Whidbey Island Fish Wrappers and their Progressive Opinions

Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher of the Whidbey News-Times, certainly has a right to HIS opinion as outlined in his recent editorial http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/opinion/202212551.html

It is no surprise however, that his typical Progressive Democratic Socialist spin fails to address another path for resolution in the Emerson case. That resolution requires the Island County Planning Department to admit they were wrong in their wetland assessment, drop the fines, and issue the building permit.

Unfortunately that won’t happen simply because Island County’s former Planning Director; Bob Pederson lacked the courage to admit his error. Instead Bob Pederson performed the cowardly act of sending a certified letter to the Emersons imposing fines on the last day as planning director. Does anyone think Keith Higman, who is acting planning director, has the fortitude to step up and right this injustice? I didn’t think so.

Keven R. Graves would have everyone believe that county officials are infallible.


  1. Ken,
    Keven R. Graves is cluless and wrong in his assessment of the case. He must have been reading his own paper to “get up to speed”. As for Bob Pederson, I believe he was doing exactly what Homola and Price-Johnson directed or manipulated hin to do. Why else did the County pay him off. Maybe, Keven should look into that issue, but that would need real investagative reporting.

    1. Ken, everyone knows that the “reporters” for the local fish wrappers are nothing more than parrots and their “reporting” is slanted toward Progressive Democratic Socialism.

    2. It is a very poorly researched opinion piece that is for sure. A classic even for the Whidbey News Times. Now I can understand why the people on this Island are so ill informed and come up with the wildest claims about Kelly…they read in the local newspaper…Mr Graves IS entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. He certainly can opinionate about something that he is incorrect about but it certainly does not do his paper many favors with a lot of the people.

      1. Cliff,
        I bet you didn’t know that there has never been one attempt to contact me regarding this issue from anyone at WNT or SWR to discuss the facts or frankly, anything. They just make things up as they go! It is not that I was never available for comment. But I do notice that they run to the likes of Steve Erickson and Marianne Edain for their unqualified opinions and input just like the County does so frequently. That is why I will not post or purchase their rag and I encourage others to cancel their subscriptions and maybe they will go away and a few trees will be saved.

        1. Ken,
          When you understand that you are a target and not a source it all comes into perspective. They are not looking for facts, they are looking for ammunition to shoot at their favorite targets…

          1. Bob Pederson’s unwillingness to admit his error and perpetuate the saga bodes well for Island County’s Progressive Democratic Socialists.

            Reading the vomit spewed comments from the Demon Rats like Nels Kelstrom, Jay Brand, and Molly “the mouth” MacLeod-Roberts it is clear they will continue to spew their twisted lies through the 2014 elections.

            The goal of course is to gain back their Progressive majority and continue their Utopian agenda. Screw individual rights. To hell with property rights. Individuals must yield their rights for the “Common good.”

            “In the Progressive Democratic Socialists utopian world, every human activity, and endeavor is illegal unless permitted by government, and government must control and regulate all activities and endeavors.”

  2. What Pederson did on his last day in my opinion was the act of a vindictive man not an honest gentleman.

    1. Bob Pederson did the exact same thing to others on his last day. And to think he was paid off to not sue Island County after quitting his job to protect (guess who)?

    2. Bob Pederson did the exact same thing to others on his last day. And to think he was paid off to not sue Island County after quitting his job to protect (guess who)?

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