“Would you mind if I simply removed that “Yes for Schools” pro-levy campaign sign from your front yard?” + Video “Governor Christie on why he said vote no on the school budget”

Updated: After first ringing my front door bell and then immediately volunteering to having just read an unambiguous “vote no” letter-to-the-editor that I had sent to Whidbey Marketplace and News, Greg Goebel – whose wife Mary L Goebel (aka Lynn Goebel, an OHSD teacher already receiving $9,406 in “bonus pay” and one of two people heading up the Maintenance and Operations levy campaign for the Oak Harbor School District) – felt he needed to to ask me personally if I would place a pro-levy sign in my front yard. Greg Goebel‘s actions and request of me are only as reasonable as if I had gone directly across the street to the home of the two OHSD teachers who live there and had asked them to remove their two pro-levy signs from their front yard.

Below is the letter that Greg Goebel claims to have first read and then decided would be his “in” with me after ringing my door bell on a Saturday morning: 


Vote “no” on the school levy. If teachers and their union feel so strongly about receiving 39% more bonus pay (TRI-Days), put your money where your mouth is: petition the school board to run a separate Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy ONLY for TRI-Days. If it passes, take as many TRI-Days – and only that many – as voters will directly approve. If it fails, lose all TRI-Days until you can ask the voters again four years later when the next M&O levy comes around.

No levy which the school board has ever proposed to voters (including this one) has ever specified that it would divert either M&O levy property taxes or Federal Impact Aid in order to provide even ONE TRI-Day for teachers’ bonus pay. Nonetheless, over the years, the school district has perennially cried “poor” while ever-increasing M&O property tax levy dollars and/or Federal Impact Aid dollars have been diverted into an ever-increasing number of bonus pay TRI-Days. Teachers perennially skim $1.4 million in 14 TRI-Days away from kids! This levy request would literally double the existing levy, would raise property taxes overall by 10% and would ensure teachers’ skim rises to 19.5 TRI-Days and $1.95 million! By not asking voters directly for TRI-Day bonus pay, M&O levies have become one big TRI-Day scam upon the voters, levy after levy after levy. Four years hence, the school district will again cry “poor” while teachers will have skimmed $8 million away from kids! The levy is a scam. Vote “no”.”

I told Greg Goebel “no” to his sign request, told him that the proposed levy is exactly what my letter-to-the-editor explains it to be, and then I told him to leave and I closed the front door.

Updated Section:  Obviously, from him having previously read over the years my analyses of the school district budget, my letters-to-the editor, and these ongoing articles at Island Politics, Greg Goebel knew 100% in advance of his coming to my front door unannounced that I would definitely say “no” to his absurd request to place a “Yes for Schools” sign in my front yard. It was therefore also 100% obvious to me that the purpose of Greg Goebel’s uninvited visit to my front door was for a purpose very much other than what he purported it to be when he placed himself there on Saturday morning.

Apparently, as evidenced by the below screen shot, Greg Goebel’s door-belling antics antics are now all part of the “fun and games” over at the Oak Education Association’s Facebook page, from where I have previously been banned from posting, and so I am unable to respond to the comments and questions being made there in response to this partially reproduced article from Island Politics.





























Remember, these are the same folks working for and with the Oak Harbor Education Association who brought us such proud moments as:

The below video is yet another example from yet another part of the US wherein our local issues parallel those that exist elsewhere. Watch this below video, read the other articles on Island Politics about our schools, and then vote “no” on the upcoming school levy.


  1. Was that a visit just to you and your house or was that part of a neighborhood canvassing campaign?

    I just love the comments on the OHEA site…

    “Why would someone want to not have a civilized conversation with a stand up guy”

    By “civilized” I guess they mean if you don’t support the union or their demands you are uncivilized. And by saying a “stand up guy” the commenter must believe this wife of a teacher is a saint and that proselytizing for his wife’s monetary benefit is acceptable.

