Updated: After first ringing my front door bell and then immediately volunteering to having just read an unambiguous “vote no” letter-to-the-editor that I had sent to Whidbey Marketplace and News, Greg Goebel – whose wife Mary L Goebel (aka Lynn Goebel, an OHSD teacher already receiving $9,406 in “bonus pay” and one of two people heading up the Maintenance and Operations levy campaign for the Oak Harbor School District) – felt he needed to to ask me personally if I would place a pro-levy sign in my front yard. Greg Goebel‘s actions and request of me are only as reasonable as if I had gone directly across the street to the home of the two OHSD teachers who live there and had asked them to remove their two pro-levy signs from their front yard.

Below is the letter that Greg Goebel claims to have first read and then decided would be his “in” with me after ringing my door bell on a Saturday morning: 


Vote “no” on the school levy. If teachers and their union feel so strongly about receiving 39% more bonus pay (TRI-Days), put your money where your mouth is: petition the school board to run a separate Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy ONLY for TRI-Days. If it passes, take as many TRI-Days – and only that many – as voters will directly approve. If it fails, lose all TRI-Days until you can ask the voters again four years later when the next M&O levy comes around.

No levy which the school board has ever proposed to voters (including this one) has ever specified that it would divert either M&O levy property taxes or Federal Impact Aid in order to provide even ONE TRI-Day for teachers’ bonus pay. Nonetheless, over the years, the school district has perennially cried “poor” while ever-increasing M&O property tax levy dollars and/or Federal Impact Aid dollars have been diverted into an ever-increasing number of bonus pay TRI-Days. Teachers perennially skim $1.4 million in 14 TRI-Days away from kids! This levy request would literally double the existing levy, would raise property taxes overall by 10% and would ensure teachers’ skim rises to 19.5 TRI-Days and $1.95 million! By not asking voters directly for TRI-Day bonus pay, M&O levies have become one big TRI-Day scam upon the voters, levy after levy after levy. Four years hence, the school district will again cry “poor” while teachers will have skimmed $8 million away from kids! The levy is a scam. Vote “no”.”

I told Greg Goebel “no” to his sign request, told him that the proposed levy is exactly what my letter-to-the-editor explains it to be, and then I told him to leave and I closed the front door.

Updated Section:  Obviously, from him having previously read over the years my analyses of the school district budget, my letters-to-the editor, and these ongoing articles at Island Politics, Greg Goebel knew 100% in advance of his coming to my front door unannounced that I would definitely say “no” to his absurd request to place a “Yes for Schools” sign in my front yard. It was therefore also 100% obvious to me that the purpose of Greg Goebel’s uninvited visit to my front door was for a purpose very much other than what he purported it to be when he placed himself there on Saturday morning.

Apparently, as evidenced by the below screen shot, Greg Goebel’s door-belling antics antics are now all part of the “fun and games” over at the Oak Education Association’s Facebook page, from where I have previously been banned from posting, and so I am unable to respond to the comments and questions being made there in response to this partially reproduced article from Island Politics.





























Remember, these are the same folks working for and with the Oak Harbor Education Association who brought us such proud moments as:

The below video is yet another example from yet another part of the US wherein our local issues parallel those that exist elsewhere. Watch this below video, read the other articles on Island Politics about our schools, and then vote “no” on the upcoming school levy.