Local Newspapers Continue Banishment of Online Commenter

Ken Wolf, longtime resident of Whidbey Island is still banned from contributing online comments in local papers via Facebook. Regardless of the message, these local newspapers still find it necessary to manipulate the online conversation by suppression of citizen’s comments.

Comments associated with a recently published an article in the Whidbey News Times entitled: Emerson vies for top spot on Island County commission http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/news/185711381.html  are being manipulated by the newspaper. Apparently Whidbey News Times finds that some comments are dangerous, especially those that are based on facts, and in the interest of public safety they feel obligated to suppress those fact based comments.  Click on the images to enlarge.



  1. We do have an alternative newspaper that is interested in all points of view — including those from the conservatives. The Whidbey Marketplace & News covers the entire Island each week with over 8,500 copies. Send letters to the editor to: editorial@whidbeymarketplace.com. The Marketplace is the only local paper that published Barbara Bailey’s recent award as the Outstanding Legislator from the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (January 3, 2013 issue).

    1. Thank you Ms Hill.

      We certainly need a better source of news for the Island that is interested in fairly reporting the news. Do you have future plans to include more news stories in your publication and maybe in the future some online content? If so that would be fantastic!

  2. I suspect AM Madasheck is banished, but still its comments show up.

    I just wish IF the WN-T is going to have this feature, at the very least people can be factual

    1. Joe, WNT and the rest of Sound Publishing’s newspapers prefer hearing from idiots like the guy who shouted out “Pay your fines,” during the Island County freakshow on January 2, 2013, and Neil Colburn’s Letter to the Editor in the SWR:


      They were smart fellows until they opened their mouths. There are a couple of documents in my possession regarding the Emerson case that proves my point. The local fishwrappers owned by Sound Publishing are deliberately suppressing those who have actual facts to counter the Jackasses of Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists.

      Thank you Penny Hill for reminding us that Whidbey Marketplace & News is a local paper with higher standards.

      1. Please watch the video of the Commissioners’ Jan 7 meeting when available and you’ll see HPJ in action trying to shut me up, and doing her usual appraisal of Commissioner Emersons’ performance etc
        Also note the exchange between Emerson and HPJ who again insulted Emerson about performance pay your bill or whatever


        Also as you watch that performance I think the following exchange of emails between HPJ and me and me will help you understand what a vicious political hack she really is:

        From: bbstrow@comcast.net
        Commissioner Price-Johnson
        Re your comments today
        I have never attended any meetings at Island Transit nor do I ever want to
        You mentioned you never heard anything about Island Transit providing their service to NAS Whidbey
        I suggest you personally contact Jim Campbell and he will discuss the history of this and the players involved
        Perhaps you’ll agree this deserves further investigation, you will join Jim (and I think Kelly) in exploring this service
        Bill Strowbridge

        From: “Helen Price Johnson”
        Mr. Strowbridge,
        You misunderstood my comments. I am aware of the request, in fact it has been discussed numerous times since I have been on the PTBA and I support finding a solution that meets the transit authority’s legal requirements and resource constraints. Other areas of our county also are waiting to have increased service availability and it is my hope that as revenues are available, transit service can be expanded to better accommodate the needs of our community.
        Helen Price Johnson

        TO: Commissioner and Chair Price-Johnson
        Sorry I said, “You mentioned you never heard anything about Island Transit providing their service to NAS Whidbey”
        I should be more careful with my choice of words especially when dealing with you

        You were correct, in saying “You misunderstood my comments.”

        As a matter of fact you said nothing about my comments regarding what Campbell and others said about replacing you with Jill to get some support for the possibility of Island Transit serving NAS Whidbey
        You totally ignored my comment and instead, you made your speech about why not Jill and why YOU should continue on Transit board activities

        That was a typical political ploy of answering a question with a “straw man” to divert attention from original subject
        Nice try
        Bill Strowbridge

        1. Bill, your viewpoint is at odds with HPJ and her cronies. That is why you are limited to two minutes while Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists are allowed more time.

          1. Ken, it didn’t work for her this time; I didn’t shut up regardless of her 2 min warning
            A good friend showed be how to say what needed to be said, ignoring her commands to talk only to the Commissioners, etc.
            He just wouldn’t shut up or follow her orders and I was in the audience ROFLMAO
            I learned political protocol from a pro!

          1. Me too! What a lineup of Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists!

            APZ relates to CRASHING JETS! Not Noise.

            1. Right, which is what happened with many aging A-6s… and did save lives on the East Coast when a F/A-18C crash landed without killing anybody.

              I also quite frankly feel some of the misinformation by this bunch is lazy.

              #1a. The Growlers were always meant for NAS Whidbey Island. Always.

              #1b. The Super Hornets the Growler descended from were always meant for NAS Oceana & NAS Lemoore.

              #2. The reason why the incivility was turned on the agitators was because the progressive agitators started attacking the servicemembers. Why should the agitators be surprised at reprisal for that? Go after the maintenance people who served in hot, sandy Bagram, Afghanistan in tents to generate EW support sorties for Navy SEALs to take the war to the terrorist scumbags… and heck yeah I’m gonna get the sailors’ backs.

              #3. Most of today’s statements frankly I disagree with but I don’t have a problem with – if people are going to spew their low information opinions, fine. Just don’t go after the people protecting that right to act ignorant. The Navy League, the Save NAS Whidbey Task Force and GrowlerNoise.com can clean up the mess later. Oh and… we shall.

              #4. Without OLF Coupeville, NAS Whidbey Island is in grave danger. Without NAS Whidbey Island, Island County’s governmental services is in grave danger.

              #5. OLF Coupeville came into being in September 1943. Ebey’s Reserve came into being in 1978 during the EA-6B & A-6E era. Without a forward vision to address the needs OLF Coupeville addresses, this agitation lacks merits.

              Off hot.

    1. The red carpet is out for you here; I always appreciated your comments on Sound’s Facebook
      You were too logical and honest for them to tolerate
      Hang tuff, we need your input and someday, “we too shall overcome” the clowns in Coupeville

  3. I think you raise a fair question on here. I will say that I am on the opposite side of the politic spectrum than what I see tend to see on island politics. At the same time, unless some rules are being broken, I do not understand why the local paper to block comments. I think all should be heard and then let people make their own decision.

  4. I have a similar file at home, it’s huge. Sound Publishing was flagrantly censoring many of us.

    The best thing to do in the face of oppression is to speak up, and speak up with impunity. Many a bully who is called on his/her actions has been silenced by the voice of reason.

    I’m not sure if Sound Publishing ever realized how vulnerable they become in the face of mass censorship. Especially when the censorship is so blatantly practiced.

    Thank God for the internet. Thank God for computer memory, files, tapes, etc. Thank God for the many “horcruxes” (apologies to J.K. Rowling) where instant retrieval of censored comments are available to any who wish to see them.

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