1. My thoughts and prayers are with the families, shipmates, and those that cared for the individuals killed today.
    The only thing we know at this point is that they were made of the right stuff.

  2. I find it ironic and not insignificantly disturbing that as the news was breaking of the death of patriots pledged to support and defend the Constitution, a citizen was exercising his patriot-protected First Amendment freedom of speech to again express utter disdain for the military during the County Commissioner meeting. Pause and reflect.

    I am grateful to the fallen fliers for their ultimate sacrifice offered for my Constitutional liberties.

    1. Tim;
      I’m not surprised but sickened that once again a progressive agitator abuses our freedoms.

      There will be another Flickr posting including all the names of the EA-6B memorial tomorrow or Wednesday.

  3. Whenever an EA-6B crashes, I am almost immediately mentally flashed-back to July 10, 1984, aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) with VAQ-132, on my first set of at-sea workups with CVW-7.

    That day, we received news of the loss of an EA-6B in a sister-squadron, VAQ-135, aboard USS America (CV-66), also at-sea at the time.

    Somebody in the Ready Room stated: “The three ECMO’s made it out, but not the pilot”. I dreaded asking “Who was the pilot?”, and I felt like I had been kicked in the gut when I heard the name.

    Mike Debartolomeo and his wife had become pretty good friends of mine while Mike and I went through the CAT-1 syllabus at VAQ-129. We had graduated together only a few months earlier.

    I am surely not the only person to remember Mike Debartolomeo in life and in service to his country. In fact, this 2010 article “DeBartolomeo honored as Veteran of the Month” – http://is.gd/UKGALp – popped up when I did a web search on his name today.

    I am probably also going to look up Mike’s name plaque at the Prowler Memorial on NAS Whidbey Island, where all Prowler aircrew who have perished flying the EA-6B are perennially remembered.

    “EA-6B Memorial as of 30 July 2011”

    It’s certainly not a good thing to have to add names yet again to that Memorial, but I am grateful to the many folks who are responsible for its existence.

  4. Please pray for comfort and understanding of the fliers’ families. Little do most Americans realize that the dangers encountered in training are equal to or exceed the dangers of flying in combat.

    Navy Heroes, though we may not have known you by name, we do know who you are and that you did your duty as you promised. Now rest in hallowed peace.

  5. Per King 5 News: http://is.gd/81BrWd

    The Navy personnel killed in the crash are:

    Lieutenant Junior Grade Valerie Cappelaere Delaney; Naval Aviator; 26; from Ellicott City, Md.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade William Brown McIlvaine III; Naval Flight Officer; 24; from El Paso, Texas

    Lieutenant Commander Alan A. Patterson; Naval Flight Officer; 34; from Tullahoma, Tenn.

  6. There are some low-life piles of *** posting on the WNT’s forum boards.

    They are using the deaths of our Shipmates to further their own political agendas.

    I hope they choke

    1. I will watch for them Joe H.

      My support for the troops is not just because I love the jet noise, it’s requiting the love of those who serve because I cannot.

      1. Tara Hizon’s agenda is promoting Tara Hizon. Joe Kunzler’s suggestion that he will “watch for them” is absurd. They are buddies.

        1. Them = progressive agitators in my mind.

          I am on patrol, ready to open fire on any moronic idiot who wants to politicize the death of our heroes like James Bruner.

          Those three heroes died for our rights, especially this civilian’s and I am on the Prowl and Growl for them. BillB, what you and you guys did gave me the freedom to write, to speak, to explore, to ride a bus in safety and for that I am eternally grateful.

          1. My suggestion to you is let the idiots be idiots. This is no time to “open fire” on anyone. Don’t add to the problem Joseph.

            1. Hizon: a self-promoting politician who has used the untimely death of others to assume the disgusting role of head cheerleader-in-mourning.

    2. Yeah like Garrett Newkirk who just said moments ago in reply to my LtoE a comment so obnoxious I’m not going to repeat it on a public forum. Obviously, I told him to delete the comment and to not speak at Monday’s meeting. I ask that nobody repeat the comment as well, we don’t need to hurt the NASWI community at this vulnerable time.

      I will ask the Island County Commissioners to be very alert about Monday’s meeting, and if I am healthy enough I intend to attend. Hopefully other patriots will attend in any event.

      Put differently: Being I have a mom and a dad to worry about, I can’t just MMA the guy and have my two parents humiliated to see a son in a prison jumpsuit charged with felony, premeditated assault or even worse. I ask others to think that way as well. You owe it to your parents.

      1. I disagree. The idiocy and anti-Navy hate-speech that some locals – like Garrett Newkirk – spit incessantly needs to be shown to others:

        From “Residents need to accept that OLF is here to stay”

        “Garrett Newkirk ยท Top Commenter

        Kunzler why don’t you buy in the APZ zone since you like the nosie so much.

        Why should we civilians be subjected to the noise and pollution and danger of these aircraft when the military refuse to subject there own personnel / familys buy not flying over thier housing.

        the military has classifed civilians as cannonfoder and dos not care about the civlians safety.”

        Garret Newkirk is onviously not a politician, but many of our lpublic figures and local politicians only love the Navy for the $$ they bring to this island. They simply aren’t as open about how they feel as Garrett Newkirk is.

        Moreover, the “What’s New Today” editor is free to fantasize that…

        “Tragedy unites this community”

        …but that’s just his fantasy.

        There are numerous Garrett Newkirk-like folks on Whidbey Island.

        1. a) As a “public figure” I love the Navy servicemembers for their service more than the jets that cheer me up more than the economic impacts.

          b) Sure BillB. I personally find the “cannon fodder” comment sick, cruel and pathetic. It reeks of invoking the tragic death of three heroes.

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