At the City Council meeting on February 6th 2012 Oak Harbor had a very contentious Meeting. The council chambers were packed with gun rights supporters demanding that our city council follow the laws and Constitution of our State by bringing our city codes into line with State Law.

I would estimate the attendance was well over 250 people. 120 were allowed in the council chambers and overflow area, 50 seats were downstairs watching the proceedings on a video fees and many more were milling about in the foyer upstairs and outside.

The testimony given during the public comment period was overwhelmingly supportive of the city following our state laws with of course the exception of our token troublemakers Shane Hoffmire and Pam Fick.

After the public comment period which was previously extended to 30 minutes by a motion of the council had expired a motion was made by Jim Campbell to extend the public comment period for another 30 minutes. He received no second and the public comment period was closed much to the chagrin of those that had taken tme out of their lives to come and comment.

The issue of amending the city code to reflect the adoption of the state laws on forearms was brought to the floor as an emergency motion and passed by all the council including Rick Almberg and Joel Servatius. There was NO public comment taken on this motion and the meeting was then quickly adjourned leaving all other city business scheduled for the council session without talking any action.

Apparently the city council felt they had enough exposure on this issue. As all the major news media was on hand for this event it is very apparent that the city council did not want to take any more comments on this issue and have the major news media available to see their ridiculous behavior.

In one of the more interesting moments in the meeting, one of many, and after several of the public commenter’s had spoken of the desire to see Rick Almberg resign his position for not following his oath. Jim Campbell made a motion for Rick Almberg to speak to the questions from the citizens about his resignation. Rick Almberg defended his actions by calling on an audience member and Attorney Grant Weed to recall a legal opinion that he had been given that he had not broken his oath. Mr. Weed seemed to agree with Mr. Almberg that he did not break his oath but it seems to me that the question was not phrased correctly. I will review the recordings and correct if necessary.

After Jim Campbell made his motion and there was a brief discussion about Rick Almbergs behavior Mr. Almberg made a motion that Mayor Scott Dudley should apologize to him publically for the Mayor saying that he had broke his oath. In reviewing the video in question the Mayor never spoke directly about Mr. Almberg although he did mention a “couple of council members” and “their possible actions”.

Mr. Almberg was again out of line asking for an apology from the Mayor. This was obviously an attempt by Mr. Almberg to deflect the fact that he indeed had violated his oath to the people. Rick Almberg really does need to resign for the good of the city, his childish actions are far below the standard we need to set for our council members.

There will be more on this subject later as soon as the video is available on the cities website.

I certainly want to thank all of the Second Amendment supporters that showed up for this meeting. Never have I had the opportunity to be in the company and presence of such a large group of real Americans. Everyone should be proud of their behavior and their actions on the night of February 6th 2013 and I was honored to be in your presence.