Citizen Comments from Oak Harbor City Council meeting of 2-5-2013

Below are links to individual videos of the citizens comments at the recent city council meeting where our firearms ordinances were discussed. Sorry for any misspelling of names.

Brandon Baza

Lucas Yonkman

James Fisher

Sam Vere

Shane Hoffmire

Pamela Fick

Joe Hawkins

Scott Keith

William Frail

Sandi Peterson

Mel Vance

Nick Smith

John Davis

Richard Everest


  1. Ummm….. Brandon Baza…. wow, Cliff, I didn’t think anyone could spell worse than my step daughter!

    1. I may have got it. Brain Bauza?…well…what can I say? I had to correct Sandi Petersons name also…2 out of 12? Yup that’s about my average :)

  2. Best comments were by William Frail, by and far.

    I am the son of a Jewish mom, one of my grandfathers had to run from Nazism in the 1930s into China, then America.

    Sadly unlike William, I can’t wear a uniform. But like William, I don’t have it within me to go quietly into the night.

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