With the exception of one Island County Democrat PCO who simply could not resist asking the County Commissioners to “speak for the kids”, the rest of those Island County citizens who spoke out in late-February against a proposed Island County ordnance titled “Discharge of Firearms Prohibited” actually appeared to understand what they were talking about.

I learned quite a bit about how potentially dangerous and out of control some elements of Island County Government truly are by watching and listening to these intelligent Island County residents: folks who either took the time or made the time to get to Coupeville and tell the Board of island County Commissioners where they stood on this issue. You can watch that video below the “Read the rest of this entry ┬╗” link.


Island County citizens at the BOICC meeting in Coupeville
More faces in the crowd at the BOICC Meeting in Coupeville


The Youtube introduction to this video says: “Over 40 Island County Washington citizens protest Island County Commissioners plans to implement gun control laws to solve a non existent problem… a law that violates the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and Washington state laws. ┬áThis video is just the portion of their meeting that’s allowed for citizen comments; only 2 minutes each.”

Editor’s note: some folks in attendance claim there were actually about 60 people in attendance, as some people were necessarily in the hallway due to lack of enough space in the meeting room.