Whidbey Environmental Action Network’s (WEAN) leading whacko, Steve Erickson weighed in recently with a list that he believes to be appropriate gun control laws.

“1) No magazines with more than 6 rounds.
2) No guns where the magazines can be changed in less than 10 seconds, providing time for the good guys to take down the bad guys as happened in Tucson when Jared Loughner was trying to load up a second 30 round magazine and it jammed.
3) Full liability insurance for all gun owners and a requirement to carry an insurance card at all times when they have the weapon in their possession.
4) Failure to report a stolen or lost gun within 24 hours is a felony.
5) If a firearm not reported stolen is used in the commission of a crime, then the owner of the firearm is charged with both a felony (see # 4, above) and as an accomplice in the crime.”  Steve Erickson, WEANie Whacko, January 5, 2013

What few people understand is just how Steve Erickson’s ideas originated. Here are the detailed insights.

Many of you may recall that Concord, Massachusetts recently made headlines when they became the first U.S. city to ban water bottles of one liter or less. Steve Erickson thought this was a brilliant idea so he tailored his number one item on the list from that ban.  Steve is confident that the bad guys are not smart enough to figure out what the loop holes are to his new law.

The concept of item number two originated from the fact that Steve Erickson discovered he couldn’t change his underwear in less than 10 seconds, and wanted to place the same type of restriction on the bad guys.

Item number three was added when Steve discovered that bad guys don’t have insurance. Steve is currently working out the details with legislators in Washington D. C. for Universal Gun Control Insurance for Bad Guys. This new insurance policy is designed for the bad guys who can’t afford insurance.

Number four became a big concern for Steve when he found out that bad guys are not reporting to the authorities when their guns are lost or stolen during the act, or shortly after, commiting a crime.

Item number five has some legal issues that need to be hammered out because the potential exists that the bad guys could be charged twice for the same crime. Steve Erickson, who happens to be the WEANies Litigator-in-Chief, says that he is confident that something can be worked out, even if he has to sue the prosecuting attorneys for compliance of item number 5.

After these bright ideas become the law of the land, Steve Erickson will be required travel around to visit with all the bad guys to inform them that they are breaking the law and they must comply! Of course Steve Erickson will be adequately armed with a revolver and one bullet, which is required to be kept in his left shirt pocket at all times, and his big mouth. The bad guys will surely tremble when Steve shouts, “Stop or Marianne Edain and I will sue you!”  Hey! if it works well against  Island County government why wouldn’t it work against the bad guys?