Island County Commissioner Jill Johnson Keeps Her Promise- Kelly Emerson Is Now Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners

Jill Johnson kept her promise. Jill had previously made a promise to treat Kelly Emerson as a duly elected equal Commissioner to Island County and today she upheld that promise by voting for Kelly Emerson as Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners. This action by Jill was a bit delayed and was expected directly after the election but I am sure that Jill has learned a lot about the Emerson’s battle with the county since she has taken office.

Jill made one of the most apt statements I have heard concerning this issue to the Whidbey News Times:

“The truth of it is this is a personal property rights issue between the Emerson’s and Island County – it’s not a commissioner issue unless you make it one,” Johnson said.”

I and many others could not agree more.

Congratulations to Kelly Emerson as new Chair of the Board of Island County Commissioners and many thanks to Jill Johnson for upholding her promise to treat Kelly as an equal member of the board.

Jill made the promise and she kept it. Thank you Jill…

The video below is short section taken from the video that Bill Strowbridge took at the workshop today. For the complete video go here and here.



    1. No it was not. I have not seen the video yet, Bill is working on that I type. From what I understand Helen was the outlier and she remained opposed with the usual type of derogatory proclamations about how evil Ms. Emerson is.

      1. Well, one wonders if Jill Johnson’s wild-eyed fantasy about humming a few lines of Kumbaya with Helen Price-Johnson is still alive and kicking….

        1. I thought Helen Price Johnsons actions were tacky. Especially seeing how it was Helens and Angies planning planning department that had failed to resolve this issue after having over 2 years to do so.

          Of course then they would not have an issue with Kelly then would they?

      2. I listened to the audio, I don’t think those digs were appropriate by HP-J.

        Congrats to Chairwoman Emerson who clearly needed this days before Save NAS Whidbey Task Force deployment.

        1. Joe,
          Kelly will do a good job in representing Island County on the task force simply because she loves the Navy.

          1. Thanks Ken, so do I. Your wife is a regular presence at Navy League unlike Tara Hizon, HPJ, Mary Margaret Haugen, and sadly other politicians. The sailors right now need to know the politicians are going to get their backs!!

  1. Thank you Jill. You did the right thing. I am really sick of listening to Mrs. Johnson and her back stabbing.

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