    Civilized = Blindly supportive

    Stand Up Guy= A blind supporter that is “all in” for the schools.

    These people are shameless.

    1. One of my neighbors discovered some levy campaign literature tied to their door knob. When telling me of that, they added: “The didn’t want to disturb us when they dropped it off.”

      Another neighbor received some literature handed to her at her door.

      Greg Goebel offered me no literature, nor was anything simply left on my door.

    1. The primary requirements for being a School Board Director in the Oak Harbor School District are:

      – Be a teachers’ union sycophant in every aspect

      – Push the “I believe” button for every increase in local taxes ever asked for by the school district and the teachers’ union

      – Ignore and/or simply do not respond to communications or recommendations sent to you from members of the public who challenge the perennial need for “MORE MONEY!”

      Those basic characteristics are those which will get you elected to the Oak Harbor School Board. One can demonstrate such potential by attending school district related committees and vigorously agreeing with everything you are told, thus demonstrating an inability to question anything.

      John Dyer was the “practically perfect” School Board Director. He spent 12 years on the board and admitted that he never really was able to understand the budget.

      Former Oak Harbor Mayor Jim Slowik was an Oak Harbor School Board Director for about the same time length. He is a very close “second” in his all-time “perfection” as a School Board Director.

      They do, however, seem to have almost FIVE “practically perfect in every way” people on there now.

            1. Federal Impact Aid is NOT going away. That’s a specious claim. In fact, it has NOT really even gone down, as the OHSD and these levy campaigners claim. It has, however, responded to the 1,100 DECREASE in Full Time Enrollment that the OHSD has experienced!

              As the school district often likes to speak of, their Federal Impact Aid payments for each “year” ALL get stretched out over a three-to-six-year payment schedule, and so, the various “lot” payments routinely overlap one another each and and every year.

              That same “time-lagged” system is also quite slow to respond to…wait for it…student enrollment decreases.

              Federal Impact Aid payments and the decrease are demonstrated in:

              “Oak Harbor School District claim of “massive cuts” is phony baloney: Reject the 2013 M&O levy that would increase by 100% the local M&O property tax for schools”

              Even Marianne Edain, an extremely LIBERAL activist on Whidbey Island has just publicly noted “..I did attend a meeting this week at which Rick Larsen spoke about the federal impact funds. He sponsored a bill to force the feds actually to pay those impact funds. ”

              Marianne Edain said that in response to: ‘Onerous levy should be rejected”

              For anyone who believes Department of Education Federal Impact Aid is threatened in any way, come see me. I have a bridge I’d like to sell to you.

              1. It’s currently being targeted in debt reduction negotiations. I feel the kids of the sailors deserve a GREAT education preferably w/ charter schools in the mix. Not held hostage by overgrown brats – two words for politicians.

                Again, I feel the reforms you seek are best served with a school board going to the matresses for them – with my support :-).

                1. EVERYTHING is currently being “targeted” in debt reduction negotiations at the Federal level. Therefore, it seems like a very BAD time to me to be raising our local property taxes, as, very likely, there are mores payroll tax INCREASES and Federal income tax INCREASES headed our way from the Federal level, and, likely, from the state level, too.

                  And, that being the case, I see no good reason why should we also opt to raise our LOCAL property taxes by 10% in order to increase by 39% the local pay-padding of teachers. When was the last time ANYONE here locally received a 39% increase in money in any category flowing onto their pocket?

                  If and/or when the utter and extremely unlikely FANTASY of elimination of Federal Impact Aid were to become reality, the FIRST thing we should do is tell the local teachers’ union that their new contract will contain ZERO supplemental and/or BONUS pay (TRI-Days AND otherwise), thus increasing our local dollars to KIDS IMMEDIATELY by at least $1.4 million annually.

                  On the other hand, why keep waiting for the very, very unlikely possibility that Federal Impact Aid might disappear before diverting existing revenue TO THE KIDS? Vote “no” on this levy NOW and make it happen NOW.

