A Citizen Comments- I intend to vote NO! (on the OHSD school levy) + Video “What’s Wrong With Our Schools?” (Part 1)

Oak Harbor School District is asking for an M&O Levy that will net about three times more money than in years past. In 2002, we had 1,100 more students than now. When one divides the OHSD budget minus the ASB fund by the number of students, the result is about 10,565 dollars per student. When looking at the web pages for South Whidbey, Coupeville and Anacortes, one finds them bragging about scholastic success. Oak Harbor’s web pages brag about their sport successes. Is not the primary purpose of schools to educate young people so they can go on to a productive life? 

I am a senior citizen that understands that taxes must be paid to receive services. People paid for me to be able to go to school, and I truly would agree to a school levy if it were reasonable. However I cannot stand to see money wasted and improperly used. To ask for a levy in which the district would receive three times that of previous levies and a dropping enrollment is simply ludicrous.

The school levy in February will result in property taxes of about $600 on a 300,000 dollar home. Because of the work on Pioneer Way my taxes will go up about $200 to satisfy that debt. A new sewage system is needed. I understand that the monthly fees for water sewage and trash pick-up could be about $200 or $2,400 per year. Folks, these amount to $3,200. Most senior citizens cannot continue to withstand all of these fees. The schools must learn to cut back – not continue to spend more and more. Their enrollment is dropping and they seek even more money. I intend to vote NO!

(Submitted via third party)

Editor’s note: The below video, dating back to 1980, features Milton Friedman. This video asks many of the same questions and points out many the same problems in our K-12 schools – from over some 30 years ago – as exist now. More money is simply NOT the answer to what ails the K-12 system. The below video is part one of a seven-part series.