NAS Whidbey. This video feed does not lie, and it is contrary to what you claim.

              “There is NO simpathy for YOU or ANYONE ELSE who decides to homestead next to an airport” If YOU or ANYONE ELSE does not like living next to an airport MOVE! Your sock is in the mail.

              1. It does appear that what Ken states is true. For someone who claims the noise is her friend it is a little more than interesting to hear her encouraging the commissioners to go online and read Ken Pickards petition and comments…and just before that complain of the flight pattern at NAS Whidbey.

                I guess she could be a Navy supporter and still complain about the noise and the flight pattern hoping that the Navy will turn NAS Whidbey into a dirigible base some day :)

              2. Ken Wolf…FYI….the topic of this thread is Mandatory Curbside Recycling.
                If you want to argue about noise…please call me and we can set up a discussion addressing your noise concerns…I know you have my number as you called me to support Kelly Emerson in her run for commissioner…which I did.
                I am beginning to become concerned that the water you are drinking is having a negative effect on you.

                1. Becky Spraitzer, 1. mailing my “used” earplugs and old socks to you is in keeping with the original topic of recycling. Obviously, you need these items since you were seen at an Island County commissioners meeting complaining about the jet NOISE from NAS Whidbey Island therefore, you can put the items to good use.

                  2. No need to call you. My assessment of the current situation can be accurately described in the following:

                  Farmer Brown came to Whidbey Island in 1942 and set up a large dairy operation. He had thousands of acres of farmland, and several hundred head of dairy cattle.

                  Several years go by and slowly Farmer Brown’s farm was surrounded by city slickers who visited Whidbey, and liked it so much they decided to buy plots of land so they too could enjoy “country” living.

                  Soon however, the city slickers began complaining of the smell associated with Farmer Brown’s dairy operation. Then one day a group of city slickers got together and went crying to the county government. They complained about the smell, the noise of the bellowing cows, and the clank of farm machinery in the field.

                  The wise county officials responded: This is farm country. If you don’t like the smells and the noise associated with dairy farming then go back to the city. Farmer Brown is not the problem and he is here to stay.

                  3. No need to be concerned about the water. Twenty years of drinking water from a deep well while living directly under the flight path of OLF operations does not alter my position:

                  There is NO simpathy for YOU or ANYONE ELSE who decides to homestead next to an airport”

                  1. Ken Wolf….keep your garbage under your control…the earplugs are not recyclable….if the sock is white cotton I can use it for a rag.
                    Meanwhile you must understand that by keeping my property as undeveloped farmland I am protecting the Navy base from encroachment and providing them with training exercises for their helicopters as the do night time herding of my cows in their own privately owned pasture…not to mention paying taxes on land that the county assesses as property capable of high density development (which is not true).
                    I repeat…my issues are with the county…the county codes are out of date and in sore need of re-evaluation and improvement.

                    1. Becky Spraitzer, pinpoint the exact moment in your sermon before the Island County commissioners meeting (referenced several times now and once more below) where you mention anything about “the county codes are out of date and in sore need of re-evaluation and improvement.”

                      I repeat: You claim your beef is with the county yet the topic of discussion is NOISE from NAS Whidbey. This video feed does not lie, and it is contrary to what you claim.


                      “There is NO simpathy for YOU or ANYONE ELSE who decides to homestead next to an airport” If YOU or ANYONE ELSE does not like living next to an airport MOVE!”

                    2. Ken Wolf…you are protesting one sound bite…please go back to the Island County website and research all my previous comments to the BOICC…the only thing the County Commissioners can actually do anything is through the county codes.

                    3. Becky Spraitzer, the one sound bite is the only topic of discussion, other than mandatory recycling, brought forth by Joe A Kunzler. Now you expect me to go back to the Island County website and research all your other previous comments regarding a completely different topic altogether? That is not going to happen simply because that adds a third topic on top of the original discussion, mandatory curbside recycling, and Joe A Kunzler’s secondary topic of anti-Navy agitators complaining about NOISE from NAS Whidbey.

                      However, I will admit that I am curious enough to research as to “the what” as in “what is the problem that is to be resolved by the Island County commissioners and ICC.”

                      The above statement is in reference to: “…the only thing the County Commissioners can actually do anything is through the county codes,” and a previous statemnt you made, ” my issues are with the county…the county codes are out of date and in sore need of re-evaluation and improvement.”

