The audio is now online of the Commissioners workshop from yesterdays work session.

You can listen to the audio recording of this work session by clicking the link below:

While I do give credit for Jill Johnson making an attempt to resolve this issue she is doing so obviously without the facts. The Chair selection of the BOICC has been put off until March with Helen Johnson retaining chair. Jill seems to think that this is going to be resolved in the next 3 months and Helen as Chair is going to help her do so. Helen Johnson along with Angie Homola have had every opportunity to resolve this issue, in fact they have had over 2 years to resolve this issue and the only thing that is stopped them was themselves. Helen Johnson does not want this issue resolved that is obvious. If it is resolved it will shed extremely poor light on not only the planning department but Helen herself.

Why does Jill think that this can be resolved now if it was not resolved in the last 2 years? Does she realize that the building permit that was paid for and filed with the county by the Emerson’s several days before the complaint was filed is still sitting on the Planning Directors desk? That by sitting on the permit and not approving it or denying it is placing one of our duly elected representatives in a position of not being able to do anything about it? If it was denied the Emerson’s could appeal but with an appeal the facts come out, if it was approved the issue goes away. Fines…what about the fines? Why have they not been levied? The county and our Commissioners have made great hay about the fines they are levying against the Emersons. What is the hold up? Why are the fines still languishing and why has the county not moved forward on them?  Because with fines comes an appeal process with an appeal process the facts come out.  By holding this in the background and taking no action for over 2 years Helen Price Johnson has made it impossible, by her standards, to ever have a Chair from District 3 chair the BOICC.

There is nothing and I mean nothing that the Emerson’s can do to resolve this issue short of filing lawsuits against the county. Every avenue for the Emerson’s to resolve this issue short of a lawsuit are in the commissioners hands and the commissioners have done nothing about it. Why? Because it is all political and it is not based on facts.

This is just another continuation of this issue against the Emerson’s that was brought up directly before her election and politicized by the sitting county commissioners and county employees to make political hay. This is all about politics and nothing about facts, this is all about marginalizing a County Commissioner and making her spend her term in limbo while she waits for the county to do something anything to move this case to a resolution.

Jill Johnson needs to do us and all county residents a huge favor.

1- Look at the facts.

2- Ask the county for their documentation on the complaint against the Emerson’s. Jill will find the same one sheet scribbled document that the county is using as their official wetland delineation, in fact that is all she will find for documentation that the county has ever visited the Emerson’s property.

3- Ask about the “official investigation” that Bob Pederson had his staff perform. They did visit the property but there is ZERO documentation of this visit. Period. Not one piece of paper in the entire county that documents this “official investigation”. Bob Pederson says it was “verbal” as if that will stand up in a court of law under the color of an “official investigation”.

4- Ask why it has taken 2 plus years with several expensive studies performed by the landowner with no action taken by the county.

5- Ask why the building permit is still sitting on Bob Pedersons desk after over 2 years with no official denial or approval.

6- Ask why the fines have not been levied against the Emersons and why a lien has not been placed against the property as required by our laws.

7- And Jill here is the big question. Ask yourself what YOU would do under similar circumstances. Circumstances that allow your political opponents to basically marginalize YOU in not being able to do your job as Commissioner as demanded by your constituents.

Hopefully Jill Johnson will familiarize herself with the issue before she relies on any help from Helen Johnson, Helen has proven that she is directly in the middle of all of this even though she claims innocence and tells a good story. Hopefully in the future Jill will not allow herself to be used as a prop for Angie and Helens attempt to marginalize another County Commissioner.

Below are just a few of the many articles that we have published on Island Politics concerning this issue, Jill needs to educate herself so that she does not embarrass herself any further in helping Helen Johnson to continue this charade against one of our sitting Commissioners.

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