A Citizen Comments- Facts and figures are distributed by Oak Harbor School District with little concern for their validity

District Administration appears to be unaware of the valuable statistics that are posted by certified state and national web sites. It appears that facts and figures are distributed by OHSD with little concern for their validity.

Some of the actual documented facts are;

1. OHSD’s enrollment has dropped by over 1100 students in the past 10 years.

2. OHSD has received or “earned” a sizable grant from the Navy to improve reading and math skills at all levels.

3. This district has a low scholastic ranking on several state and national web sites.

5. While 24% of students take AP classes, only 10% pass the AP Test.

6. SAT scores are significantly lower than state average.

7. The average teacher’s salary is above state average.

There are more classroom teachers, librarians, art, PE teachers, and counselors in OHSD at all levels than warranted by the both the declining enrollment and decline in academic performance. The Freedom Foundation states, ” The growth of the number of classified and administrative employees for the state of WA is nearly twice the growth of student populations.”

It also concerns me that many citizens are afraid to speak up because of possible retaliation. I’ve been to school board meetings where once you disagree with the OHSD you are verbally challenged or told your facts are wrong. A newspaper reporter from WNT was talking to me after a school board meeting when Dr. Shulte walked out and turned off the lights. How rude.

Threatening phone calls and nasty email is a sure sign of intimidation and a sad commentary on what seems to be happening in Oak Harbor to many people who dare to disagree or have another opinion.

Is it any wonder people are transferring their children to Anacortes or Coupeville? Both these districts are very high in all areas of scholastic achievement and are wonderful to work with.

J King

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  1. Don’t be surprised when the local fishwrappers come out to endorse the tax hike in their editorials. Think of the poor children you will be hurting if you don’t hand over the cash now! Who cares about facts when satifying emotional needs matter more.

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