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Joel Servatius

Immature behaviour from the Oak Harbor alternate board member to Island Transit Joel Servatius

At the 11-21-14 meeting of the board of Island Transit a childish immature display was brought forth by Joel Servatious Oak Harbors alternate member to the board of Island Transit. It seems that Oak Harbor’s alternate member of the board brought it upon himself to seat himself as the regular board member from Oak Harbor even though the permanent representative from Oak Harbor was in attendance and objected to his actions. This is really stunning behaviour by Mr. Servatius, he knows he was chosen as the alternate board member and was to only fill in when the regular board member Mayor Dudley was not present. Mayor Dudley was present at this meeting and Mr. Servatius ignored that fact taking it upon himself to seat himself at the dias. Oak Harbor’s bad acting and actors are now on display at Island Transit Board meetings, thanks to Mr. Servatius.

Mayor Scott Dudley Appointed As Elected Official Member to the Island Transit Board of Directors

At the October 21 2014 meeting of the Oak Harbor City Council the Oak Harbor representative to the Board of Directors of Island Transit Jim Campbell resigned from his position as Board member.

The Oak Harbor City Council appointed Mayor Scott Dudley to the Island Transit Board of Directors.

The City Council also appointed Joel Servatius as alternate board member to the Island Transit Board.

Oak Harbor and it’s City Council is leading by example in this replacement. Many people have called for resignation of the board members of Island Transit because of the past lax oversight by the board. Mr. Campbell did the right thing by stepping down and allowing the Oak Harbor City Council to appoint Mayor Dudley as the replacement on the board from Oak Harbor.

Hat’s off to Jim Campbell, the Oak Harbor City Council and Mayor Dudley for this action that is obviously designed to rebuild public confidence in Island Transit and it’s leadership.

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Gallup Poll- Government is the most important problem facing the United States

Gallup released a poll today that shows that the most important problem Americans are facing today is the government.

View the Gallup Poll here

The question posed to the survey recipients was as follows:

What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?

The results showed that dissatisfaction with Government/Congress/Politicians; Poor leadership/Corruption/Abuse of power lead the poll results as the most important problem.

We have our own problems with dissatisfaction of the Government right here in Oak Harbor. It is time that the citizens wake up and take back their city that has been overtaken by those that do not have the best interest of the citizens in mind. We have an out of control city council that micromanages every aspect of our city government if they possibly have a chance. We have seen decisions made that have consistently resulted in poor outcomes for the citizens and businesses and that have benefitted those special few people that pull the strings behind the city councils decision. Why do we allow only those special few prosper when the citizens are footing the bill?

Wake up citizens of Oak Harbor before it is too late.

Oak Harbor City Council is Broken and Out of Order

From our comments section:
There is something that is worth mentioning here… Joel Servatius refused to comment or give any substantial reasoning why he rejected Cliff Howard’s nomination for the planning commission. Jim Campbell simply asked “why?” and Joel refused to answer. “No Comment,” yet he demanded the Mayor give a reason why he fired Tamara Snipes as the marathon coordinator. Joel Servatius raised a motion to give the Mayor more time to speak, insisting he give an answer.


Any person with the ability to think and reason can see a number of reasons why the Elks club is better suited to run the Marathon than one person. The Mayor’s answer was perfect. He simply wants to make it better, and more economical for the city. The “if its not broke, don’t fix it attitude,” as Paggao suggested shows City Council’s lack of inititiative and inability to make this city a better place. This is the Mayor’s job, and why the people of Oak Harbor elected him, but Joel Servatius has to find any reason to disagree with him… Right Joel? At least he answered a simple question posed to him, something you refused to do.


Beth Munns, Tara Hizon and Joel Servatius’s comments on what took place in that meeting adds to the unprofessional behavior that is Oak Harbor City Council. Tara Hizon comments on the Mayor acting “unprofessional” are comical and one-sided. I watched that meeting start to finish. If Beth Munns had ANY respect for the office of the Mayor she would have let him speak and handled it afterwards. Instead she chose to interrupt him over and over again, THAT is extremely unprofessional. Mrs. Munns as a COW (commanding officer’s wife) should know enough to respect the position, whether or not she agrees with the man.

