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Mayor Scott Dudley

Oak Harbor Mayor Scott Dudley will not be running for reelection

I was asked four years ago to run for mayor of the City of Oak Harbor since our existing mayor and city council were not listening to the citizens of Oak Harbor during the Pioneer Way project. I did run for mayor and was overwhelmingly elected.

I have not forgotten who I work for and whose money it is we are spending. I continue to give back 20 percent of my salary as promised and continue to focus on the priorities I ran on, which are public safety, economic development, and a more open and transparent government. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish with such an adversarial city council.

It is because of that city council and the outlook of it not changing that I am choosing not to run again for the position of mayor. I have no desire to put myself through another four years of trying to work with a city council that has acted like children and has done everything in its power to undermine any authority that I have had.

The one bright spot on the city council continues to be Councilman Jim Campbell. He continues to meet and listen to the citizens of Oak Harbor. He questions our actions to ensure that what we are doing is in the best interest of Oak Harbor.

I would strongly suggest that the residents of Oak Harbor vote for and elect individuals to the city council and mayor’s office that have their best interests in mind, not those that come from the same group of friends who have consistently made bad decisions and are thus hurting our citizens. We need individuals on our council that represent the citizens not the same old power structure that has brought those bad decisions to our city.

The City of Oak Harbor is about to make at least $113 million mistake with our new wastewater treatment facility, which will unnecessarily burden our citizens for the rest of their lives. The existing city council will push this project through no matter what the cost is. The citizens of Oak Harbor are still paying on a monthly basis for our last mistake, the Pioneer Way project, and now are about to see their wastewater rates be one of the highest in Washington as well as see our main park, Windjammer Park, lose space due to an ever-increasing size of a new wastewater treatment plant. I have no desire to be associated with such a mistake.

I have learned quite a bit since taking office. I have learned the importance of patience and developed thicker skin. I thank the citizens of Oak Harbor for allowing me to represent them over the last four years.


Scott Dudley


Oak Harbor, WA

Original Letter

City Council caught with their pants down over 116 million wastewater treatment plant and blames the Mayor for their lack of communication.

At the City Council meeting on March 3rd 2015 some of the Oak Harbor City Council went full bore in attempting to make every problem the city has a Mayor problem. Instead of informing themselves, staying educated on city issues and tackling problems our city has they seem only to want to point fingers at the Mayor. I will outline a few of those issues below and also some of the finger pointing that went on…

Whidbey Ave crosswalk:

Rick Almberg questioned the Mayor whether he did or did not direct the police department to target enforcement on jaywalking on Whidbey Avenue as recommended by the traffic engineer. Mr. Almberg apparently believes that the city police force has the resources to station a police officer on Whidbey Avenue to control the illegal jaywalking. As Councilman Almberg has done everything in his power to delay this crosswalk and throw up roadblocks to its installation it is no wonder that we still see problems in this area with recent car-pedestrian accidents. This project should have been started and completed months ago why has it not? Rick Almberg and the council has delayed every effort to start and complete this project. Why? Citizens went to the Mayor with their concerns so the council has decided to make it as difficult and costly to the Mayor as they can in able to obtain this obviously needed crosswalk. This issue should be a non-issue and the crosswalk should have already been built. Of course with political hay to make this council wants to make it a political issue as was done tonight by Councilman Almberg.

Scott Dudley replaced as the Oak Harbor representative on the Board of Directors of Island Transit

Video is now at the end of this article. See it for yourself…

In a shocking display of partisan politics at last nights meeting of the Oak Harbor City Council the council replaced Mayor Scott Dudley as the representative from Oak Harbor on the Board of Directors at Island Transit.

This was done without any public notification what so ever. The item was added to the agenda by Councilman Severns at the last minute. There was no publication of the agenda that including the agenda item so many of those who are affected by the problems at Island Transit never knew it was going to occur. The normal date for the council to make appointments such as this is the last meeting of the year which will occur on the 16th of December, the next council meeting. It is very obvious that this change in appointment and change in the date of the agenda item was done to stop the public from being notified about an item coming before the council that is of great concern to all residents of the county.  Those the most effected by this change were not given the opportunity to speak to the council or give input before this decision was made.

Mayor Scott Dudley Appointed As Elected Official Member to the Island Transit Board of Directors

At the October 21 2014 meeting of the Oak Harbor City Council the Oak Harbor representative to the Board of Directors of Island Transit Jim Campbell resigned from his position as Board member.

