Jill Johnson votes for Helen Price Johnson to continue as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners

At the first Island County Commissioners meeting with newly elected member Jill Johnson as our new Commissioner Helen Price Johnson was elected as Chair of the BOICC.

The phone lines and e mails were busy yesterday after this decision. Many people are having a hard time understanding Jill Johnsons decision in voting for Helen and for many people this was a direct thumb in the eye from Jill. Many supporters that put their time and effort into Jill’s election have been left shaking their head wondering what  Jill is thinking. Most of the e mails and phone calls I received cannot be repeated here but at the least no one that I have talked to has supported Jill’s position in this.

Jill received support from a lot of people here in the county and this one issue alone is making people wonder why they supported her at all with their time and treasure. She is either totally clueless on the issues, could care less or is easily manipulated.

Jill has obviously been taken over by the “dark” side. As in previous votes for the Chair position Kelly Emerson has been told that because she “owes” money to the county for fines she incurred in her ongoing wetlands dispute she is not qualified to be chair of the BOICC.

It is obvious that the controversy that all started in the run up to Kelly Emersons election 2 years ago where Helen, Angie and John Dean fast tracked a complaint against the Emersons to gain political advantage before the election is still in play. 

My suggestion to Jill Johnson is to not listen to the originators of this issue, that would be her compatriot in the Commissioners office Helen Johnson, and instead look at the facts. Jill needs to look at the facts of this case and try and come to a resolution and resolve this issue and not add fuel to the fire as she did with this recent vote. The Emersons have good grounds to take the county to court on several outstanding issues and the best and most simplest resolution to this issue is for the County Commissioners to make an attempt to resolve this by putting politics aside and look at the facts.

Remember, it is our county code that allowed Dean, Homola and Johnson to wage a political war using county resources against an opponent.

Remember, it is our county code that allowed our out of control planning department to prosecute a homeowner with zero proper documentation or evidence.

I guess it was too much to ask for that our new Commissioner look at the facts of this issue before being played by Helen Johnson and her partisan politics that will end up costing us taxpayers dearly. Nothing like leading by supporting a partisan attack eh Jill?

It is our County Commissioners that have the power to resolve this issue without a lawsuit but as long as we have a Commissioner who refuses to look at the facts and be influenced by one of the perpetrators of this injustice it will continue and more than likely end up costing the county dearly in time and treasure. 

I had hoped that Jill was smart enough to identify the problem and attempt to resolve this issue…Obviously I and many others were wrong…

Editors note:
Title was changed from:
“Jill Johnson votes for Helen Price Johnson as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners”

“Jill Johnson votes for Helen Price Johnson to continue as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners”


  1. I also hear a bunch of progressive agitators descended yesterday… and they even fired off a most provocational letter to the Editor of the Whidbey News-Crimes.

    I wish I was there.

    1. In this case, I feel Jill would be hard-pressed to explain how a picture of her in the dictionary alongside the word RINO would not be appropriate.

  2. If Jill Johnson actually believes there is some legitimate reason which truly disqualifies elected Island County Commissioner Kelly Emerson from acting as of the BOICC, she should be able to cite the RCW which clearly delineates this to be to the case. My bet: she cannot, because it does not exist. This decision is “all Jill”.

    Interestingly, I ran into Kelly Emerson a few weeks ago, and she and I were discussing some of the ongoing issues being at the BOICC level (e.g. recycling, gun control, etc.). We also discussed what, potentially, Jill Johnson’s arrival to the BOICC actually was going to mean.

    Kelly relayed to me that Jill had expressed to her a desire NOT to appear to be controversial upon her arrival to the BOICC, lest she be lambasted in the press. Now, I see, apparently, what Jill meant by that.

    Jill was my #3 choice of the three folks who ran for this BOICC seat against Angie Homola. At this pace, she is fast-approaching a “tie” with Angie Homola as my #4 choice.

    1. If Jill wished to be non controversial she certainly should have picked a different issue to be non controversial over. I don’t think she realizes that this move will buy her nothing from Helen and that Helen just looks at her now as a patsy, someone easily manipulated. I have to say that by her actions she has not only lost support among those that supported her but she has also proven to Helen that she can be easily fooled.

      Her support of Helen in this ongoing saga and littany of political attacks on another duly elected commissioner is truely sad…

      Without a committment to find out the facts and the truth behind the Kelly Emerson issue she has truely made a bad move in voting for Helen. This just encourages people like Helen to continue her bad behaviour and more than likely in the process cost the county dearly.

      Eventually this will lead to lawsuits against the county, instead of attempting to head that off and resolve the issue she is siding with one of the perpetrators that originated this political attack on another commissioner and who wishes at all cost to keep the issue alive.

      Jill has done us, the residents of the county, no favors in her vote for Helen.