                  1. Sure let’s follow your proposal to its logical conclusion… your side wins the levy vote. Federal impact aid is cut.

                    With the current school board, do you think for one moment they’d make the cuts you want? OF COURSE NOT, THEY’D INSULATE THE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE FROM THE CUTS.

                    Change the school board, change the spending policies to more taxpayer-friendly policies.

                    Oh and BTW, why are Peter Hunt, Jim Slowik, Joe Kunzler, Scott Dudley, Jill Johnson, Norma Smith, Barbara Bailey and Tara Hizon – all of whom great patriots who I doubt seriously are union pawns – backing this levy? Could it be because Oak Harbor Schools are lacking in resources? Could it be because federal impact aid IS on the table? Could it be because Oak Harbor is hated by the progressive left that sadly has too much power in Island County & Washington State and needs to be more self-sustaining?

                    I’m sorry. I want to find a way to agree with you but you need to change the school board to get what you want… and deserve.

                    1. Joe, Is there a problem with waiting until Federal aid is cut? You have to understand that this funding, the money the school is asking for, is coming directly from the people both in direct taxes and indirect taxes. You may feel you’re insulated if you rent but your not. Us landlords pass that on to the tenants. For every dollar we taxpayers spend on the schools, it means less available taxpayer funding for other items that are near and dear to us.

                      As it stands now, we have a school system that spends every penny we throw at it, and now they have less children to spend it on, but they want more money. Does that make sense?

                      “Oh and BTW, why are Peter Hunt, Jim Slowik, Joe Kunzler, Scott Dudley, Jill Johnson, Norma Smith, Barbara Bailey and Tara Hizon – all of whom great patriots who I doubt seriously are union pawns – backing this levy?”

                      The political class, which comprises most of the people you name above, always backs school levies: without the support of the Unions many of these politicians and political types would not be elected. They gain politically from supporting the schools. So…that brings us to the question of why you? Are you only supporting the levy because of the friends you know and want to impress? Or do you truly believe our school system is under funded?

                    2. Cliff;

                      My sources tell me there are funding problems and unmet needs. Plus I have said before and will say again the people who will be harmed by a veto are the children. The way to hold the adults accountable is through the school board.

                      I will admit to wanting to impress some of the fellows I named, let’s just say if you fly a jet or show up to Navy League meetings that MIGHT have something to do with it (chuckles). Showing up at Navy League is sharing a common love for G*d, country, our warriors, jet noise and Americana – please come. I also think most of us at Navy League INDIVIDUALLY want the levy to pass despite the obviously odious smell of government waste that only a new school board can fix, even if it meant dealing with a wildcat teacher strike.

                      So taking a position that puts me at odds with my blog buddies isn’t something I chuckle about. Nor does it help possibly Heaven Forbid annoying one Liv Finne, a hero of mine.

  2. Joe, you don’t have crystal ball, so stop pretending to have one, but What is much MORE likely, based on past and recent history is: this onerous levy will pass muster at 50% approval at the polls, and Federal Impact Aid will ALSO CONTINUE TO INCREASE. The sky is NOT falling, and it never will.

    In any case, however, you apparently judge that the elected Oak Harbor School Board in Oak Harbor will act NOT in the best interest of THE KIDS FIRST, no matter how much or how little money the local property owners give them or how little or how much money the school district receives in Federal Impact Aid, or how little or how much they receive from the state of WA. That being the case, giving them “MORE MONEY!” in local property taxes is a completely foolish idea. Saying “NO” to this requested onerous levy increase is therefore the ONLY logical course of action here, one way or another.