                      That topic of discussion is for another day.

                  2. Please note….my small farm was established in the 1800’s and I am not looking for sympathy…I enjoy watching the Navy aircraft and enjoy the protection from encroachment that the Navy provides. I am very happy with the lifestyle I am blessed to live here.

    2. In the interest of truth and honesty I find it necessary to protest the inclusion of my name and address on this hit list complements of Joe A. Kunzler. First off…I am not and have not been in favor of forced recycling and for the record…I am cancelling my garbage pickup service because of it. I take all my recycling to the Navy base as I am a proud Navy dependent. Mr. Kunzler has obviously misunderstood who I am. My issue has been with the County concerning property rights not the Navy. There are things the County needs to do to help us live with the Navy presence here. Mr. Kunzler needs to understand that I enjoy a good airshow just as much as he does. Mr. Kunzler also needs to understand that there are consequences for initiating undeserved attacks on people.

      1. Becky;
        I’ve had it with you marching down to the Island County Commission and generating fear over the Poseidons. They are *replacement* aircraft for the Orions, nothing more, nothing less.
        Thank you.

        1. Let us stay on topic Joe A. Kunzler. The topic here is forced recycling. I would be more than happy to sit down with you and have a civil conversation. Perhaps your attitude towards me would change. You are judging me on soundbites.

          1. Fair enough.

            But I heard you give your cute little speech and I don’t appreciate it: – link is to when you started

            The Navy is doing what they can and frankly lady, I’m tired of all this grousing from you about ME but ZERO about Garrett Newkirk, Paula Spina, Caralyn Haglund, etcetera, etcetera. When you stand up to THEM, I will respect you 1,001 times more.

            One last thing – because I’m such a nice guy I’m also sticking MY neck out there. It’s called civic courage. Well was put by Justice Antonin Scalia, “Requiring people to stand up in public for their political acts fosters civic courage, without which democracy is doomed. For my part, I do not look forward to a society which, thanks to the Supreme Court, campaigns anonymously and even exercises the direct democracy of initiative and referendum hidden from public scrutiny and protected from the accountability of criticism.”

            1. Joe, your are the one attacking me….I have yet to be attacked publicly by the people you mention. Let me repeat myself…my beef is with the County…just like this whole mandatory curbside recycling issue. Please consider an in person chat with me I believe you will find that we have a lot in common…just not our methods in some cases.

              1. I will give it some thought.

                Enjoy 2013… and yeah, you’ve given me a few attacks. Which is part of ze deal.

                I will as a gent promise you this: When I head down to Coupeville later this month to clean up the fears about the Poseidons, I will ask my fellow Republicans on the public record to quash the recycle program – nobody really wants it and I expect Republicans to be responsive to the voters.

  4. I hear that the above mentioned recycling centers might have a drop-off service also. Just be sure to keep your speed down around the West Beach area.

    1. Jason, the drive-by “Dash-in-dash-out” night time drop off service is available at these locations, and yes do stay within the posted speed limit.

  5. Add us to the list of *NOT* interested in any forced recycling program that we cannot opt-out from. As seniors on a fixed income we are unable and unwilling to pay $11 a month extra for some purported “service” that we’re unable to use. No room inside the house for any extra bins. Outside our living quarters — we live in rural south Whidbey, so any recyclable containers will attract vermin, which we have plenty of already. Yes, bleeding heart liberals, we have vermin galore on the south island. Ya think two senior citizens are going to walk to the outside of the house and put recyclables into a covered receptacle? Not when we must brave cold, wind, rain, snow, hail ….. you get the picture?

    Now, if the new commish and Mrs. Emerson don’t vote to reverse this nonsense immediately, I can assure you it will be their last service in office because we’ll oust them out next election.

      1. Funny video, thanks! But now I’m off my feed for a few days because of it. Heh.

        Duh Hubs already sends our two DC senators gifts of a similar, yet non-disposable, nature. Used fluorescent lights recycling, anyone?? No takers? Hmmm, how odd.

        In that case, since our feds have decided curly-cue-fries lighting is de rigeur, when the lights burn out, and they do very early in their little lives, take thee to the nearest delivery service of your choice. Let our wonderful senators have their “handlers” dispose that which they’ve foisted on the little people.