      1. Apparently, Jill is simply perfectly “okay” with the lone “D” on the board presently acting as chair of the BOICC.

        Next year, will she and Helen vote together to make Jill the next “chair”?

        1. I think Jill was duped in a way that may be not too apparent to her. I have spoken to Ken Emerson in the past about the wetlands issue and the only thing the Emerson’s want is for this to be resolved. Helen obviously does not want this resolved as it will not be good for Helen or the planning department.

          So far the ball is in the counties court, the hearing examiner has made his decision and now it is up to the commissioners to move forward with the fines and liens against the Emersons. I know after talking to Ken in the past is this is exactly what the Emersons want, for the facts to be heard, evidence to be presented and justice to be served. There is no way that Helen as chair will allow this to happen as she is actually one of the bad actors in all of this. She doe not want the facts to come to light, they have a whipping post in Kelly Emerson and they will not give this up at all costs.

          Jill was duped, let’s hope she comes to her senses, asks the right questions and forces the issue on the Emersons wetland issue. The citizens of the county deserve to have this resolved as it is now 2 years plus this issue has been sitting on the back burner at the county. Why is it on the back burner? Because Helen and previously Angie made great hay of this issue politically and the last thing they want is the truth and the facts to come to light. By allowing Helen Chair there is no way the facts of this case will ever come to light and Helen certainly benefits by having Kelly marginalized.

          It is sad to see Jill a party to this true miscarriage of justice…

          1. You may presently believe Jill has been “duped”, but Jill made it very clear during the campaign that she felt she was old enough and wise enough to be elected to the BOICC.

            I am not at all “sold” on the precept that Jill is simply an inexperienced elected official who does not understand the implications of her political decision in her vote for Helen as “chair”.

            Methinks she previously FULLY comprehended ALL the implications of her decision before she voted in this manner, including those issues which you have laid out here.

          2. HPJ again this year prevented Emerson from being voted Board Chair for the same reason she did in November 2010, when she stated Emerson was not qualified for consideration as chair “…because of poor relations with County Staff”
            This time HPJ insulted Emerson more so with
            “…important … if Emerson clear up outstanding issues she had with Planning Department … still outstanding…not able to support Emerson as chair”

            I wonder what Banks or Emerson’s lawyers would say about HPJ rerasoning that Emerson lacks quaalifications to be Board Chair Person
            I think HPJ crossed the line TWICE on this one and deserves the “Shrammie” or
            “The Bookends” award for stupidity

            The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein

            1. HPJ is playing like she is innocent in all of this and deflecting the blame to Kelly because it has not been resolved…

              Who has been in charge of the Planning Department since this issue arose? Why Helen and Angie.

              The facts are HPJ could have found out the status of the issue and made sure that it was being handled according to code and as expeditiously as any other case in planning but she did not.

              How can anyone justify the time it has taken to resolve this issue?

              Oh…I guess it can be justified if it was a made up political issue against an opponent and you have used that issue for the last 2 years to pound an opponent with.

              And now she is playing innocent…

  3. Perhaps this was Jill’s of paying back all the Ds that voted for her, which we all know she did not win just on the R vote. How sad this is though, we finally had a chance to affect some positive change

      1. During the campaign, some folks came on here claiming Jill was already making co$tly campaign promises in order to secure votes for herself.

  4. “Jill was my #3 choice of the three folks who ran for this BOICC seat against Angie Homola. At this pace, she is fast-approaching a “tie” with Angie Homola as my #4 choice.”

    SAD, very SAD
    Her first performance rates her even worse and well below Homola’s integrity and mental capabilities

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”, Rita Mae Brown

    Maybe it’s already time we start preparing Public Document Requests each time we suspect questionable actions/violations from Jill relating to RCW 29A.56.110:

    (1) “Misfeasance” or “malfeasance” in office means any wrongful conduct that affects, interrupts, or interferes with the performance of official duty;

    (a) Additionally, “misfeasance” in office means the performance of a duty in an improper manner; and

    (b) Additionally, “malfeasance” in office means the commission of an unlawful act;

    (2) “Violation of the oath of office” means the neglect or knowing failure by an elective public officer to perform faithfully a duty imposed by law.

    I don’t think we should tolerate or deserve from Jill Johnson another 4 years like Price-Johnson and Homola did TO, not FOR, Island County citizens, tax payers and property owners

    1. Her performance “out of the starting gate” certainly suggests that she needs to be watched closely.

      At this point, I do have to seriously wonder if Jill Johnson will ever actually vote differently from how Angie Homola would have voted had she been re-elected.

      1. Yes — I can give you one difference: Homola was “death” on any residential development of the former Fakkema farm … Johnson? She is usually seen as being of the “pave it and paint it” school of development.

