“I don’t care about your gun rights”

  Pam Fick aka Pam Lauhon

Progressive Democratic Socialist, Pam Lauhon recently commented in Whidbey’s local fish wrapper –

“Thank you Councilmen Almberg and Servatius for standing up for the sensible people. Any government building is off limits. Period. I don’t care about your gun rights, what about my right to attend a council meeting and not get shot by some yahoo that thinks he is a superhero.”

Let’s apply Pam’s anti-Second Amendment mentality to that of Roe vs. Wade, and put an end to the deaths of millions of unborn babies. Pam Louhon, meet Pamela Fick, a PCO for Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists, who venomously attacks all who oppose ANY changes in a woman’s right to choose or a woman’s freedom of choice.

Then again Pam Louhon and Pam Fick are one and the same.  In other words Pam Louhon is Pam Fick.

“I don’t care about your gun rights” is like saying I don’t care about your women’s rights.  Therefore, why should I, and the men and women who fight and DIE, to defend YOUR freedom, care about YOU and what you THINK are YOUR rights when you have NO regard for the rights of others?




  1. “some yahoo that thinks he is a superhero.””

    Sadly, Island County Democrat PCO Pam Fick / Lauhon believes HERSELF to be some kind of “superhero” because she continues to advocate vociferously for a woman’s “right” to kill unborn babies, of whom 55 million lives in the US have been snuffed out since the “celebration” of Roe V. Wade.

    Do you want some real insight into the MIND of Pam Fick / Lauhon? The below video link is NOT a spoof: it was recently produced by the “Center for Reproductive Rights” to CELEBRATE the 40th anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s Roe. V. Wade decision.

    “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby Commercial Ad | Roe v. Wade AD”

    After watching that video, ask yourself: “superhero”, or “yahoo”?

    Island County Democrats: Officers and PCOs

    “North Whidbey 03 353 Pam Fick fick.cnp@comcast.net

    1. 55 million murdered is a number that is hard to comprehend. Of all the God given rights we have the right not to be pregnant is certainly not one of them.
      The right not to be murdered begins at conception. The unborn are the most vulnerable of all.
      At some level our society must recognize that life begins at conception as one can certainly be held liable in our justice system for the death of an unborn child.

      1. Then there is Steve Erickson, the WEANie Whacko who said this:

        “Have gun fanatics no compassion or morality? Do they not feel the blood dripping from their hands because the easy availability of guns results in nearly 100 deaths a day in this country, far far more than any other western developed country.” Steve Erickson, WEANie Whacko and Progressive Democratic Socialist. January 17, 2013

        Steve Erickson claims he and his fellow comrades are morally superior, and more compassionate than the rest of us peasants.

  2. Then there is Art Huffine, another PCO for Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists, who recently said, “I am not a member of the NRA, nor am I “anti-gun.” I have served in the military and understand and respect weapons. I am for responsible gun ownership and use, and I believe it is time for a serious local and national conversation about gun control.”

    Then became a DICTATOR and started stripping away the rights of others when he said:

    “There is also a legitimate limit to the type of weapons, equipment and ammunition that should be legal. In my opinion, there is no legitimate reason for civilians to own automatic weapons or other weapons of war. Large capacity clips should be illegal.”


    “Consideration should also be given to limiting the volume of ammunition owned by an individual.”


    “Licensing of weapons and gun safety classes should be considered requirements of gun ownership much in the same way we control the use and licensing of motor vehicles.”


    “In the utopian world of Art Huffine and his fellow Progressive Democratic Socialists, every human activity and endeavor is illegal unless permitted by government, and government must control and regulate all activities and endeavors.” KJ Wolf

    “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” Ayn Rand

      1. I believe the above post was reference a statement by Pam Fick:

        “Veteran’s come home after being in combat situations and carrying a weapon is not a good thing. Can you prove to me Lucas (Yonkman) doesn’t suffer from PTSD? Can you guarantee he won’t hit the ground and start shooting if he feels it necessary? You go ahead and have your affair with guns, but when they come out of your home around our elected officials and children you add me to the equation and I’m not ok with that.”

        This is in a thread on Oak Harbor City Council member’s Tara Hizon’s Facebook account, where Pam Fick also says:

        “We got your back Baby. We knew the toters were gonna pull out all the stops. We are ready for them. xoxo”

        1. It is really sad to see people like Pam Fick attacking veterans just because they happen to be veterans. By her logic veterans should lose their Second Amendment Rights and the protections of Washington State Laws just because they are veterans. Funny logic eh?

          I would be more afraid of Pam Fick than Lucas Yonkman…she could just as easily drive her car into a city council meeting, or a group of people holding political signs along the roadway as Mr Yonkman could go crazy from PTSD and hurt someone. I feel the odds of Pam Fick doing something along that line is small but there is still the possibility and more of a possibility than Lucas Yonkman doing something bad. Can we have the power to rescind her drivers license because she may be politically erratic?

          1. Pam Fick’s “logic” is an example of seriously disturbed thinking and fear-mongering about veterans.

  3. Wonder what the comparison would be between people killed with a gun and babies aborted (killed) through a medical procedure? ANY loss of life, other than by natural causes, is a tragedy!

  4. Pam Fick is acting very much like like her Democrat leaders at the national level when she says “I don’t care about your gun rights” .

    To wit:

    “Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials”

    An excerpt:

    “Mrs. Feinstein’s measure would exempt…weapons used by government officials, law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel”

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