The Oak Harbor City Council appointed Mayor Scott Dudley to the Island Transit Board of Directors.

The City Council also appointed Joel Servatius as alternate board member to the Island Transit Board.

Oak Harbor and it’s City Council is leading by example in this replacement. Many people have called for resignation of the board members of Island Transit because of the past lax oversight by the board. Mr. Campbell did the right thing by stepping down and allowing the Oak Harbor City Council to appoint Mayor Dudley as the replacement on the board from Oak Harbor.

Hat’s off to Jim Campbell, the Oak Harbor City Council and Mayor Dudley for this action that is obviously designed to rebuild public confidence in Island Transit and it’s leadership.

More troubles from Island Transit Management

Recently the finance director of Island Transit Sandra Kuykendall wrote a letter to the editor which attacked one of the board members of Island Transit and Mayor of Oak Harbor. She also referred to the public who spoke at one of the meetings as a “vigilante mob” who was “lynching” a public servant and that the supporters of the Mayor are “dopes” and that he “intimidated” the board into firing Martha Rose. She then went on in this letter to the editor to state that what was happening to Martha Rose was “McCarthyism”. She wrote this letter to the editor and signed it in her official capacity as “Sandra Kuykendall Acting Financial Manager, Island Transit”.

If this was not bad enough she then sent an e mail to some 46 people who all appear to all be past or present employees of Island Transit. She apparently even sent this e mail to the rank and file employees of the agency. The e mail was a description of the word “McCarthyism” obviously to explain in detail the comments she made to the local paper.

Is the Oak Harbor City Council following Parliamentary Procedures? Or are Parliamentary Procedures being used as a disruptive tool by the council?

At the last city council meeting and in our local newspaper we saw several of our council members making claims that the Mayor was not following proper Parliamentary Procedures in many of his actions. Tara Hizon stated that she was “horrified” and “It was the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen,” in our local paper.  A great disruption was made at the meeting by at least 2 of the Council with several out of order interruptions during the meeting that appeared to show very poor respect for any rules. As it turns out the council’s basis was wrong in every one of their disruptive claims and if Tara Hizon was truly “Horrified” she was horrified for all the wrong reasons.

I broke open my copy of the Sturgis Rules also known as The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure which is the parliamentary procedures used by our council and searched it for information about the claims made at the most recent meeting.  I referenced the council special rules which is the separate set of rules that the council uses. I also contacted a friend who was a debate leader in college for the explanation of why comments are not mentioned or covered under Sturgis or Robert’s rules Let’s go over the claims that were made.

Claim #1– Councilman Tara Hizon stated, during a debate on a motion “I believe this motion was already made and passed so I don’t think we can make the same motion again” she also made the claim that once an item was brought to the floor and passed or rejected it could not be brought to the floor again at a different meeting.

Oak Harbor financial information now available online through

The city of Oak Harbor has placed all of it’s financial information online for residents to view though the online portal This is a major step in increasing tranparency and open governmant in the city.

The information available is outstanding with almost every facet of the cities finances available for viewing.  You can view information by department, vendor, document, date, year and even view the check register to see every check written by our city. You can filter out, or in information in a very useable format to see just where the cities money is going.

Hats off the Mayor Dudley for taking this huge step in open government.

Here are several examples of the information available through the Open Gov platform:

Oak Harbor Post Office Garry Oak Tree has been removed by the City

The Garry Oak Tree at the Oak Harbor Post Office was cut down this Sunday morning.

The City gave very little notice that it was to be cut down but the condition of the tree is what is caused the expedited action on the cities part.

Last May a 100 pound branch broke off in a windstorm and last June another 300 pound branch fell on the sidewalk. This spring and summer when the tree is in full leaf and the sap is running would have more than likely caused more limbs to fail.

It is certainly sad to see a tree of this age cut down but the years were not been to kind to it. This tree was more than likely planted alongside a wagon trail some 400 years ago and the since then that wagon trail has turned into the city we know as Oak Harbor. Once you pave over a trees roots the tree suffers and eventually the tree needs to be removed. (Pictures below the fold)

Oak Harbor City Council passes resolution in support of NAS Whidbey Island and it’s training activities and facilities

At the City Council meeting on August 7th 2013 the Oak Harbor City Council passed resolution 13-20 which states:



Oak Harbor City Council Delays Reviewing Their Own Salary and Benefits After Declaring City In Fiscal Emergency!

