On March 21st 2013 Sandi Peterson announced that she is running for Oak Harbor City Council position 5 which is currently held by Joel Servatius.

In speaking with Sandi she states that her reason for running is that she has had enough! 

Enough of the culture of disrespect; enough of the lack of civility; enough of the council, with rare exception, acting without concern for those they serve, the citizens of Oak Harbor.  Enough of their over reaching and micro management. She believes that the people who live, work and do business here deserve better. 

She says she can no longer sit back and hope something changes.  It is time to step up to the plate and do something about the changes that we all know need to happen in the City of Oak Harbor.

Here are a few things that Sandi believes in and stands for.  This is certainly not a complete list and we will have more information on her campaign in the near future.

What can the citizens of Oak Harbor expect from Sandi? 

  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY She understands that the money the city spends comes from the toil of someone else’s brow and must be spent wisely and responsibly.
  • UNBIASED DECISIONS She can look at all sides of an issue, listen to the facts and come to decisions based on those facts, and not preconceived ideas.
  • A BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT at council meetings She has a no nonsense approach to getting business done, balanced with a sense of fair play.
  • AN ADVOCATE Sandi is also not afraid to speak up for what she believes is right and understands that her job will be to listen to and speak for the citizens of our city.

Sandi will make a great City Council member and will be one of the agents for change that the city of Oak Harbor so well needs. With her and Lucas Yonkman now in the race we citizens in Oak Harbor now have good choices for leadership which will benefit all citizens of the city. 

If your interested in finding out more about Ms. Peterson you can call her directly at 360-441-1415 or you can e mail her at electsandi@comcast.net