        1. CDJ, Hey thanks for sharing! Now I know what to do with bulbs too! Up till now I was planting them in the ground and hoping for a new crop of bulbs each planting season. Haven’t had a harvest yet. Maybe those D.C. farmers will have better luck.

              1. I was going to try and graft a piece of a Chevy Volt and a Nissan Leaf to that same current bush. Then next spring I will have bulbs, leafs and volts growing from my current bush….Groan….

                Hey…as long as you are dreaming you may as well dream big right?

        2. Just wanted to give a shout out to the one who provided the new addresses, although I am just wondering if they are the HOME address of these idiots….I ask this question because I always need a return address when I ship the Curly Cue Fluorescent Light bulbs to our dear MORON Senators. I have new return addresses to use now…YEA….UPS ships anywhere and is cheaper than following the guidelines of disposal…Feel free to do the same for anyone who would like too, for example, here is ATTN: Patty Murray
          Use any of these addresses to spead the wealth of recycling.

          Seattle Bellevue Everett Tacoma
          2988 Jackson Federal Building
          915 2nd Avenue
          Seattle, Washington 98174
          Phone: (206) 553-5545
          Toll Free: (866) 481-9186
          Fax: (206) 553-0891
          1611 116th Ave. NE, Ste. 214
          Bellevue, WA 98004
          Phone: (425) 462-4460
          Fax: (425) 462-4436
          2930 Wetmore Avenue, Ste. 903
          Everett, Washington 98201
          Phone: (425) 259-6515
          Fax: (425) 259-7152
          950 Pacific Avenue, Ste. 650
          Tacoma, Washington 98402
          Phone: (253) 572-3636
          Fax: (253) 572-9488

          1. Yes, Duh Hubs … the address for HPJ is certainly correct. I might add that I drive Deer Lake Road frequently and have for 20 years. Never ever have I seen an Island Disposal truck going in or out of Cliffordsville Road, never seen one of their trucks parked in close proximity to that road, never seen garbage cans adjacent to the entrance of Cliffordsville. Only thing I’ve ever seen there are HPJ campaign signs which are, in and of themselves, crappy enough.

  6. Hey everyone,

    I’ve checked the agendas through December for Island County Commissioners’ meetings but I don’t find any information about the passage of this mandatory recycling and outrageous fees per month. Does anyone have a link they can provide? I also looked up on Jigsaw (business information site) the District Manager for Waste Connections, Kent (not Ken as the local fishwrap-of-record claimed) Kovalenko. Evidently he is based in Port Angeles:

    Kent Kovalenko
    District Manager
    +1.360.452.7278 x307
    Waste Connections, Inc.
    2058 W Edgewood Dr
    Port Angeles, WA 98363-9572

    I do plan to send e-mails or letters to the three commissioners as well as Waste Connections and Island Disposal. If anyone has specific names and addresses for Island Disposal (unable to locate them on Jigsaw) I’d appreciate full disclosure!

  7. I believe Curbside recycling is a good thing as you have some people that do not have vehicles and can’t get their recycling inn. Not sure why this is a big deal we are the third dense populated county in the state.

    We should all recycle remember this the only planet to live on we have no were else to go. Have you watch the movie walle and remember that is a animated film and we don’t have spaceships to live on is that what you want to happen to this planet.

    1. First of all, we’re the 5th most densely populated county, not 3rd.

      Second, I just love people who don’t read earlier posts where we explain why some of us don’t appreciate this being foisted upon us as a mandatory program that we can’t opt out from. Plus we would have the privilege of paying too much per month for this extra “service.” My household already does recycle paper goods that aren’t food-related as well as yard trimmings when we have any.

      Third, I adore big-nanny-government types who not only tell us what “we” should do — it’s for our own good of course — but then quote a cartoon movie to attempt to enhance their argument for further control of our daily lives.

      Please read my first post about why some of us in rural south Whidbey won’t participate. It’s a good thing you aren’t deciding such things for us, considering you think this isn’t a “big deal.”

      Would a rational person agree — the first rule of government should be to do no harm? If in doubt, our officials should do nothing. Alas, the whining seems to always be “fix it, do something, pass another law!”

      This isn’t over yet by any means.

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