Well here we go again with more information, all from Island County records again proving that there is not now nor never has been a wetland on Emerson’s property

A February 6 Public Documents Request regarding the short plat division of the parcels surrounding the Emerson’s home  and Emerson’s  parcel indicated the following: 

Official county records confirmed NO WETLANDS or Sensitive lands existed during the original development of that area in 1994.

Additionally, the two adjacent properties to the north of Emerson’s property had new homes built in 2007 and on the upper lot and the property immediately to the rear of Emerson’s property which is actually closer to County’s PHONY WETLAND/ STREAM where another new building was put up in 2010 showed “NO WETLANDS” .

All of these other  properties had their Building Permits approved by  County Planning  with NO WETLAND indications, despite being closer to the bogus wetland County claims exists on Emerson’s property. 

Planning Director Bob Pederson, his enforcers, probably other Planning Department staff members, Commissioners Homola and Price-Johnson, State Department of Ecology and Steve Erickson of WEAN, who provided Planning staff his wetlands critique of  Emerson’s  wetland,  all obviously ignored  these documents in County’s record files 

County even decided to challenge the documented facts stating  no wetlands existed in a report  prepared  for Emersons by a state Certified and licensed Hydrogeologist Engineering Geologist, Steven Nuegebauer of the SNR Company

Pederson didn’t like the SNR Company report and he ordered Emersons provide a peer review for a second opinion report which they did 

That report agreed with all the findings in the SNR Company, Nuegebauer report

Over 2 years have now passed and Pederson still demands  Emersons resolve the wetland problems on their property before he will release the  approved building  permit

Our review  of  County documents  included   letters   from Pederson  but  it was not clear if  his “fines” ended with the  $37,500 or if  the  $500/day  was  still  being accessed

We  found only  letters  from Pederson demanding  Emerson’s  pay  fines  and requesting authorization, BUTthere were NO LEGAL documents authorizing Pederson’s  demands  for  payment or placing a lien on their property
Nothing has been done to by  Pederson try to resolve this issue  and  Emersons remain in limbo trying to figure out what County’s next move will be; one way or another

Pederson recently stated to Emersons’ attorney, Justin Park,  “…as to your belief that no wetland exists, this question can be easily answered by a site assessment performed in accordance with accepted methodologyI do not see any benefit to issuing a final decision unless the wetland and stream questions are first resolved” 

What’s Pederson going to do now that Island County’s own records prove there are no wetlands on or near the Emerson’s property.

The entire wetland fiasco has been a bogus political sham that’s cost the Emersons thousands of dollars and wasted staff hours and tax dollars of County resources 

To me that ?borders? on violations of:

RCW 42.20.040 False Report, 

RCW 42.20.050, Public officer making false certificate, and/or

 RCW.20.100, Failure of duty by a public officer, a misdemeanor??? 

Something is rotten in Coupeville and it’s called Island County Planning Department 


Pederson’s plan has been, “If you try and don’t succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Then lie”…