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Whidbey News Times

Whidbey News Times Editor Keven Graves lies and uses those lies as a reason not to endorse a candidate in the upcoming election

In last Tuesday’s Whidbey News Times the “editorial board” (Keven Graves) came out with their recommendations for the upcoming election. In the article the paper endorses Karla Jacks over Rick Hannold and uses outright lies as the justification for making that selection.

In the article it states:

“We are concerned by Hannold’s affiliation with the so-called “Mean Girls” website, a source of vicious railing against political and public figures who don’t agree with their viewpoints. We don’t want to see a return to the sort of battles that bogged down the commissioners during Kelly Emerson’s tenure on the board.”

The basis of those words is an absolute lie and the concern expressed in the article is based upon that lie.

I want to be perfectly clear, Rick Hannold is not affiliated with Island Politics as Mr. Graves’s claims.

Top Ten Island Politics Articles for August 2014

– Oak Harbor City Council attends out of town conference, holds private quorum outside of the conference at a private residence. City Council has a breach of trust with the citizens?

– Another Oak Harbor City Council meeting with the Council member’s bad behavior on display. And two firsts for the Council.

– Oak Harbor City Council is Broken and Out of Order

– Rick Hannold’s Excellent Analysis of Island Transit’s Financial Debacle

– Oak Harbor’s Country Club City Council

– Warning Labels for COER and other Idiots

– County’s GMA Plan Includes ex- Commissioner Homola’s Failed 2012 Plan to Make Swan Lake a Salt Water Estuary

– Is the Oak Harbor City Council following Parliamentary Procedures? Or are Parliamentary Procedures being used as a disruptive tool by the council?

– Attention Whidbey News Times

– Whidbey Has Future Leaders in Three Young Girls

Warning Labels for COER and other Idiots

Ann Adams recently wrote a Letter to the Editor in one of Whidbey’s fish wrappers complaining that realtors were not using the proper “noise disclosure” statement. According to Ann and COER members, Form 22w is not descriptive enough for the average citizen. Form 22W states: “The Property is located within an Airport Noise Zone 2 or 3 impacted area. Persons on the premises may be exposed to a significant noise levels as a result of airport operations.”

Attention Whidbey News Times

Keven R Graves and his staff are doing a bang up job promoting their candidate for District 3 Commissioner. This is expected considering Island County’s liberal media bias.

What is laughable? Keven R Graves’ and his staff throwing out headlines like: “Democratic candidates in two Island County races lead in first count of primary election,” and “Island County primary may result in recounts.” vs Keven R. Graves’ “Mean Girls”

Keven R. Graves’, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher, attempt to label as the “Mean Girls” is laughable when you take a good look at Keven’s three little tabloids. Keven’s “National Enquirer” type tabloids are plagued with years of “mean girl” activity.

Living in the New York Times World

April 19, 2014
By J. Paul Masko

“We need citizens who see the cascade for what it is: an ideologically biased cultural prism that, through its thoroughgoing, omnipresent and enveloping messages and directives, seeks to create a uniform stance and punish those who will not conform.  And if you are targeted by a subdivision of the government, announce your situation to all who will listen…despite the disinterest and reticence of the cascade.”

This comment and subequent article applies to ALL Whidbey Island Newspapers as well.


Letter from Mayor Scott Dudley to the Whidbey News Times-UPDATED

I was unaware that Mayor Scott Dudley sent a letter to the Whidbey News Times commenting on the attacks that Keven Graves made about him in a recent editorial until someone who does receive the paper told me about it. I checked the Whidbey News Times website and it does not appear anywhere in the online edition. Apparently the Whidbey News Times reserves the space on their website only for those who do not disagree with the paper and the Keven Graves editorials…apparently Mr. Graves does not consider letters from our Mayor important enough to publish in his online edition. This is just more evidence of the agenda the Whidbey News Times clearly has.

UPDATE- The Whidbey News Times only today added the letter from the mayor to it’s website. The letter was received on the March 27th. It was published today on April 7th, 9 days later.

After the baseless attack on the Mayor in his editorial Keven Graves should do the right thing and at least give the Mayor a chance to refute his baseless claims. Apparently the Whidbey News Times could care less about fairness…

So in the interest in fairness we are publishing it here:

DemonRats Inundate Whidbey Newspapers with Dung Deluge, More Flies to Follow

Campaign season kicked off into high gear this week with Nels Kelstrom, Island County’s DemonRat extraordinaire leading the long winded charge. You can find Nels along with Jay Brand broadcasting their blend of fertilizer emitted from the south end of their north bound Jackasses in every local “newspaper.”

Fellow DemonRats Neil Colburn, Ann Adams, Bob Prasch, Molly “the mouth” MacLeod Roberts, Pam Fick, Trisha Fick, WEANie Whackos, and many other “flies” are starting to swarm around Sound Publishing’s “Flagship” Newspapers found here on Whidbey Island.

