Pam Fick aka Pam Lauhon

Progressive Democratic Socialist, Pam Lauhon recently commented in Whidbey’s local fish wrapper –

“Thank you Councilmen Almberg and Servatius for standing up for the sensible people. Any government building is off limits. Period. I don’t care about your gun rights, what about my right to attend a council meeting and not get shot by some yahoo that thinks he is a superhero.”

Let’s apply Pam’s anti-Second Amendment mentality to that of Roe vs. Wade, and put an end to the deaths of millions of unborn babies. Pam Louhon, meet Pamela Fick, a PCO for Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists, who venomously attacks all who oppose ANY changes in a woman’s right to choose or a woman’s freedom of choice.

Then again Pam Louhon and Pam Fick are one and the same.  In other words Pam Louhon is Pam Fick.

“I don’t care about your gun rights” is like saying I don’t care about your women’s rights.  Therefore, why should I, and the men and women who fight and DIE, to defend YOUR freedom, care about YOU and what you THINK are YOUR rights when you have NO regard for the rights of others?