    You, like all those other named politicians, do not dare speak out publicly against the K-12 Cartel, lest you and they lose political “points” with potential voters. NOT allowing yourself to be photographed with a “Yes for Schools” signs is more than enough to get you “blackballed” by the K-12 Cartel. Do you see perhaps now why Greg Goebel wanted to make sure he had me “on record” as saying “no” to one of those signs for my front yard and why the teachers’ union president felt he also needed to reproduce that information over at the OHEA Facebook page?

    See “The Cartel”

    I have no idea whether or not any of those people are “patriots”, or not, but they apparently do want other people to perceive them as having pushed the “I believe” button for OHEA members, who are all about helping THEMSELVES with this levy – NOT “the kids”. Otherwise, they would have, long ago, given BACK those local supplementary dollars in their paycheck TO THE KIDS.

    The legislators LOVE when local school district tax themselves ridiculously at the local level: it enables them to burden-shift from the state level, to the local level. Barbara Bailey is a very special case: she voted for YEARS to reduce the property tax super-majority for school property taxes from 60% down to 50%, where it stands now.

    And please don’t tell me you are NOT simply acting as a politician trying to glean political “points” for some reason: you have vigorously injected yourself into a discussion about a local school property tax levy that is occurring NOT in your own school district and NOT even in the same COUNTY in which you live and which has, essentially, NOTHING to do with your primary stated advocacy for NAS Whidbey Island or the Dept. of Defense or “Growlers” or anything remotely related to those things.

    Oh, and just the fact that you have added “Jim Slowik”, who presently holds elected office in zero capacity, to your list of named politicians above, should give readers a big clue as to your political machinations. Like I said: being a teachers’ union sycophant is a prerequisite to be on the school board, just like Peter Hunt, etc…

    1. Well one day I’d like to be President…

      President of a very special force…

      I can only be President for ONE year sadly…

      During my Presidency, we will advocate for more Growlers, a weapons range, an aviation-themed high school and the like. We will also advocate for rides in Growlers and Super Hornets, including the right to light the afterburners right over Garrett Newkook. We will also sell lots and lots of Growler gear.

      Obviously Sir, I want to be President of your local Navy League.

      More seriously: I also don’t care for the OHEA. I care for the kids of our sailors. Daaaah.

      I also wish the “simple” majority school levy never happened. I lobbied hard to stop it, trust me.

            1. Sorry. I was just taking your point to a logical conclusion. You really think I want to be civil and nice to a progressive agitator like President Slowik has to?

              That said, hey guys it’s not like in my editorial I fell down and licked OHEA shoes. I made very clear my position is quite conditional and that voters should come to you guys to help screen candidates for school board who will tell the cartel where to get off…

              1. Your suggested approach is simply “kicking the can down the road”, just like the US Congress has been doing. Besides, nobody actually pays attention to or cares who is on the school board, except the teachers’ union. People do, however, pay attention to their $$, and that is precisely WHY the OHEA and other local teachers’ unions pay close attention to who gets on the school board, as they are ALL about maximizing the $$ flowing into THEIR pockets.

                1. Fair points. I’ve said enough, going to say “you got me” and accept the result.

                  I stand behind what I said, but I also believe a levy failure would be one helluva wake-up call.

                  Good luck.

  3. Joe K wrote: “My sources tell me there are funding problems and unmet needs.”

    Willful ignorance of the ability to differentiate between a “need” and a “want” is apparently a rampant problem among those “sources” who you admire so much.

    The kids are being hurt NOW…by the teachers’ union, and a “yes” vote only makes the problem WORSE – not BETTER.

    1. And that is really it, in a nutshell. When it comes to school issues and needs “for the children” questionable sources instead of facts are relied upon. Relationships are more important than values to some, I guess.

      This has nothing to do with the Navy League, Joseph. It does have to do with the continued feeding of a monster that will have an unabated appetite no matter how much it is fed. I suggest that you look at the facts, read a few of Bill’s fact-filled posts on the subject. Question your “sources” and ask them for their facts and then make a decision based on those facts instead of making your decision because you’re trying to impress someone. I mean, really, Joseph….

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