Article Posting Rules, Guidelines and Suggestions

For those that have posting privileges here there are a few rules, guidelines and suggestions that need to be followed:

Please use well researched, well written language, and correct spelling in your articles. Your posts are a reflection on all of us so please be respectful to all.

Links and articles from hate groups’ sites are not allowed. 

Island Politics policy prohibits posting of articles, comments or user names that are:

•  Defamatory, abusive, obscene, racist, or otherwise hateful
•  Excessively foul and/or vulgar
•  Inappropriately sexual in nature
•  Baseless personal attacks or otherwise threatening
•  Containing illegal material, or material that infringes on the rights of others
•  Commercial postings attempting to sell a product/item, including using company names as User names.

We will not allow:

• Name-callings or users attacking/insulting each other.
• Repeated messages related to another user and/or derogatory or offensive comments about another individual, or repeating prior posting of the same message under multiple threads or subjects.
• Violation or encouragement of the violation of any local, federal or international law, rule, regulation or ordinance.
• Uses or attempt to use another’s Registration Account, password, service or system.
• Uploading or transmitting of viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, material or code.

If you violate any term of this policy, your article will not be posted or will be removed and your account may be banned.

A user who posts comments agrees and understands that posting false or defamatory comments may subject him/her to personal liability and responsibility should a person or entity bring an action for defamation for publishing libelous and defamatory comments which are false and/or malicious.

Further, every User is informed that Island Politics may provide user information to law enforcement authorities as to any criminal investigation(s) for violations of DMCA or federal law upon subpoena.

While we would like to see those who post articles to use their own information and their own words there are times when it is appropriate to link to a news article for comment and discussion, please follow the following rules when you do post news articles:

If you are posting images or documents make sure that you have the rights to use these images or documents. As Island Politics does not review or change the content of individual posts the content of the users post are the responsibility of the individual user.

Make sure that you pay attention to the following:

1- Do not post documents that are not in the public domain.

2- Images posted from Google images or any other websites must not be posted here without explicit permission from the owner of the image.

3- Individual users are responsible for the images they post. As we have many users that post many images it is up to the individual user to know the copyright status of the images they post.

4- Copyrighted material is not to be altered in any way.

5- If you are unsure of the copyright status of an image you want to use contact and are unsure if the image is acceptable please contact for review before posting.

Public Domain notice and disclaimer:
Our authors have placed all works published here in the Public Domain, thereby relinquishing all copyrights. Everyone is free to use, modify, republish, sell or give away this work without prior consent from anybody.

Island Politics articles are provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk! Under no circumstances shall the author(s) or contributor(s) be liable for damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use or non-use of these articles.

If you are posting  information from a news article for comment and discussion strict guidelines must be followed due to copyright laws.

Make sure that you pay attention to the following:

1- The content of the quote must not be modified from the source.

2- The source of the article must be included and listed as “Source”  The source of the Article is very often NOT the website on which it is posted.  For example: you go to “” and see an article that is originally from the Associated Press, the Source/Paper should by listed as “Associated Press,”  not “”

3- The author of the article must be included, please include this as “author”.

4-  A link to the original article must be included.

5- First sentence of the article, in full, with the dateline (i.e.. “WASHINGTON — Congress just passed a bill . . .”) must be posted at the beginning.

6- Post the article’s text up to the limit:  2 Sentences and no more- – – this helps the readers decide whether they would like to take the time to go to the original article and it helps the search engine by giving it more keywords to search.

7- Copyrighted material is not to be altered in any way.

8- If you are unsure how to link to or reference for discussion an article you wish to use please contact for review or help before posting.

Island Politics will terminate a visitor’s posting priviliges if, under appropriate circumstances, the user is determined to be a repeat infringer of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.

Material posted to Island Politics should be posted according to the “fair use” doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial news reporting, education and discussion purposes. We comply with all legal takedown requests.

Any posting of news articles not conforming to the above format will be removed. We do not want to have any copyright issue with this blog so these rules must be followed if you are posting news articles or images for comment and discussion.

Article posting format suggestions:

1- Please keep image size as small as possible by editing them in image editing software for proper size, 300 pixels wide is what the website will accept, if you upload large un-sized images eventually we will run out of storage space on the server, storage is expensive and as this is a limited budget operation we do not want to stop the posting of images and documents so please re-size before posting. If possible add images after the Insert More Tag so they appear on the article page instead of the home page especially if they are large images or if there are many images.

2- Please enter Insert More Tags after the first 2 or 3 paragraphs so that the readers have a choice to view the rest of the article or scroll onto others. This keeps the home page less cluttered and highlights the headlines instead of the whole article and improves readability. The insert more tag is the 4th icon from the RH side of the top toolbar above the posting content window, the icon will say “Insert More Tag (Alt+Shift+T)” when you move your mouse over it.

3- Please use spell check on all posts and replies. Even though many of us can decipher the meaning of most misspelled words we want to give a positive appearance on this website.

Editing of authors posts:
The editors of Island Politics may make corrections to posts to ensure they conform to the site posting guidelines. This may include spelling, punctuation, formatting corrections and the additions of a “More” tag to those posts that do not have them. All changes made will only be to ensure the posts follow the Island Politics guidelines for posting articles. In this process no article content will be changed.