        I’ve also been given a “note of caution” in the form of an opinion from a former “mover & shaker” in Island County, namely: Jill Johnson is lazy and not too bright. In this case, that seems to be the mantle she brings from the O.H. Chamber. That august body was glad to be rid of her.

        If all of the whisperings are tru — great … that’s just great. Here we go again.

  5. This “development” was ordained last month when HPJ floated her suggestion that the BOICC forgo election of it’s 2013 chairman and allow the incoming BOICC to do so. Congrats HPJ. JJ: At best, you have much to learn!

  6. I listened to the audio:

    #1. Commish Jill Johnson has put a two month hold to force a resolution to this cooked up crisis by the progressive agitators.

    #2. At no time did Commish Johnson voice support for the progressive agitators and now that Pickard’s Petition has been given to the Island County Commissioners time for a sortie to give the IslandPolitics.org version, eh? As in this one: http://www.islandpolitics.org/?p=7525

    #3. I conditionally support the meeting schedule change. Now working stiffs and business owners can speak up to the progressive agitator bullies. Let’s just make sure that public comment is channeled and respect is encouraged – otherwise a live performance of “Garrett Newkirk Style” can be dropped on those clowns… http://www.growlernoise.com/2012/12/1st-annual-jim-harbaugh-award.html

    Just a word to the wise.

  7. Saw the picture in today’s Whidbey News-of-Crimes on A8…

    Not very happy at the circus atmosphere that the progressive agitators have been allowed to create.

    It’s time for conservatives to wake the hell up and SAVE NAS Whidbey Island with a positive, affirmative agenda or we will be back in the hot summer of 1991 before you know it… at least this time we don’t have to fight the “light attack mafia” or to retain airplanes that rightfully belong parked at the Museum of Flight. Stay tuned…

  8. I hate to throw this out there, but some of you are drinking to much of the “kool-aid”. Most of you know which way I lean, so don’t give me this crap about I’m on the kool-aid. I voted for Kelly, but I’ve not been much of a fan the last year. I don’t care about the “D”s either. I also told Jill that I liked how she carried herself but I would be voting for Jim, as we all know that didn’t help, but I refuse to demonize her because she made a call I could see myself making toward Kelly. Just my opinion of course. I ‘d like to think I’m allowed to have one.

    1. Dean, no kool-aid here just thousands of pages of documents pertaining the Emerson case. The time to clean house is long overdue, and that starts with Kelly as Chairman, and Bob Pederson OUT of here! In addition to the documents peculiar with the Emerson’s let’s take a good look at the six inch stack of complaints against Pederson that HPJ denies that they exist.
      Jill Johnson needs to back her Republican partner, and not be swayed by HPJ and her cronies.

      1. Right Ken and Pederson better start planning his future based on what he has done???
        RCW 9.62.010
        Malicious prosecution.
        Every person who shall, maliciously and without probable cause therefor, cause or attempt to cause another to be arrested or proceeded against for any crime of which he or she is innocent:
        (1) If such crime be a felony, is guilty of a class C felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for not more than five years; and
        (2) If such crime be a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

        Wouldn’t it be something if someone connects the dots showing there’s a link proving knowledge of and authorization by HPJ and Homalone in his actions?
        That would give Bob Pederson the ability to take two of his close friends with him on his is furure journey???

        Banks would have his hands full with that congress of baboons
        It’d make his proceedings against Langley Mayor Larry Kwarsick look like a cakewalk

        Oh WELL… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVuEC3r7a-o

        1. Bill,

          One question Bob Pederson has to answer at this point: Does the Emerson property have a wetland or not? IF the answer is “YES” then Bob Pederson needs to produce the required documentation to substantiate that answer.

          Two hydro-geologists, licensed by the State of Washington, said NO.

          Bob Pederson has to answer another question: How is it that the Emerson’s have a “class 5 stream” yet their neighbors don’t?

          1. After all Bill, what will Bob Pederson, the WEANie whackos, and DOE “wetland scientists” do now in light of: The interpretation and application of hydrogeologic data, beyond the observation of shallow groundwater, used to inform the multidisciplinary wetland delineation process is included in the practice of hydrogeology as adopted by state law (RCW 18.220 and WAC 308-15).

            Washington State Geologist Licensing Board, 12/19/2012, Policy 190-2

            since NONE of them are licensed in the field of geology!

            Whidbey Environmental Action Network teams with Island County leadership in wetland dispute. http://www.islandpolitics.org/?p=1032

          2. Because our neighbors “Field Indicators Worksheet” was accepted at face value for their construction project (mine was rejected), even though their project was closer to the same phony trumped up wetland. Go figure!

