Wake Up Island County Commissioners: No More Taxes; Fund Only Necessary Programs & Services; Eliminate all Others; 4+ Years of Depression; Time For Change

Island County government is competing with many other sources providing products and services in exchange for tax payer’s dollars. Sad, but real facts for those sources of money are that incomes have dropped the most in the past 20 years and money left over after taxes have taken the biggest plunge since 1959

This indicates County Government must obtain citizens agreement that County’s product or services have priority over the competition

County needs to have a clear message proving benefits to citizens and those benefits must solve real problems providing necessary services

The best way to do this can not be to raise taxes and fees again. Instead public pressure will force the Commissioners to eliminate at least the three most irritating programs they created since the rejection of Prop 1; all solving non existent problems, i e,

1. Septic inspection program that later combined with another bogus problem producing the Clean Water Utility District Christmas Present for voters 

2. The 2012 Christmas present of a County wide Recycling ordinance that’s currently being considered for elimination

3. Homola’s gun ordinance now again being considered but not yet approved, Commissioners Jill Johnson and Emerson  stated  at  today’s Commissioners’ meeting  that  final action  on this ordinance  will  be resolved  at their  March 6, Wednesday  work session

By demonstrating those unwanted programs foisted on citizens have been eliminated and those tax dollars and associated other costs no longer exist then, and only then, can new, revenue plans be established but not costing  tax payers more than  those eliminated

This time it must not be “special Interest minorities” getting the Commissioners attention

It’s time we the people demand the Commissioners make a list of ALL programs and then THE Commissioners must rank them according to mandated laws and citizen needs

Too many existing programs were historically justified on somewhat questionable values of Social justice. That also  includes taxpayer  memberships or  attendiing  functions of unnecessary non important groups such as  Sustainable Whidbey Coalition, Puget Sound Waters, and all other similar  organizations. if  a County official or  employee wants  to  be active  in these  groups, they  must  pay for it; not the tax payers

All of those programs must be re-evaluated to make sure  they are cost justified; if not eliminate them

NOT ALL funded programs can be ranked #1, either County wide or within a specific departments but that historically seems to be the way it’s been done contrary to what County officials claim

Eliminating those rated lowest and their associated staff and other expenses would result in significantly improved public creditability & trust in our Commissioners when replacing those taxes, fees, and costs with adequate funds to restore necessary service levels


  1. Bill;

    W/ the limited supply of freshwater aquifers on Island County I don’t see the need to object to some kind of septic system regulation or the like. Respectfully.

    As far as the other two programs, absolute agreement with you. Does Island County Government really need to risk a lawsuit from the 2nd Amendment Foundation for a negative increase in public safety? Uh, no. Does Island County Government need to butt into a free-market recycling operation? Uh, no. I would hope Island County Republicans would agree that there is little to nothing in the yellow pages a county government need duplicate.

    There is also the question of the land conservation fund. I agree w/ Commish Johnson that there needs to be an endgame on that.

    1. There is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO justification for some so-called “septic system regulation” that imposes a $39.13 assessment fee annually on ever single parcel of land in Island County via a misleadingly named “Clean Water Utility”.

      There are already more than plenty of building codes and regulations to ensure that septic systems are built to meet or exceed their planned service load, etc.. Moreover, anyone who owns a septic KNOWS TO and DOES service it BEFORE required, or else it backs up and then you wind up having to service it IMMEDIATELY anyway!

      Under this so-called Clean Water Utility, property owners still bear 100% of the burden of maintaining and servicing their septic systems.

      ELIMINATE the “Clean Water Utility”. There never WAS a problem to solve regarding septic systems and the “Clean Water Utility” does NOTHING to solve that NON-PROBLEM!

    2. The so-called Clean Water program was intended to clean up Puget Sound not to be applied for drinking water source protection. Two Island County Commissioners previously bastardized the intend and created a new tax and unnecessary additional problems for property owners. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      All three of these contrived problems and more offer a bulls eye for the now improved commissioner team. Lock and load ladies.

      1. Grassroots Grunt , I am sure you are correct and remember as if it was yesterday when John Dean, in his last act as Commissioner was signing a budget with this comment, “I have freinds who are deputies and friends who are Beach Watchers
        Therefore, I must treat them equally in this budget” So he supported Homola and Price-Johnson with his vote and deputies were terminated
        With that vote HPJ amd Homola realized they still had 2 votes and with that did whatever they wanted until now
        That fiscal stupidity must be stopped and at least Commissioners Emerson and Johnson must prove they are worthy of our trust with a serious change of attitudes in decision making processes when funding projects and associated other “feel good” programs, trips, memberships in useless groups, etc, etc
        HPJ is now the minority and they should make sure she knows it
        euff is enuff

  2. I concur with the above comments. Need to eliminate the Clean Water Utility,,,with all the other levys, taxes, we are taxed out ….all programs need to be justified and those not meeting the needs must go….the county needs to be smart with the limited funds available and make sound decisions….you can do it….we are watching and hoping you will do the right thing……

  3. It is not just the new programs the previous commissioners have authorized that are causing our problems. Those were to some extent user fee paid. The commissioners need to look at ALL county departments to see if the basic needs of the county are being met and then rank these departments by need.
    When you realize that our parks plan has a goal of having a park within 3 miles of all county residents does it make you wonder where they think the funding is going to come from. What was a good idea in good times may not be a good idea today. Times have changed and so should the goals of all of our non essential county departments.

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