Our video with Scott Dudley’s words have gone viral.

Last week Island Politics posted an edited video of the city council meeting on 1-15-2012 to youtube.com in which our Mayor Scott Dudley stood up for a local disabled veteran Lucas Yonkman and his right to carry a concealed firearm.

This video went viral during the past week and the response to this video has been overwhelming. The video has been copied and distributed far and wide. Most major news outlets have used our video in their reports and have interviewed Scott Dudley and Lucas Yonkman repeatedly. Below I have compiled a list of the media outlets that have so far reported on this and links to the various copies of this video on youtube.com.

From what I understand there are still interviews with local and national media to be done so this list will eventually grow.

So far we have no sources that we are aware of that has interviewed Rick Almberg as Mr Almberg appears to be in hiding.

We certainly thank all of those that have shown an interest in this video and the words of our Mayor and our local citizen Lucas Yonkman.

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You Tube
Our Video- 83,893 Views-Oak Harbor City Council 1-15-2013 2nd Amendment and Washington State Law Issues

Below are links to those that have copied our video:
194,624 Views – Washington city councilman walks out on council meeting because of citizen with CCW

421 Views- Oak Harbor City Council 1-15-2013 2nd Amendment and Washington State Law

2,247 Views- Councilman Walks Out because of ARMED CITIZEN


1,987 Views- City Councilman Tries to Infringe On Man’s 2nd Amendment Rights!

283,229 views minimum on youtube alone and there are more copies that I did not add to the list…with all of the websites, forums and blogs that have taken this video and redistributed it I would estimate that the total views are well over 1 million.

The power of the internet….don’t ya just love it!


  1. Pam Fick and her Progressive Democratic Socialist comrades are claiming that the actual numbers are less than twenty therefore, this website can’t be taken seriously. ;-)

    1. I would suggest to Ms Fick to give the Mayor a call and ask him about the many thousands of e mails, phone calls and letters he has received due to the video and our efforts to make sure it is seen far and wide. His number is 360-279-4502 hopefully she can get through all the others that are calling to thank him for his very stirring response to the situation.

      1. Then there’s Lia Hrey, the empty headed comrade of Pam Fick, with her trolling through the WNT showing her stupidity.

        “What kind of gun owner, especially be it a man I guess, I mean you DO think you are pretty much The Great Oz, can’t defend their family, hunt and whatever with a rifle, shotgun or handgun? You puffed up jerks that think you should carry guns in public are just fools with a Wyatt Earp complex. Pam Lauhon, thinking any one of these dipsticks has a brain or matters at all is foolish. Remember one thing, we are all behind you, we won’t trash talk or call names and we don’t have time for these types and now you know why, all the pansy and crybaby remarks are people that want to actually say the words they have dealt with all their sad lives. Go girl, don’t back down, that very small insignificant group know they are the minority and just wants to fight, entertaining aren’t they?”

        She is right on one thing…. when it comes to using critical thinking skills and applying logic instead of “feelings” and women’s emotional responses, then we are definitely in the minority. After all one can’t argue with empty headed idiots like Lia Hrey, Pam Fick, Steve Erickson, and Art Huffine.

        1. You can’t argue with them but you might be lessen the damage they cause by presenting reason and facts to their hissy fits. Maybe someone who might have agreed with them will read a little further and find some sense. You wouldn’t want anyone to think she is right because no one bothered to disagree with her.

          1. Facts? Reason? Here is a fact, Oak Harbor’s city parks ordinance is in violation of the WA State Constitution.

            But that isn’t stopping Progressive Democratic Socialists.

            Pam Fick a Navy veteran? That is laughable and until she produces a DD-214 she remains in the “opportunist liar” category.

            Read all about Pam Fick, and her comrades recent manipulations:

            Oak Harbor antis fail to exclude gun activists from debate


            1. ahhhh…it is nice to see people like Ms. Fick make the following comments:

              “That’s the only intention we have to make a point that they don’t belong in there”

              “Fick also confirmed that activists had originally tried to get the council meeting moved to a local school “so they couldn’t bring guns in.” That might also have been designed to discourage attendance from firearms enthusiasts, and if that is the case, then their First Amendment rights are just as much under attack as are their Second Amendment rights.”

              Pam Fick tells fellow citizens that “they don’t belong” and then admits attempting to change the venue of a meeting to ostensibly to stop firearm owners from attending.

              People like Pam Fick will do anything to usurp your rights folks, she is attempting to silence other citizens and discourage them from attending a public meeting, she has no qualms about restricting legal, lawful citizens from defending themselves and excercising their Second Amendment Rights this is what you get from the local DEMOCRAT party on this Island…

  2. I have not been very impressed with our Mayor since he was elected (I voted for him), but his actions and comments on the video shows me there is still “something” in there I like.