At the City Council meeting on May 21st the City Council had 2 agenda items that were tabled until the next meeting following the November election. Both of these Agenda items were brought by the Mayor and Administration in response to the “Fiscal Emergency” declared by the City Council.

One of the items was Resolution 13-12 which would have eliminated health care benefits for part time elected officials including the Mayor and the City Council.

The other was an Agenda Bill that asked the Council to make a decision on the method of reviewing and possibly reducing the salaries of Oak Harbor elected officials.

Christon Skinner removed from Oak Harbor Marina Advisory Board

After the city council refused to change the makeup of the Marina Advisory board at the insistence of the Chair of the Marina Advisory Board Christon Skinner the Mayor removed Christon Skinner from the board.

The Mayor wanted to expand the board by 2 members and allow 2 non marina user onto the board and to include a live aboard from the marina on the committee. This was fought by the chair who wanted to keep the status quo on the board.

This is a good move for Oak Harbor, the marina belongs to all of the citizens of Oak Harbor not just the users of the marina. By having a couple of members on the board that are not marina users is an attempt to get the marina more integrated with the citizens and working with the city and it’s residents and to encourage activities that help Oak Harbor and not just the Marina and it’s users.

Commissioner’s Price-Johnson and Homola Teamed with WEAN, against the Ruckelhaus Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) and We the People Were Big Losers

In her New Year 2012 newsletter, Commissioner Emerson gave citizens a warning about a very important land use decision soon to be made.

She explained how this would have given us a way out of the cost associated with the WEAN lawsuit and any others pertaining to AG Critical Areas.

For Island County, “opting in” to the new Ruckelhaus Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP), would mean the lawsuit goes away.

Any future lawsuits would be defended by the State because they give final blessing.

Commissioner Emerson  told the truth on the obligation to the county when she  said’  

“This would not be an unfunded mandate. We would not be required to begin implementing the plan until we receive funding of $150,000 for the first year, $100,000 for years 2 and 3 and there is no penalty for an early opt out.”

One way street against the will of the people? Previous City Administration cost taxpayers $13,000,000.00!

I thought I would re-post the first article ever posted to It was posted on 10-1-2010 and here is what it said:
(See the original post with images below, don’t miss the images!)

“Oak Harbor has recently decided that Pioneer Way, the historic downtown of our city, is to be turned into a one way street. This is being done against the will of the residents and businesses in the downtown area. There have been many accusations of conflicts of interest and of illegal votes by City Council members.”

The re-posting of this is rather fitting because the the issue that this article was about was just the start of a long drawn out saga that is not over yet some 3 years later. 

Oak Harbor City Council Again Obstructs our Mayor from performing his duty under our State Laws

Again we see our obstructive Oak Harbor City Council in action.

Recently Mayor Dudley appointed a new city attorney as a full time city employee to replace the interim attorney. The City Council has refused to confirm this appointment. This is 3 or 4 to zero in confirming the Mayors appointments without obstruction. (Correction: The City Council approved ONE appointee without obstruction, Larry Cort.)

Let’s go back a bit in recent time to when the City Council approved a new rule that allows the City Council to confirm the Mayors appointments. Since inception Oak Harbor has allowed it’s Mayor the sole ability to hire and fire administrative personel under his control until this new rule by the council. This new rule was adopted with some controversy as this allows the council to control who works under the Mayor’s control and for the citizens of Oak Harbor. Remember the City Attorney and management personnel works for the Mayor and the citizens in this city not the council. The Mayor is elected as our executive officer and all city management personnel work directly under his control. The council has thrown a wrench into this process by voting in themselves the ability to confirm those appointees. Now the Mayor is faced with hiring an employee under his direct control but having to go through our obstructive City Council to actually hire that employee. There has not been one appointee for a position chosen by our Mayor that has not been rejected or obstructed by this council with the exception of Larry Cort.

Once Again Island County Commissioners Vote to Approve Another “Property Taking” Law

The County Commissioners are planning to create a citizens committee to address citizen complaints against property owners who wish to shoot guns on their property, and  County Planning Director,  Bob Peterson will head it up…unbelievable!

This is another  effort  by  government taking second amendment rights from us.

We need “all hands on deck” to attend this meeting at the County Commissioner’s hearing room   2:00 p.m. Monday, February 25th