Island County Commissioners to Reduce Public Meetings

During the Island County workshop on Wednesday, Island County Commissioners unveiled a draft ordinance designed to reduce the number of public meetings by 50 percent. In the name of “efficiency and streamlining of duties,” Island County Commissioners would like to “encourage citizen participation, and hopes to be able to accomplish that through enhancement and consistency of the regularly scheduled evening meeting.”

Under the draft resolution “citizen participation” is now limited to the second Monday of the month beginning at 10:00 a.m. and the fourth Monday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m. Interestingly enough this measure would definitely increase “efficiency” since half of the “Dog and Pony Shows” and the “Looney Left Pep Rallies are eliminated. Unfortunately, this measure falls short of “encouraging citizen participation.” Accomplishing that task would require more evening meetings, and that is not part of the “hidden” agenda.

What hidden agenda? Envision future public meetings, especially the evening meeting dominated by the “stacked deck” of Looney Left fanatics, Environmental Whackos, and anti-Navy agitators witnessed during Wednesday’s workshop.  That is a common tactic used by those groups because it effectively silences everyone else. Queen Helen did a nice job rallying her “fans” to attend Wednesday’s workshop. The “shock and awe” moment was so effective that newly elected commissioner Jill Johnson succumbed to the anti-Navy agitators, and blindly, by default, granted everything Queen Helen wanted, including the Chairman of the Board seat.

What is so blatantly obvious to those paying attention to Island Politics is that this was a carefully orchestrated event sponsored by Queen Helen, and her Progressive Democratic Socialists which occurred on a WEDNESDAY workshop where public input is not allowed instead of a Monday public meeting where “citizen participation” is “encouraged.” Therefore, this new resolution is worthless to the electorate at large.

See the draft resolution on pages 4 and 5 on the following link:

Now we know what Jill Johnson means when she said, “It’s time we change the tone of leadership from confrontational and accusatory, to trusting and collaborative…where the best ideas and solutions rise to the top, and citizens know that when they speak they will be respected and heard.” Did the electorate get conned, and elect a Looney Left clone?

Queen Helen has a new finger puppet, or is it a new “mini me.”


  1. Listening to the audio, I’m supportive of this cap.


    I fully expect the Navy League to take it up a notch and start OPERATION WHIDBEY WATCH to rebut the agitation. Enough’s enough.

    We need to make clear to the freak show that it’s totally unfair to the business owners/employers and the traditional 9-to-5 working folks these progressive agitators get to take over the Island County Commission with their rantings, ravings and repugnant conduct. If there’s the right of free speech, there’s the corollary right of rebuttal.

    One morning meeting and one evening meeting would be best. Let’s make sure to station watchdogs there.

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