    I still don’t agree with some of the things he is doing, but he got this one right!

  3. To the Mayor and some of the council…
    I just saw this video and had to comment. Mr. Mayor, thank you so much for being a true American. I was truly, but very pleasantly shocked at the outcome as I have spent a great deal of time in Washington (vacation) and have seen more obummer stickers there than probbly in d.c.. My best wishes to you and may you remain mayor of the beautiful Oak Harbor for as long as it pleases you. You make me proud sir…and that includes your fantastic council (almost all). Also, a tip of my hat to Lucas Yonkman for remaining such a gentleman under those conditions. One thing you missed, in my opinion, was asking Lucas for his CC permit, for the record. Again, thank you for being there when you are so desperatrly needed. Sincerely, Peter in Oregon

  4. “So far we have no sources that we are aware of that has interviewed Rick Almberg as Mr Almberg appears to be in hiding.”

    Dori Monson indicated on his radio how yesterday, during which he interviewed both Mayor Scott Dudley and Lucas Yonkman, that his show was also attempting to contact Councilman Rick Almberg to bring him on the show, too, either yesterday, or, perhaps, today.

    Oak Harbor Councilman Rick Almberg faces backlash after proposing gun ban http://mynorthwest.com/76/2186791/Oak-Harbor-Councilman-Rick-Almberg-faces-backlash-after-proposing-gun-ban

    So far as I can tell, it’s only in the Whidbey News-Times that Councilman Almberg has provided any explanation or justification for his actions. Maybe that’s because liberal-thinking folks like Rick Almberg believe the WNT is a MOST-sympathetic news outlet for his views on issues such as this one?

      1. The link you provide is the same as listed above, here it is for non-mobile browsers:

        While Mr. Almberg may have answered the phone call from the LA Times and gave a few brief statements he has ignored all local media requests.

        Here is the extent of his statements to the LA Times, all 3 short paragraphs of it:

        “I made a statement that I would walk out of the meeting in protest of people that would show up armed in the council chambers. Though it’s their 2nd Amendment right under the law, I also have a 1st Amendment right to express my thoughts, both as a citizen and a council member,” he told The Times.

        “I will never condone weapons in government office buildings where the government’s business is being conducted, or in parks where hunting is not permitted,” he said.

        “State law allows you to display weapons, but it’s against the law to discharge them. Well, there’s just a millisecond between the points of compliance and disaster when a gun goes off, whether it goes off intentionally or accidentally. You can’t unshoot a gun, or take a bullet back.”

        As you can see it is clear why Mr Almberg does not want to be interviewed.

        He is, as our Mayor stated, against following the oath he swore to defend the laws and constitution of our state. He seems to want to leave out the part where he makes the motion to make a law that is illegal and deflect his actions as being his right under the First Amendment.

        Mr. Almberg does have a right to speak his mind and make his feelings known on the subject no matter how wrong those feelings may be but when he makes a clearly illegal motion in an attempt to disarm a legally armed citizen attending a council meeting he has crossed the line.

        When a politician crosses the line and goes beyond his right to speak and takes a clearly illegal action he no longer deserves to be a representative of the people.

        The best thing for the people of Oak Harbor is for Mr. Almberg to resign.

        1. Councilman Rick Almberg, Pam Fick, and the Island County Democrats clearly appear to be marching 100% lockstep together on this issue. By close association of action, so, too, appears to be Councilman Joel Servatius.

          Moreover, at this juncture, based on either their recent votes or public statements, except for Jim Campbell, I count SIX City Council members who are rather much-aligned with the Pam Fick / DEMOCRATS crowd on this issue, and, yes, that INCLUDES often-so-called “Republican” (read RINO) Beth Munns, who said:

          “Councilwoman Beth Munns said she also feels it isn’t appropriate for citizens to be armed in the council chambers.“I must admit I am very uncomfortable,” she said, “and especially if we have a room of 20 people who decided to show their Second Amendment rights I would probably ask to adjourn the meeting.”

          Methinks we have a NUMBER of people on the Oak Harbor City Council who maybe simply are UNSUITED to serve in PUBLIC as an elected City Council member due to their irrational fears of law-abiding citizens and/or grandstanding on the issue of the tragedy of Newtown; grandstanding which amounts to, essentially, dancing on the graves of dead children.

          Let me be clear: what Rick Almberg has done is a dance on the graves of dead children, and those who also dance with him do likewise.

          1. I think the only Councilperson besides Jim Campbell who “may” do what is right is Tara Hizon. While I have not heard from her directly she did post to her facebook page that she had a motion ready to go to amend the parks code but was unable to present it because of Almbergs grandstanding.

