A Citizen Comments- Article in todays Whidbey News Times re:purchase of OH fire dept rescue aid vehicle.

Editors note: This was received from a citizen who thought it was important enough for our attention:

Article in todays Whidbey News Times re:purchase of OH fire dept rescue aid vehicle.

Concerned about lack of communication between Almberg and fire dept. on how things were done or are done. ignored requests to sit down and discuss anything he questions, look at rigs together or help him see what the fire dept. is all about. Yet he can write his opinions like its factual and hurt others in the process.

He’s been wrong to many times to even count but yet never resends it, apologizes or makes corrections of any kind. Something is really wrong with this whole picture. Anyone have thoughts on this? How many times does the information need to be discussed and gone over before he understands it? His thoughts on bid process were never discussed with the people involved in bidding. Knowledge is a good thing if you want it. Mental block seems to happen whenever the mayor or the fire chief are involved. He turns twists and out and out lies to make him look good to the public? hmmmm seems that’s his hope and hurting others and putting them down are of no consequence. Something wrong with this whole picture.

Thank you and I guess this was just venting. Sorry but I’m very unhappy. Jessie did a great job on the article she only quoted what Almberg said.


  1. Councilman Almberg needs to go. His obstructionist behavior is not good for our city.

    This more than likely boils down to the ongoing battle between Scott Dudley our Mayor and the City Council with Rick Almberg leading the pack mentality that is present in the Council.

    If this is something that Mayor Dudley or a supporter of the Mayor wants Mr. Almberg will take all measures to obstruct the process and the city council will fall in line like sheep being led to slaughter.

    We need a new city council, one that works for the people of the city not some behind the scene political agenda.

  2. It seems that anyone who reviews the council meetings or reads past articles, would come up to the same conclusions as the concerned citizen or Cliff. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this all out. After watching the last several council meetings and reading articles in the paper it’s clear the Fire Dept. and it’s Chief do not want a shouting match or to put others down even when their honesty and integrity is being attacked. The restraint, patience and control we’ve observed is beyond what most could ever do. It sounds like anything some of the council can do that knocks the mayor or the fire department is o.k. for them. If they can put doubt in the minds of the public then maybe they’ve accomplished what they set out to do. It’s just a shame that honest people who truly seem to care about the citizens of Oak Harbor aren’t being given the respect they deserve. Looking at the meetings it’s clear Hizon, Campbell and Pagao are consistent in attempting to accomplish what’s best for the city and want to hear facts. The others seem to pick and choose depending on whos presenting the issues.

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