10 questions for the Oak Harbor City Council Candidates

We have sent 10 questions to all of the candidates for the upcoming Oak Harbor City Council election. In the following weeks we will be posting the answers that the candidates supplied us for your information. All of the candidates for all of the council seats were sent these questions with the exception of Skip Pohtilla whom we could find no contact information for.

All of the candidates were asked the following questions:

What is at stake in the upcoming Oak Harbor City Council election on November 5th? Control of the City Council.

The city of Oak Harbor is at a crossroads. The citizens of this city have a choice to make this November that will greatly change the direction of our city.

At stake in this election is control of the City Council.  A majority of the council has decided to obstruct the new Mayor that was elected on a platform of change and openness by a wide majority of the citizens.  For the last several years we have seen a great deal of contention between the Mayor and those that have the most control over the future of Oak Harbor, the City Council. When the citizens of Oak Harbor elected a new Mayor, Scott Dudley, by a 12.93% margin over his opponent and incumbent Mayor Jim Slowik they were hoping for change and a new way for our city to be managed. This change cannot happen with the current members of the City Council as they have chosen to be obstructive since the day the new Mayor was elected.

Why is the upcoming election for Oak Harbor City Council Members so important to the citizens? Poor Council decisions with the Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility will cost the ratepayers.

The upcoming election for 4 Oak Harbor City Council members is going to be very  important to the citizens. In this post I will outline some of the issues that we currently  have with our planned septic treatment facility or Clean Water Facility to highlight why we have a City Council  that consistently makes the wrong choices for Oak Harbor and why many members of  the current Council need to be replaced with new blood in the Council.

We have a plan on the table by the current City Council that has not been thought  through and will cost the citizens of our community dearly.

1- Plan was rushed.
The current plan was rushed though the council, several recommendations were made to  take the time to do this right and all of those attempts were rebuffed by the Council.
There was a recommendation made to put the engineering of this sewage treatment plant  out for a competitive bid. The Council refused and instead chose an engineering firm  solely on the basis that it would take another 3 month to put this out for bid. They  chose the engineering firm that the city has used for the last several years and that has  consistently given the city the most expensive options.

Oak Harbor City Council Delays Reviewing Their Own Salary and Benefits After Declaring City In Fiscal Emergency!

At the City Council meeting on May 21st the City Council had 2 agenda items that were tabled until the next meeting following the November election. Both of these Agenda items were brought by the Mayor and Administration in response to the “Fiscal Emergency” declared by the City Council.

One of the items was Resolution 13-12 which would have eliminated health care benefits for part time elected officials including the Mayor and the City Council.

The other was an Agenda Bill that asked the Council to make a decision on the method of reviewing and possibly reducing the salaries of Oak Harbor elected officials.

Oak Harbor City Council Again Obstructs our Mayor from performing his duty under our State Laws

Again we see our obstructive Oak Harbor City Council in action.

Recently Mayor Dudley appointed a new city attorney as a full time city employee to replace the interim attorney. The City Council has refused to confirm this appointment. This is 3 or 4 to zero in confirming the Mayors appointments without obstruction. (Correction: The City Council approved ONE appointee without obstruction, Larry Cort.)

Let’s go back a bit in recent time to when the City Council approved a new rule that allows the City Council to confirm the Mayors appointments. Since inception Oak Harbor has allowed it’s Mayor the sole ability to hire and fire administrative personel under his control until this new rule by the council. This new rule was adopted with some controversy as this allows the council to control who works under the Mayor’s control and for the citizens of Oak Harbor. Remember the City Attorney and management personnel works for the Mayor and the citizens in this city not the council. The Mayor is elected as our executive officer and all city management personnel work directly under his control. The council has thrown a wrench into this process by voting in themselves the ability to confirm those appointees. Now the Mayor is faced with hiring an employee under his direct control but having to go through our obstructive City Council to actually hire that employee. There has not been one appointee for a position chosen by our Mayor that has not been rejected or obstructed by this council with the exception of Larry Cort.

Oak Harbor City Councilman Rick Almberg walks out of City Council meeting. He refuses to follow his oath by supporting the laws of the State of Washington and our Washington State Constitution.