            Whether this is true or just another one of those facebook promises remains to be seen. I don’t know what would have stopped her from making her motion in the last meeting so she may just be playing favorites with the facebook crowd.

            So….she says she wanted to do what’s right although it is unclear at this time what stopped her from doing so…

            1. Tara Hizon, on that Facebook page to which you allude, also stated that she believes that firearms do NOT belong in City Council meetings – at all.

              So, regardless of “Growler Joe” would like folks to believe, Hizon appears very much to be a part of the media circus.

              1. Tara is entitled to her opinion. I can repect that even though I do not agree with her.

                What I cannot respect is Rick Almberg and his attitude that he is above the laws of our state and our state Consitution by refusing to recognize that our city has no power to change laws that are reserved to the State. He truely beleives that he has some power over these issue when he does not.

                The simple thing that should have happened is that Tara should have made her motion to change the Parks Code at one of the last several meetings. That would have ended Rick Almbergs dog and pony show…Tara had her chance…she chose not to make the motion but now she says she has a motion all ready to go…this seems like typical polical manuevering to me…

                1. I honestly have no idea what Tara Hizon’s “motion all ready to go” is all about. She HAD her chance to vote about fixing the City’s Municipal Parks’ Code, etc. and she voted along with the knucklehead 5-1 majority to DO NOTHING. It’s not like THAT vote was something that just “appeared” at the City Council meeting. They all had a reading packet that explained the issue to them very succinctly well before that meeting:

                  Oak Harbor takes a stab at gun regulation

    1. This lady has more common sense than ALL the folks COMBINED who are talking about making more laws that will somehow make us “safer” by creating additional laws which further restrict/infringe upon our 2nd Amendment Rights.

  5. Just as an fyi in this thread too. I recieved this threat from Patricia Fick this morning:

    Warning, Kat. Post my mothers information (MY information) online again and I have no problem pressing charges on you for cyber bullying and posting personal information without permission. Take your bitterness elsewhere and stop being a petty wench.

    The image below is a screen capture of the Facebook comment:

    1. I have been similarly previously threatened by Pam and Patricia Fick on the Whidbey News-Times Facebook forum. I never stopped saying what I was saying and the threats from them just kept coming.

      Making threats, like this mother-daughter duo Pam and Patricia Fick routinely do, happens when they don’t like what is being said about an issue. This is just another example as to how our local Island County Democrats do business.

      These two folks, like many people, have all sorts of so-called “personal information” already posted to the internet.

      For example: “North Whidbey 03 353 Pam Fick fick.cnp@comcast.net

      That’s at: http://islandcountydemocrats.wordpress.com/about-us/officer-and-pcos/

      Here is some more “personal information” about Pam Fick:

      “Pamela Fick was born in 1957. Pamela currently lives in Oak Harbor, Washington. Before that, she lived in La Puente, CA from 1998 to 2003. Before that, she lived in Tustin, CA from 1994 to 2009.”

      That’s from: http://www.mylife.com/pamela_fick

      Here’s some more information on Pam Fick:

      “Pam Fick, a 20-year Oak Harbor resident and Navy veteran, who is also a gun owner and keeps it in her house, objects to the notion of guns being carried in parks. She told this column Tuesday via telephone, “We’re trying to fill the room. That’s the only intention we have to make a point that they don’t belong in there.” Her name and phone number were posted online at IslandPolitics.org, which she called a local “GOP Inquirer”.”

      That’s from: http://www.examiner.com/article/oak-harbor-antis-fail-to-exclude-gun-activists-from-debate

      Oh, and here is:
      3089. Oak harbor 2643 olympic dr Pamela Fick

      That’s from: http://www.locatefamily.com/Street-Lists/USA/WA/98277/index6.html

      And, here, too, we have:

      “Curt Robert Fick was born in 1957. Curt currently lives in Oak Harbor, Washington. Before that, Curt lived in San Clemente, CA from 1988 to 1992. Before that, Curt lived in La Puente, CA from 1999 to 2002.
      Curt Robert Fick is related to Pamela Fick, who is 55 years old and lives in Oak Harbor, WA. Curt Robert Fick is also related to Patricia Fick, who is 35 years old and lives in Oak Harbor, WA.”

      That’s from: http://www.mylife.com/c-807342948

      Also, here’ some “personal information” about Patiricia Fick:

      “Patricia Fick, 2643 Olympic Drive, Oak Harbor, Washington 98277-8027”

      That’s from: http://address-search-us.com/patricia-fick-olympic-drive-oak-harbor

      Now, are they going to threaten me, again, too? I would not be surprised if they did. It’s their “thing”.

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