What Progressive Democratic Socialists Don’t Want U.S. Citizens to Know

Canada knows more about the pending doom facing the United States of America than its own citizens. This video clip accurately describes our situation, and we can all thank our Progressive Democratic Socialist comrades in the U. S. Congress.

Economic Freedom Speech – Avoid a Fiscal Cliff « Pierre Poilievre MP – Nepean-Carleton




  1. It’s a great video, as it explains correctly the cause-and-effect of the mortgage-related issues circa 2008 that resulted from a gross excess of risky Government intervention into the mortgage business by trying to turn that business into a Government-managed social program.

    Obamacare is yet another great example of the Government trying to turn the medical profession and medical-related businesses into yet another huge Government-managed social program.

    1. You’re right Bill. This is only going to get worse as we continue the current path toward destruction.

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