At last Tuesdays City Council meeting a citizen commented during the citizens comment period encouraging the City Council to support the Second Amendment and to help educate our children about firearms and firearm safety.

In a rather disturbing display by Councilman Almberg this citizen was called back to the podium by Councilman Almberg and the councilman asked the Mayor to enquire if he was carrying a concealed weapon. After some discussion with the city Attorney about the legality of Councilman Almberg requesting a citizen return to the podium to be asked a question by the Councilman the citizen volunteered to answer any questions Councilman Almberg saw fit to ask him. After the citizens confirmed that he was lawfully and legally carrying a concealed weapon Councilman Almberg made a motion (during the citizens comment period yet) that he wanted to make a requirement that citizens coming to city council meeting check their firearms with either the police department or the Chief of Police before being allowed to attend the meeting. The Motion was seconded by Joel Servatius. After a long discussion the motion was presented for a vote with Councilman Almberg and Councilman Servatius voting yes and the remainder of the Council voted no. Immediately after the motion failed councilman Almberg excused himself and left the meeting.

What is next for Oak Harbor now that they have declared a fiscal emergency?

From watching what has happened in other cities that have gone through fiscal emergencies it looks like Oak Harbor may be in for some tough times. I question whether Oak Harbor is actually under a true fiscal emergency or if this issue has only been trumped up by the City Council for some unknown and possibly political reason. But it has been declared and now the city will need to live with the repercussions.

With the city having quite a few open employment positions available it is unclear that these will be filled. If they are not essential positions you would think that under a fiscal emergency that these would not be filled. We may even be faced with layoffs of our current city employees lowering the level of service that we receive from the city.

Oak Harbor City Council Declares Fiscal “Emergency”. The facts concerning this issue directly from Oak Harbor’s Finance Director

I recently received a report prepared by the city finance director that answers a lot of the fiscal questions concerning the state of Oak Harbor’s finances and the need for a declaration of a fiscal emergency.

With the City Council declaring a “fiscal emergency” one of the first actions besides reducing the amount the Mayor and his staff can spend without City Council authorization was the creation by the Council of a special “stabilization account” that established a minimum reserve of $3,000,000.00 or 25% of the the general budget whichever is greater.

Reading the report by the city finance director it appears that Oak Harbor is already above the 25% limit of the new stabilization account, currently the projected reserve balance at the end of the year will be 25.8871% of the general fund budget and the ending balance will be $3,259,056 which shows both figures above the limits set by the Council for the stabilization account. The question does come up with our city finances in such good condition what was the purpose for the declaration of a fiscal emergency? Politics or was there a true need?

Oak Harbor City Council Declares Fiscal Emergency. But…is there more to the story?

At the Monday June 18th Special City Council meeting the council passed a motion made by Rick Almberg that the city is now in a fiscal emergency. With the emergency declaration it is  now possible for the council to make and vote on amendments during the same meeting greatly lessening the length of time that the council has to consider these motions.  OHMC Chapter  1.04 allows for final consideration of all amendments to be taken at a single meeting as long as an emergency is declared beforehand.

At this same meeting another motion made by Rick Almberg under the color of this declared “emergency”  was passed that has greatly restricted the Mayor, City Administrator and  department heads. This motion limits the amount the Mayor and his staff can spend without City Council approval. Previously the Mayor was allowed to spend up to $30,000.00, the City  Administrator $20,000.00 and the department heads $10,000.00 without council approval now the limit has been placed at $10,000.00 for everyone with spending authority including the  Mayor.

Oak Harbor City Council Squelches Public Comments at City Council Meetings

At the last city council meeting Thursday the people’s voice to the council was severely restricted. The council did not move the public comment period to the end of the meeting as proposed but what they did was much more draconian than that.

We now have a public comment period that is severely restricted. Rick Almberg made a motion that was voted in by the council (with the exception of Jim Campbell who abstained) to limit public comments to 3 minutes per person with a limit of 15 minutes for all public comments during the meeting. This means that  the public comments will be limited to 5 people commenting at any one meeting for 3 minutes each. 5 people and that is all the people that our City Council members want to hear from no matter what the issue.