Keven Graves Editor of the Whidbey News Times again “editorialized” with another one sided editorial

It was recently brought to my attention that Keven Graves of the Whidbey News Times wrote another editorial that was again one sided and berift of facts in the local paper.

This time it was concerning Mayor Dudley and the replacement of his “executive assistant” Renee Recker and the subsequent lawsuit filed by Christon Skinner in her behalf against the city.

When I heard of this I did go to the Whidbey News Times and read the article. I normally refuse to read the local paper either the print edition or the online edition because of their one sided reporting and editorials. As soon as I read the obviously biased and one sided article I called the Mayor (yes our Mayor is readily available by telephone Mr. Graves) and asked him if Keven Graves ever asked him or anyone in his administration about the facts concerning this issue and he informed me that he had never spoken to Keven Graves and never received a phone call from him at any time much less before this editorial was published and he knows no one in his administration that was contacted about this issue. 

Whidbey News Times – Sound Publishing – Shallow – Lazy – Amateurs

Keven R Graves’ latest editorial reflects the latest saga in shallow, lazy, and amateur journalism in Island County. Keven and his staff simply skim the surface on leading topics. This type of journalism is very similar to a joke that goes like this:

The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After their tent is all set up, they fell sound asleep.

One hour later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, “Kemo-Sabe, look towards sky, what you see?”

The Lone Ranger replies, “I see millions of stars.”

“What that tell you?” asked Tonto.

The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute and then says, “Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially millions of planets.

Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo.

Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning.

Theologically, it’s evident the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What’s it tell you, Tonto?”

Tonto is silent for a moment, then says, “Kemo-Sabe, you dumb ass. Someone stole tent.”

Island Politics versus Whidbey News Times

Island Politics doesn’t come close to Liberal Media’s finest, Martin Bashir.

Funny thing is Keven R. Graves seems to think Island Politics is related to the Tea Party. News flash Keven! Of course investigative reporting never was one of your skillsets.

Keven is very clever in his editorial however, when he links Island Politics with the Tea Party. This is right out of the liberal media playbook. Keven enjoys bashing the Tea Party and Kelly Emerson, and that too is right out of the playbook. Perhaps Keven R. Graves is aspiring to beat out Martin Bashir for DemonRat Dung Slinger of the Year.


How ironic that the author of this letter to the editor uses the exact same tactics she finds so deplorable.

What is not surprising is DemonRats are now clinging to their “I’m a victim” status, and crying like little schoolgirls because they “feel” they are being bullied. What is not surprising is that these same DemonRats have been “bullying” for years using their own websites and comments online.

Whidbey fish wrappers even get into the act through their editorials and “news” articles. DemonRats and Whidbey fish wrappers have done an excellent job bashing Kelly Emerson and her husband Ken for years over a wetland that does not exist. Let’s not forget the recent editorial “bullying” Keven R. Graves did against Chelle Brunke and Bill Burnett.

SURPRISE! Whidbey’s Leading Fish Wrapper Supports Status Quo! Duh Ya, That’s Right Folks

SURPRISE!  Whidbey’s Leading Fish Wrapper Supports Status Quo! DUH!

Is ANYONE really surprised?  NO!

Actually, there are no surprises when it comes to Keven R. Graves and his Progressive Democratic Socialist supporting local fish wrappers.  Another viewpoint is required.

Joel Servatius vs. Sandi Peterson
This one is easy! Sandi Peterson

Jim Campbell vs. Skip Pohtilla
This one is easy, Jim Campbell

Bob Severns vs. Lucas Yonkman
This one is easy! Lucas Yonkman!

Danny Paggao vs. Mike Piccone
This one is easy! Mike Piccone!



Executive Editor and Publisher for the Whidbey Newspaper Group Wins Prestigious Award

Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher for the Whidbey Newspaper Group, which includes The Whidbey News-Times, the Whidbey Examiner and the South Whidbey Record, as well as the Crosswind and the Cowardly Chronicles, was recently awarded the coveted “Anal Sphincter Award” for their latest OPINION piece.

When you think that Whidbey Island’s finest journalistic “professionals” could not possibly sink to a new low that is when they prove you wrong. Whidbey News Times recently tooted their own horn proclaiming their superiority in journalistic excellence.

Black Press and Sound Publishing subsidiary, The Whidbey News Times, takes side in political issue and they get it wrong again!

The local Black Press/ Sound Publishing subsidiary The Whidbey News Times published an opinion piece today on the recent controversy over the Law and Justice public meetings.  They are entitled to their opinions of course but they have obviously only been listening to one side of the issue. This  is what we have come to expect from this Black Press subsidiary here in Oak Harbor. Political bias, favoritism or plain ignorance at it’s finest.