Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher of the Whidbey News-Times, certainly has a right to HIS opinion as outlined in his recent editorial

It is no surprise however, that his typical Progressive Democratic Socialist spin fails to address another path for resolution in the Emerson case. That resolution requires the Island County Planning Department to admit they were wrong in their wetland assessment, drop the fines, and issue the building permit.

Unfortunately that won’t happen simply because Island County’s former Planning Director; Bob Pederson lacked the courage to admit his error. Instead Bob Pederson performed the cowardly act of sending a certified letter to the Emersons imposing fines on the last day as planning director. Does anyone think Keith Higman, who is acting planning director, has the fortitude to step up and right this injustice? I didn’t think so.

Keven R. Graves would have everyone believe that county officials are infallible.