At the first Island County Commissioners meeting with newly elected member Jill Johnson as our new Commissioner Helen Price Johnson was elected as Chair of the BOICC.

The phone lines and e mails were busy yesterday after this decision. Many people are having a hard time understanding Jill Johnsons decision in voting for Helen and for many people this was a direct thumb in the eye from Jill. Many supporters that put their time and effort into Jill’s election have been left shaking their head wondering what  Jill is thinking. Most of the e mails and phone calls I received cannot be repeated here but at the least no one that I have talked to has supported Jill’s position in this.

Jill received support from a lot of people here in the county and this one issue alone is making people wonder why they supported her at all with their time and treasure. She is either totally clueless on the issues, could care less or is easily manipulated.

Jill has obviously been taken over by the “dark” side. As in previous votes for the Chair position Kelly Emerson has been told that because she “owes” money to the county for fines she incurred in her ongoing wetlands dispute she is not qualified to be chair of the BOICC.

It is obvious that the controversy that all started in the run up to Kelly Emersons election 2 years ago where Helen, Angie and John Dean fast tracked a complaint against the Emersons to gain political advantage before the election is still in play. 

My suggestion to Jill Johnson is to not listen to the originators of this issue, that would be her compatriot in the Commissioners office Helen Johnson, and instead look at the facts. Jill needs to look at the facts of this case and try and come to a resolution and resolve this issue and not add fuel to the fire as she did with this recent vote. The Emersons have good grounds to take the county to court on several outstanding issues and the best and most simplest resolution to this issue is for the County Commissioners to make an attempt to resolve this by putting politics aside and look at the facts.

Remember, it is our county code that allowed Dean, Homola and Johnson to wage a political war using county resources against an opponent.

Remember, it is our county code that allowed our out of control planning department to prosecute a homeowner with zero proper documentation or evidence.

I guess it was too much to ask for that our new Commissioner look at the facts of this issue before being played by Helen Johnson and her partisan politics that will end up costing us taxpayers dearly. Nothing like leading by supporting a partisan attack eh Jill?

It is our County Commissioners that have the power to resolve this issue without a lawsuit but as long as we have a Commissioner who refuses to look at the facts and be influenced by one of the perpetrators of this injustice it will continue and more than likely end up costing the county dearly in time and treasure. 

I had hoped that Jill was smart enough to identify the problem and attempt to resolve this issue…Obviously I and many others were wrong…

Editors note:
Title was changed from:
“Jill Johnson votes for Helen Price Johnson as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners”

“Jill Johnson votes for Helen Price Johnson to continue as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners”