The “climate bomb fuse” apparently needs to be lit at least twice, or thrice, in the local fish wrapper + Video “Eddsworld – Climate Change”

How does one know when the local fish wrapper REALLY likes one side of an issue or a particular letter-writer’s take on things? One clue is seeing numerous letters-to-the-editor from that person. Sometimes, they even put the SAME letter on-line more than once!

This tells me that Gary Piazzon‘s cause has become a local fish wrapper favorite. In short, his premise is:

“…the (Canadian) tar sands are a “climate bomb” which if allowed to reach its full potential means “game over for the climate.””

So far, Gary has had three letters-to-the-editor about this “climate bomb” published by the fish wrapper whose initials spell “What’s New Today”? First, there was ‘Dirty business extracting oil“, then “The fuse to the climate bomb“, followed by another publication of “The fuse to the climate bomb

I have yet to see readers’ comment on one of these three letters suggesting that anyone reading them believes this “climate bomb” premise is based in any sort of reality. Nevertheless, “What’s New Today?” appears not to be able to get enough of these letters. Could that be because Gary Piazzon is truly a “man of action“? Is it because he protects us from aliens? Is it because he runs WEAN? Perhaps it’s simply because “What’s New Today?” felt sorry for Gary since the unpopular mandatory curbside the recycling program for which he has advocated is going away? After all, “What’s New Today?” is itself upset that Gary and his like-minded friends did not get their way.

From his recently published letters, it’s apparent that Gary firmly believes the Keystone XL Pipeline‘s existence (or not) will ultimately decide whether or not the fuse to the “climate bomb” gets lit or not. Gary and “What’s New Today?” are clearly again in the minority view, since about 70% of people in the US support the building of the Keystone pipeline.

Suggesting that building the Keystone XL pipeline is the fuse that will light a worldwide “climate bomb” from within Canadian tar sands which will then result in a “game over” scenario for the entire world climate is business-as-usual for Gary Piazzon.

However, if Gary’s world-view on the “climate bomb” is not entirely clear to you, maybe the below video will help you see things Gary’s way.

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  1. Bill, well said! And these people don’t use oil, or the thousands of oil by-products in their everyday lives?
    “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!”

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