              1. Cliff,
                The short answer is NO. But it is interesting that the same Critical Area Planner – Justin Craven approved their “Field Indicators Worksheet” even after visiting our property which is immediately adjacent to their project. As a matter of fact, their project is even closer to the same phony wetland.

                1. Ken,
                  You may want to set up a meeting with our new Commissioner Jill Johnson so that she has the information necessary to make the right decision. If she relies on the county Planning Department for information pertaining to this case there is a strong chance that she will receive mis information or as we have seen in the past large portions of the information left out when discussing your case.

                  1. Good idea Cliff but I’m not sure it will be of any value.
                    So far she’s not demonstrated she can be trusted
                    IMHO, there’s possibility she’s a RINO
                    If Ken meets with her he should be very careful of his words and stick to just only handing her copies of documents addressing Emerson’s situation; few words and nothing more
                    That way Jill ends up with documented facts that can’t be twisted HPJ style for her Polictical gain

          3. Ken,
            Bob Pederson also has to answer why: My “Field Indicators Worksheet” wasn’t even considered despite IC Code 17.02A.090C2.
            Which Clearly states: “the owner or applicant SHALL have the option of submitting a Wetland Report instead of the Field Indicators Worksheet”. (unless your name is Emerson)

        2. Bill,
          Malicious Prosecution is difficult to prove in court. But there are more applicable laws that have been broken and are more easily proven.
          RCW 42.20.040 False report.
          RCW 42.20.050 Public officer making false certificate.
          RCW 42.20.080 Other violations by officers.

      2. Ken, what is more interesting than those thousands of pages of documents that do exist and pertain to the Emerson case?

        It is the documents that do not exist that are more interesting.

        What did you receive when you placed the public record request for the Planning Departments Wetland Delineation report on the Emerson’s property?

        What did you receive when you placed the public record request for the documentation of the “official investigation” that Planning Director Pederson ordered to be performed on the Emerson’s property?

        1. “It is the documents that do not exist that are more interesting.”

          Cliff, right you are! Perhaps a refresher is required to remind HPJ and the Jackasses of Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists is in order:

          Island County’s wetland report found lacking

          Island County site study report missing in Emerson wetland dispute http://www.islandpolitics.org/?p=1293

          Cliff, IF these documents should suddenly “appear” then Island County will get slapped so hard with a lawsuit for violation of the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) and send Bob Pederson, and quite a few other people to jail.

  9. WAC 173-22-035 Wetland Identification and delineation.

    IDENTIFICATION of wetlands and delineation of their boundaries pursuant to this chapter SHALL be done in accordance with the approved federal delineation manual and applicable regional supplements (Washington State Wetlands IDENTIFICATION and Delineation Manual)……. The Question is, has IC ever done a proper IDENTIFICATION or delineation of any property in conformance with the law? In my case, they have not ever produced any documents, despite many many requests(data sheets) to support conformance, nor proved to be qualified to do the work.

    1. Ken, The root cause of all of County’s actions against you is obvious:
      “Every absurdity has a “champion” who will defend it”

      The absurdity of the efforts of DEAN, Homola and Price-johnson to save Dean’s sorry but and prevent Kelly from replacing Dean as Commissioner really started in earnest when they recruited Pederson as their “Champion” with all his bogus wetland claims, and other questionable building code violations.
      In addition to their “Get Emersons” job Pederson also helped Homola get even with County Planning for terminating her employment.
      She was hired as a trainee and was STILL a TRAINEE until terminated 2 years 9 months later

      Pederson rose to the task and performed to the satification of Price-Johbson and Homola so well that they increased his salary when other County employees were facing lay offs and wage freezes

      Since few, if any, RCW’s were available to serve his purpose Pederson created his own laws and conditions
      Now he’s stuck with a list of demands against the Emersons that totally lack any legal support. concurrence of legal authorities, court decisions, or licensed professional’s findings
      Pederson is now nearing his final “Judgement Day” and too dumb to realize it…
      The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along or,
      as Albert Einstein said,
      “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

      1. I’ve got my own issues with Pederson that relate DIRECTLY to his history of doing Homola’s bidding, which amounts to bureaucratic harassment and hindrance in my issue. I mean, why do you think he was hired from the get-go? Simply because he was willing to shill for the Troika that has ruled Island Co. from 2008 onward … at least that’s one “educated guess”.

        I’ve engaged legal representation to specifically right this wrong and extract appropriate financial penalties from Pederson & Co. I can only hope and trust there will be others following this lead and Mr. Pederson will in the future remember his time in Island County with feelings of angst and a diminished bank account.

        1. W Diver, “I can only hope and trust there will be others following this lead and Mr. Pederson will in the future remember his time in Island County with feelings of angst and a diminished bank account.”
          You are not alone in this
          CAPR, Citizens Allaince for Property Rights is active nation wide in solving problems like yours



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