Last week Island Politics posted an edited video of the city council meeting on 1-15-2012 to in which our Mayor Scott Dudley stood up for a local disabled veteran Lucas Yonkman and his right to carry a concealed firearm.

This video went viral during the past week and the response to this video has been overwhelming. The video has been copied and distributed far and wide. Most major news outlets have used our video in their reports and have interviewed Scott Dudley and Lucas Yonkman repeatedly. Below I have compiled a list of the media outlets that have so far reported on this and links to the various copies of this video on

From what I understand there are still interviews with local and national media to be done so this list will eventually grow.

So far we have no sources that we are aware of that has interviewed Rick Almberg as Mr Almberg appears to be in hiding.

We certainly thank all of those that have shown an interest in this video and the words of our Mayor and our local citizen Lucas Yonkman.

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You Tube
Our Video- 83,893 Views-Oak Harbor City Council 1-15-2013 2nd Amendment and Washington State Law Issues

Below are links to those that have copied our video:
194,624 Views – Washington city councilman walks out on council meeting because of citizen with CCW

421 Views- Oak Harbor City Council 1-15-2013 2nd Amendment and Washington State Law

2,247 Views- Councilman Walks Out because of ARMED CITIZEN


1,987 Views- City Councilman Tries to Infringe On Man’s 2nd Amendment Rights!

283,229 views minimum on youtube alone and there are more copies that I did not add to the list…with all of the websites, forums and blogs that have taken this video and redistributed it I would estimate that the total views are well over 1 million.

The power of the internet….don’t ya just love it!